Convicted false rape accuser Heidi K. will not pay damages to falsely imprisoned Horst Arnold

Teacher Horst Arnold served his 5 year prison term for rape to the very last day. Soon thereafter a high court declared him obviously innocent and the accusations blatantly false. Still, he was not reinstated to the job he had lost. His false accuser, still anonymous, escapes financial damages by infinite appeals, using government paid lawyers. The real victim of her false accusations has to pay legal fees and thus threw the towel. The false accuser still receives government pension but applied legal trickery to make sure the victim of her accusation can never get at that money.


The teacher Heidi K. falsely accused her now deceased colleague Horst Arnold of rape. Arnold had five years in prison, was acquitted recently. Shortly thereafter, he died. Now it is official: Heidi K. will not have to pay damages to his daughter.

  • Even now, the false accuser’s last name is secret. "Heidi K". She is photographed with her face covered.  And the falsely convicted victim’s name is public.  It is disgusting.
  • The case of the teacher Horst Arnold,  accused wrongly of rape,  was one of the most spectacular miscarriages of justice in recent history. His colleague, Heidi K. had brought him to court, he was jailed, was later acquitted, but died shortly afterwards.

    The formerly in shape sports teacher died a broken man, having lost his house, money, job, reputation and health after an unjust 5 year prison term

    Horst Arnold’s daughter Heidi K. sued for damages. Now it is official: Heidi K. will not have to pay. Heidi K. gave up, due to excessive legal costs and small chance to actually receive the financial compensation.

    False accuser gets 5 1/2 years in prison for 5 year imprisonment of an innocent man

    Here is the good news: Heidi K got a 5 1/2 years prison term as a notorious and patholgical liar, pending appeal. (German). She  still remains anonymous and shamelessly uses government-paid lawyers to avoid paying her victim’s heirs. She was sentenced for false imprisonment. She could not be prosecuted for false accusations due to statute of limitations.


    Perverted Justice system imprisons innocent men with no due process 

    This begs the question: how has feminist rape hysteria managed to totally pervert due process in  our justice system , that any psychologically deranged woman can get a decent law abiding man into prison with the most absurd and incoherent rape accusations.

    In the original rape trial "the prosecution could not present any conclusive evidence, but the court believed Heidi K., amd followed their presentation in full. […] She had Charisma and could convince people. In her tears, evidence seemed to crystalize" [4] Impeccably groomed Heidi K. had taught class, minutes after the alleged rape in a much frequented room, after an alleged escape over a fire ladder and vomiting. Her anal fissure was found in her second medical exam, non-existent in the first exam. She alleged to have been threatened by the accused, a week after the fake rape. But the accuse had a good alibi he was in prison. In spite of such glaring inconsistencies, Horst Arnold was convicted. Felow teachers became suspicious only after several more years of Heidi K. telling fabulous stories that would make Baron von Münchhausen blush. The erroneous expert witnesses, and shoddy justice officials suffered no punishment at all. [4 5]


    Anyone who believes that justice victims in Germany will eventually, albeit late, receive justice is proven wrong by this case:: Sometimes the justice victim is left behind when his opponent uses all legal resources the law allows 
    Source: [1] English

    Those accused of rape are presumed guilty and have a very difficult defense. They are frequently imprisoned upon a mere unproven accusation. The false accusers enjoy presumption of innocence, due process, and all benefits of the law. Like still preserving her anonymity after it became clear that she lied and invented the rape story.

    The history: Arnold colleague Heidi K. had accused him of having raped her at school.

    This is what is wrong about our feminist dominated society: the most outrageous rape stories are believed.

    How likely is it that an upstanding conservative teacher will rape a woman in school? There certainly should be corroborating evidence for such an unlikely misdeed.


    False rape convictions are common

    World wide, due process has been abolished in *rape cases. Any woman who accuses a man of rape is believed and the man convicted.  Jörg Kachelmann rape case in Germany and Dominique Strauss-Kahn were exceptions: with huge financial expense they escaped conviction because they could prove their accusers to be blatant liars. Still, their careers were destroyed for good. 

    Unlikely accusations are believed
  • after 5 years of relationship Kachelmann, a famous and rich TV anchor man man with hundreds of thousands female admirers allegedly raped his girl friend after a five year relationship, coincidentally on the day of their break up.
  • Womanizer Strauss-Kahn, a sophisticated world famous politician, rich enough to pay a  $ 5000 hooker, felt the need to rape an ugly room cleaner, a known liar.
  • Trophies of feminism: 10 powerful men marred and destroyed by women’s allegations.

    The District Court of Darmstadt convicted him in 2002 after a carelessly and deficiently conducted trial.

    Rape trials don’t seek to find the truth. They seek to convict as many men as possible, because "women don’t lie about rape".  The presumption of innocence is gone. In reality, a significant number of rape accusations are false (false rape society)

  • 4 out of 5 sexual abuse accusations are false (Austrian head of vice police)
  • Way over 50% of rape accusations are false. 7.4% blatantly enough to prosecute (Bavarian Police research report)

    Full prison term for the innocent that does not confess and repent

    Arnold had to serve the prison sentence of five years to the very last day.

  • Innocent victims who don’t show remorse for the crime they did not commit, who don’t repent and confess their crimes, these people are not eligible for parole but rather stay until the very last day of their sentence. Disgusting again! 
  • The District Court of Kassel acquitted him in the retrial in 2011. The allegations the woman had invented "from front to back," wrote the judges. In February 2012, the Supreme Court  confirmed the acquittal, which thus became final.

    Innocent men in prison for false accusations and shoddy legal process. This is very common in our modern rape proceedings.

  • Rapists-proven-innocent are majority (57%) of prisoners released by Innocence Project

    Add to this the ever expanding definitions of *rape:

  • Consensual sex becomes rape as soon as woman says "I need to go home", says California Supreme Court
  • For Arnold, however, it was too late. A few months after the acquittal, he died of heart failure at the age of only 53 years.

    In October 2013, the District Court of Osnabrueck gave claim for pain and suffering to the Father in the amount of 80,000 euros. Thee money would have fallen to his heirs. Heidi K. appealed.

    The victim’s lawyer gave up, due to high cost and low chance of actually getting the money from the perpetrator. Remember: Debtor’s prison is only to enforce payment from men that owe money to women. Not for women who falsely put an innocent man in prison.



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