Whites riot and loot in response to Black killing of a White man

You immediately know this is not true. Blacks kill whites all the time, with obvious criminal intent, with almost zero repercussion. Main stream media and government conspires to hide evidence of Black crime, while desperately seeking for the great white defendant to focus on.

Black Panthers Lead Death Chant for Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO: Imagine Whites chanted "kill a Black man". Police would be there in riot gear in no time and arrest everyone.

Recently, the black murderers of five young whites in a case that VDARE.com have been tracking—since 2001!—as “The Wichita Horror” had their death penalties overturned on an absurd legalistic technicality.

These murders were infinitely more atrocious than anything that happened to Michael Brown.

Yet there are no riots. (Nor was there any even any national MSM coverage.)

Why the contrast?

And this is just one of many black-on-white atrocities. Instapundit noted that a story about the horrific murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom was trending today on the Knoxville News-Sentinel but that no one knew why. One of his commenters asked why that hadn’t produced riots.

For that matter, why don’t you denounce systematic disproportionate black criminality?

Source: The Answer To Race Riots Is Ruthless Coercion.

  • Quantifying black crime: relative offending rates
  • Black people are more criminal than white people

    Amazingly, Black on White violence seems so rare that Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders always need to pick black criminals and thugs as their favorite victims (Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown), and then get embarrassed when they fail in portraying them as angelic innocent victims. Can’t they find a single law abiding Black that is victimized by a White criminal?


    Justified anger gives Blacks the right to riot and loot

    Looting-AP_FERGUSON8Blacks (and other "historically oppressed minorities") are allowed to express their "justified anger" with violence.

    This is an important recognition of the cops as violent instigators; not for the first time are we watching how excessively forceful policing stokes rightful rage in a crowd. Source: Vice

    Black justified anger is augmented by "Civil Rights" and Political Correctness.  These don’t blame Blacks for their own misfortunes. Rather they always blame Whites, discrimination and slavery for black crime , low school performance and low black IQ.  Even I would feel justified anger if I were convinced someone else was to blame for all my misfortunes.


    We don’t understand that the human rights of violent rioters trump the rights of the good law abiding citizen not to have his businesses looted and torched.

  • This also applies to the London Riots, 2007 Paris riots, Los Angeles riots. There are only doubts when such violence is directed against Jews, another protected group.

    It is common knowledge that riots have to be stopped by a show of force, before they get out of hand.

    But, politicians did the opposite: The police chief that "caused anger" in the "peaceful protesters" by his show of force, was removed and replaced by Eric Holder approved Captain Ron Johnson.  The photo of Captain Ron Johnson marching for justice in Ferguson Missouri alongside street gang members from the notorious “Bloods” with masked faces, was conveniently cropped out by the mainstream media.

    This peaceful officer Ron Johnson put a short pause to the riots who then continued unabated and unopposed. 

    Furthermore anger is augmented by a manipulative press that hides black crime while eagerly looking for the great white defendant committing a crime against the innocent "unarmed" black teenager.

    The Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About: Black on White crime

    "Unarmed" 290 lbs (130 kg) giant Michael Brown was, allegedly, on the way from home to help grandma but in reality had violently robbed a convenience store 5 minutes earlier. Publishing such truth, of course, "reignited civil unrest", which stands  for: it enraged violent Blacks into more violence, looting and arson.

    “We were unaware that they were going to release it and we certainly were not happy with that being released. Especially in the way that it was it appeared to, you know, cast dispersions on a young man that was gunned down in the street,” [governor] Nixon said.

    The security footage, which police said showed Brown allegedly committing a robbery at a convenience store just minutes before his death, reignited civil unrest in the town over the weekend. The Police Department claims that they were obligated to release the tape because of requests made by journalists under Missouri’s “Sunshine,” or freedom-of-information law, despite the Department of Justice and federal investigators opposing its release. ABCNews



    The Guardian lied and called it petty theft:

    Nixon condemned the release by the local Ferguson force on Friday of security camera footage and a police report that implicated Michael Brown, 18, in a petty theft at a convenience store a few minutes before he was shot dead.

    A huge man shoving and charging a man half his weight is not petty theft. It actually shows that Michael Brown has a history of using his superior weight and force to criminally charge forward and intimidate people. It seems he used the same tactic on a police officer.

    1. The predominantly young, predominantly black people of Ferguson who took to the streets and stores had ample cause to riot beyond one night of confrontation with militarized cops. Source: Vice
    2. Mourning residents have limited options: endure this savage status quo with quiet resignation, or, acknowledging that there is already a state of violence, they can fight back.
    3. police violence is profligate and ongoing regardless. As such, I find little problem (indeed, little violence) in inflicting smashes and burns on inanimate property in these blood boiling circumstances, especially when it is the property of cops and consumer capital.  Source: Vice
    4. If broken windows and smashed up police cars serve even as mere emblems that the status quo is already violent, that a shiny patina cannot hold, then such criminal acts are worthwhile for that reason alone. Property damage seems a most minimal manifestation of rage appropriate in response to a killing like Brown’s, and a world in which such killings are possible and not-unique. Source: Vice

    Few authors express this so honestly and clearly. Normally, the right to violence is implicit.

    Protesters and members of the New Black Panther Party took over what was supposed to be Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson’s press conference Thursday regarding the ongoing unrest in the St. Louis suburb. […]

    KTVI reports that Chief Jackson left the area when the protesters invaded the news conference.

    Nzinga was arrested on weapons charges in 2012 shortly after offering a “dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. 

    Original Article quoted in Amren: it is worth watching the video in the article to see Black Panthers speaking


    IN THE FRONT, BLOWING THE SHOT-IN-THE-BACK-WHILE-FLEEING NARRATIVE: Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times.

    49 comments so far.

    See earlier, my post Evidence Of Self-Defence: One Black Witness Says Brown Was Charging Wilson.

    Quoted from: Nichael Brown shot in front, not in back

    Missouri governor points finger at Ferguson police chief for new violence

    • Jay Nixon says release of security footage was ‘incendiary’
    • Police fire smoke canisters as unrest continues on Sunday night
    • Actions of Ferguson chief ‘tarnished’ Michael Brown


    During his interview on “This Week,” the governor revealed that the state was caught off-guard by the Ferguson Police Department’s decision to release surveillance video of Brown during an alleged store robbery on the same day they named the officer responsible for his death.

    “We were unaware that they were going to release it and we certainly were not happy with that being released. Especially in the way that it was it appeared to, you know, cast dispersions on a young man that was gunned down in the street,” Nixon said.

    The security footage, which police said showed Brown allegedly committing a robbery at a convenience store just minutes before his death, reignited civil unrest in the town over the weekend. The Police Department claims that they were obligated to release the tape because of requests made by journalists under Missouri’s “Sunshine,” or freedom-of-information law, despite the Department of Justice and federal investigators opposing its release.

    An attorney for the Brown family, Anthony Gray, who also appeared on “This Week,” said the family was disturbed by the release of the surveillance video.  ABCNews





    Immediately US Justice secretary ????? Eric Holder  would file hate crime charges against the demonstrators.

    Rarely does our political correctness expressly …….

    Black privilege

    to challenge, offend, violently resist police.

    to be treated with utmost care while violently resisting police or attacking (or George Zimmerman)

    to riot and loot

    Right to lie and tell hare brained far fetched excuses.

    any "evidence" that incriminates the bad racist White is believed. Especially best friends of the so called victim are 100% believed, even if they were thoroughly prepared by civil rights lawyers


    290 lbs 130 kg giant


    Find a headline and invert it all


    Black policeman shot unarmed







    3rd Ferguson Autopsy: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again


    "Unarmed teens" have deadly force in fists and feet

    I hope it’s obvious that it’s justifiable to use a gun to defend against an “unarmed” man of the late Michael Brown’s size–the legal concept is called “disparity of force.”

    See Massad Ayoob: Fist vs. Gun – Disparity of force and the law, Daily Caller, October 16, 2013.

    In an article called “Unarmed” Black Teenagers—Threat, Menace, Or Both? David Frum Doesn’t Seem To Know I pointed out that some middle-class whites, living in protected environments, don’t seem to realize that an unarmed black teen can kill you with his bare hands, even is he isn’t a giant.

    Professor Carol Swain, who is black, defended the prosecution of the Jena Six (black teens charged with assault with a deadly weapon after kicking white man savagely) by pointing out that her brother, Kevin Henderson,  who was black, had been kicked to death by five teens–who were also black.

    Source: Evidence Of Self-Defence: One Black Witness Says Brown Was Charging Wilson



    Given the racial disparities in our criminal justice system, it is impossible for African-Americans not to feel like their government is particularly targeting them.

    [Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police, August 14, 2014] quoted in Vdare



    Stirring The Pot: DOJ Sends ‘Marshals’ To ‘Coach’ The Protesters In Ferguson

    It is being reported that these DOJ agents will be “conducting training” for Ferguson protesters that will focus on “best practices for participating in protests”.  Local officials in Missouri hope that this will help defuse the situation, but if history is any guide it may end up doing just the opposite. 

    Holder dispatches team that ‘inflamed’ Trayvon case: Justice Department intervening in racially charged Ferguson shooting

    NEW YORK – Responding to news that the Justice Department has dispatched its Community Relations Service to the scene of racially charged unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, the head of the Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch says it’s time for a civil rights investigation of Attorney General Eric Holder’s agency.

    “Eric Holder’s Justice Department is, unfortunately, not to be trusted on racial matters,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in an interview with WND.

    Under Holder’s leadership, he said, the department “has a record of racially inflammatory rhetoric that is extreme in ideology and cynical in its politics.” […]

    Fitton points to CRS influence on the Trayvon Martin case as reason for concern. Through a Freedom of Information Request and a Florida Sunshine Law request, Judicial Watch found the CRS had been deployed to Sanford, Florida, to help organize and manage rallies and protests against Zimmerman.

    Fitton said the documents obtained in the Martin case detailed “the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman.”

    Fitton contends that in the Martin case, the CRS “acted in a manner so as to inflame racial tension, rather than minimize it.”


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    7 thoughts on “Whites riot and loot in response to Black killing of a White man”

    1. Latter Day Lynchings: June 25, 2019 JWHBIII@Yahoo.com 302 740 6641

      The evil continues. These days government has gotten so much stronger storming the Bastille or a local jail likely will not work. But the evil remains very real throughout this nation. Often now it is the sometimes violent measures taken by Black people against public authority for real or believed racial wrong. Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD and Wilmington DE. Wilmington?
      When a crime occurs and a Black is the victim the race question is routinely asked. People demand justice. The people should have justice. It is supposed that the police and legal authority will not give a black justice. But if you are White nothing is asked. My friends, family and church have been decimated and no one even asked the question.
      In 1968 Wilmington was held hostage for nine months by the occupation of the National Guard to enforce a 7 PM curfew. Former Mayor Baker states Wilmington has never recovered. The threat of violence and actual violence in 1975 caused the legal process to adapt to prevent the disaster and economic loss of 1968. In 1975 John Bailey could not be released on bond. Bail was changed four times in four days until a night hearing quadrupled it. Bail is a well-regulated routine process under law and the Constitutions. If Bailey could not be released on bond could he be vindicated? Bail is only a preliminary step. Over Sanford Florida the President walked around the White House in a hoodie because the criminal justice process had not started. The issue to lynch George White was that the process was not fast enough for the people. A minister urged the people on in 1903 as did Rev. Jessie Walker in 1975. The Governor and Mayor attended Sheila’s funeral. Some telling the 1903 story justified it because White confessed in the face of mob violence. They incarcerated Bailey double trying to force a confession. A state employee’s daughter was the victim in 1903 and 1975. Articles listed Bailey with “killer cops” even without any facts. The reason was claimed to be “racial prejudice” again without any facts. Of course it was claimed he was “wealthy” because he made bail. The News Journal every day listed the race issue to fan the racial flames of Wilmington. The riot and arrest of present and former elected official and socialist reactionaries died down once bail was stopped. To prevent bail the courts ruled twice there was proof positive and presumption great of a first degree conviction, but the verdict never came. There were five eyewitnesses at trial but at three prier hearings Sgt. Curtis testified under oath saying, only one.





      http://freedomarchives.org/Documents/Finder/DOC510_scans/Prisons_Women/510.PrisonWomen.BreakdeChains.pdf` SEE PAGE 13.

      Stop Killer Cops: https://www.marxists.org/history/erol/ncm-1a/cap-cops.htm


    2. This comparison just isn’t fair, because in the US whites are the great majority, and basically run the place.

      Of course it is oppressed minorities who will riot in the streets, because they have no other way of making themselves heard. Whites don’t need to riot, at least not in response to racial tension.

      And at least you could remember the fact that blacks were enslaved until a century and a half ago, and in some parts of the US they were legally discriminated until only 60 years ago.

    3. The blacks of today have yet to have their animalistic behavior properly targeted and corrected. They haven’t seen any real pushback yet.

    4. Sadly, it appears as if the U.S. is heading down the same path as UK, where hardened criminals are handled with kid gloves. It’s unbelievable that the same crowd that condones violence such as Michael Brown inflicted upon the much smaller shop owner, also want to take away our means to defend ourselves against those who are stronger and larger than ourselves – they want to take away our guns.

    5. Very interesting. In the USA, Blacks and Hispanics have a lot more antisemitism then Whites.

      Add to that that Blacks seem to be more willing to use physical violence (See Ferguson and other Riots, plus crime statistics in general)

      And willingness of European Muslims to use violence certainly is greater then that of European whites.

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