"This is for Trayvon" beatings. The true Trayvon Martin


Police: Men beat jogger in retaliation of Zimmerman verdict
"He said, ‘Do you know who Trayvon is?’ I said, ‘No,’ thinking of somebody local. He said, ‘Trayvon Martin.’ I said ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m going to beat you … For Trayvon.’ "
Dickey says the men kicked and beat him in the head until he was unconscious. Photos of Dickey after the beating show bruises on his face.

One more example of revenge for the acquittal:  Witness claims youths yelled ‘this is for Trayvon’ in beating

Of course, there were more such cases in the last few years. Blacks used to beat whites in revenge for Trayvon. Now they finally figured out that they have to take revenge on Hispanics.

Most of it is this hate is fueled by media’s lies and political correctness. If the press told the truth about George Zimmerman‘s injuries, about Trayvon Martin’s street fighting past time, they would better understand why the acquittal is totally justified.


What I learned from the Zimmerman trial

  • Black folks will always side with another black in a fight, regardless of the merits. That includes President Barack Obama and US attorney general Eric Holder.
  • Even after the jury acquitted Zimmerman, Obama and Holder attacked Zimmerman, praised Martin, and threatened to prosecuted Zimmerman again.
  • The authorities will send an innocent man to prison, if it reduces the chances of race riots. Judges and prosecutors will lie and cheat to destroy people.
  • It is normal for black people to go around calling a non-black person a creepy-ass cracka.
  • Blacks adamantly assert that black kids have a right to beat up anyone they perceive as following them.


  • Blacks say that they are mistreated in our society, but their poster boy is a dope-smoking juvenile delinquent who sneaked up on a man, sucker-punched him, and tried to beat him to death while he screamed for help.
  • Blacks see nothing wrong with starting fights like that, and torturing a man after giving up the fight.
  • The jury system is essential to our justice system.
  • Polls also indicated that black people were overwhelmingly in favor of acquitting O.J. Simpson for murdering his ex-wife.
  • I hope I am wrong about this. There are surely millions of American blacks who think that Trayvon Martin did something wrong. I just haven’t seen any of them on TV.
  • At any rate, this case convinces me that our highest political and legal authorities, in that they can willfully prosecute an innocent man in order to placate the masses. The black masses, anyway.
  • Part of the purpose of the Florida Stand Your Ground law was to avoid subjecting an innocent man to a trial, if he has a clear-cut case for self-defense. Obviously the law was not strong enough.


Zimmerman trial closes : A VERY CLEAR SUMMARY why Trayvon Attacked Zimmermann and why it was a clear case of self defense





In Zimmerman Case, Self-Defense Was Hard to Topple |NYT

From the start, prosecutors faced a difficult case — weak on evidence and long on outrage. Mr. Zimmerman had the power of self-defense laws on his side, and was helped by a spotty police investigation and prosecutorial missteps. The initial investigation foundered when the local prosecutor balked at bringing charges, convinced that overcoming the self-defense claims would prove impossible.

Self-defense was hard to topple because it was self defense.

And luckily, there was plenty of proof to strongly support Zimmerman’s self defense claims. Can you imagine if there were no 911 calls, no recordings, and if Zimmermann had defended himself before getting seriously hurt, with no hard proof?

The entire press presumes Zimmerman is a nutcase murderer, the only problem is to prove it. Presumed guilty. Probably by birth.

Prosecutors also were hurt by the testimony of Officer Chris Serino of the Sanford Police Department, the chief investigator on the case. He told the jury he believed Mr. Zimmerman’s account was truthful.

Sure, the guy who checked it all out, first hand, concluded that it clearly was self-defense.

At a news conference after the verdict, Ms. Corey said prosecutors had been hindered by the fact they inherited the case well into the investigation. Still, she forged ahead.

The prosecution was hindered by the fact, that Zimmermann was truthful, that he engaged in classic self defense against an angry aggressive young black man with street fighting experience.

The truth was strong enough, without requiring to bring up evidence of Trayvon Martin’s past:  multiple long term school suspensions, fighting, carrying of break-in tools and suspicious jewelry collections, regular street fights



New Evidence Shows Trayvon’s Life Unraveling

Martin was not the innocent little boy that the media relentlessly and corruptly portrayed him to be.  At the time of his death, he was five feet, eleven inches and weighed 158 pounds.  To put this in perspective, legendary boxer Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns was six feet, one inch and 145 pounds when he first won the world welterweight title as a twenty-one-year-old.

Before leaving for Orlando on February 21, 2012, Martin had already missed 53 days of school that year and been suspended three times, most recently for possessing drug paraphernalia, the time before that for getting caught with women’s jewelry and a burglary tool.  Why might this be relevant?

When George Zimmerman first spotted Martin near the shortcut into a community plagued by burglaries and home invasions, he told the dispatcher, "This guy looks like he’s up to no good.  Or he’s on drugs or something."  Zimmerman might have been right on both counts.

Had the school district police not been ordered to suppress crime statistics, especially for black males, Martin would likely have been arrested at least twice, and that might have snapped his parents out of their fog.  Instead, as the new evidence reveals, he was allowed to live out his increasingly angry, aberrant life as though he were merely a bit mischievous.

On November 22, the day after the MMA-style fight, Martin told a friend that his mother "just kicked me out" and that he had to move in with his father.  When the friend asked why, Martin answered, "Da police caught me outta skool."

"U a hoodlum," said the friend.  "Naw," said Martin.  "I’m a gangsta."  Incredibly, his death would transform this wannabe gangster into a saintly little boy, or, in the words of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, a "precious victim."

On December 21, 2011, Martin told a friend, "dam I just got in trouble 4 sum sh** I aint even do."  His mother, Sybrina Fulton, was dismayed.  "Pack up your clothes now," she texted him.  "I love u but I think u being w/ ur Dad is best."

Martin lived with his mother only intermittently and spent even less time with his father, who was then living with a sister in the Miami area.

On December 22, Martin confided to a girlfriend, "I got in trouble."  She asked, "What did you do now."  As was typical, Martin took no responsibility.  "I aint do ntn . . . . call me."  The friend had other priorities: "I’m about to get my nails done so you gotta wait a few."

On the day before Christmas, Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, texted him: "I’m concerned about u but I’m praying for u and I want U to pray for yourself EVERYDAY, ok."  She was texting the son she used to know.  The Trayvon who was about to turn seventeen, she knew next to nothing about.

On January 6, 2012, Martin got into trouble at school again.  When asked why, he told a friend, "Caus I was watcn a fight nd a teacher say I hit em."  Said the friend, "Idk how u be getting in trouble an sh**."  By this time, Martin’s mother had thrown him out of the house for "fightn," and he had moved in with his aunt and uncle.

The multiple texts about "weed" and the photos of marijuana plants confirmed his interests in drugs — a friend called him "weedhead" — but the new photos pointed to an even more dangerous new hobby — namely, guns.  Indeed, one of the photos of Martin’s showed a hand, likely Martin’s own, on a pistol.

On February 21, 2012, Martin took the bus for Orlando to stay with his father’s girlfriend, Brandy Green.  He was free to travel because his school had suspended him for marijuana.  The bust did little to sober him up.  "I hid m weed," he confided to a female friend, afraid that they might have searched him on the bus.  He texted later that day, "I got weed nd I get money Friday."



Getting the Facts Straight in the Zimmerman Case

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/06/getting_the_facts_straight_in_the_zimmerman_case.html#ixzz2Z9KfGVXz

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We do no favors to black Americans by ‘proving’ their victim status with murky cases

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