Young chick swooning over 58 year old Bruce Willis

A hot rich famous guy like Bruce Willis, 58 years, born in 1955, is highly attractive to a 20 year old woman.

Sky Broadband Commercial  [mirror 2]

Sky Broadband Commercial

According to conventional wisdom, if the woman is 5 years younger and the man 40 years younger, then this is a terrible abuse and trauma for the "jailbait" woman.t See our 60 articles on teenage sexuality and its pitfalls.

We are very surprised that this commercial is not deemed "offensive to women" and targeted by feminists.

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3 thoughts on “Young chick swooning over 58 year old Bruce Willis”

  1. Using the Simpson’s case as an example…

    It is a serious crime to even look at a drawing of a cartoon character that has four fingers, yellow skin, bug eyes and a weird forehead topless.

    Who’s suffering in this? How can someone be a victim when they don’t even exist?

    Would I be committing murder on fictional characters in video games now?

  2. If the woman is 3 years younger and had a topless photo of herself online. And the man being 40 years younger looked at it.

    It would be a horrible abuse.

    1. Yes, when an 18 year old man looks at a photo of a nude 17 year old girl, it is a serious crime.

      Worse, if a 15 year old boy looks at a photo of a nude sensual 17 year old, it is a serious crime

      The reason this is a crime is the voodoo theory: each time someone looks at so called “child porn”, the person depicted will be victimized and suffer.

      This is valid even if the person is not a child but 17, and it is not porn but plain nudity.

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