Women can prevent rape. Don’t drink, don’t dress provocatively, don’t be promiscuous: don’t get raped.

Misguided feminist ideology causes rape and suffering, "Men can stop rape" they teach. As if the average well behaved middle class chump had the power to prevent predatory rapists from attacking women.

Peer reviewed academic research has proven that common sense advice is correct.

Common sense advice (don’t drink, don’t behave slutty,dress modestly,  be careful of your surroundings) have been discredited as "blaming the victim" and opposed in slut walks.

Feminist ideology causes rape and child abuse

Antecedents of sexual victimization: factors discriminating victims from nonvictims. J Am Coll Health. 1998 Jan;46(4):151-8.

A sexual victimization survey was used to assess the factors that would discriminate between victims and nonvictims of sexual assault. The sample consisted of 241 female college students at a large Midwestern university. [,,,]  Discriminant function analysis was used to develop a set of variables that significantly identified victimization status. The variables found to be related to women’s being sexually victimized were (a) number of different lifetime sexual partners, (b) provocative dress, and (c) alcohol use.

I am amazed, that in spite of feminist control of our Universities, the above study and the more recent survey below swere allowed. Feminism curtails free academic research in order to foster its false ideology. Feminism is about ideology, about demonizing men, not about protecting women from rape.

Feminism actively encourages slut walks and encourages women to behave in ways that victimizes them. Professor Milton Diamond has shown that free access to child porn reduces child sexual abuse, and free access to porn reduces sex crimes. 

A review of the literature on women’s substance use and sexual victimization points to women’s heavy episodic drinking as a proximal risk factor, particularly among college samples. At least half of sexual victimization incidents involve alcohol use and the majority of rapes of college women occur when the victim is too intoxicated to resist (“incapacitated rape”). Despite the importance of women’s heavy episodic drinking as being a risk factor, existing rape prevention programs have rarely addressed women’s alcohol use and have shown little success in reducing rates of sexual victimization.
Alcohol consumption and women’s vulnerability to sexual victimization: can reducing women’s drinking prevent rape? Subst Use Misuse. 2009;44(9-10):1349-76. Full text of peer reviewed research paper

Everyone suffers, due to such ideology driven theories. Women get raped, usually with their *consent, sometimes forcibly and without consent.  Good men go to prison for *consensual rape.

Illegally drinking underage females, who drink themselves into stupor and unconsciousness are never held liable for their poor life choices.  Men are always responsible, no matter if they are drunk or sober.  MRA (men’s rights activists) call this the "pussy pass".

Ideology prevents school, parents, and police from education young women to take precautions.  Women are not told which behavior helps them to safely navigate the world with greatly reduced risk of being raped.

Men and society at large pay the price for expensive court cases and prison.

1) Consensual date rape is preventable and can be totally avoided.

A woman drinks alcohol at a party. She has sex with a man. The next day she wakes up and feels raped. Modern *rape laws agree that she was raped. She can get the man convicted for consented-to-sex-but-consent-was-invalid-due-to-alcohol rape. 1 2 3

Source: Women can stop rape! Don’t drink, don’t get raped! Simple.

Feminist’s language manipulation gets everyone confused. *Consent, *rape, *child were re-defined to have multiple very confusing meanings, different from what they meant for 2000 years.

2) Unconscious alcohol stupor non-consent rape (Steubenville) is avoidable

Simply don’t drink yourself into a stupor. Especially if you are under-age and drinking is against the law. Don’t pass out to give men the chance to touch and abuse you while totally unconscious.

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3 thoughts on “Women can prevent rape. Don’t drink, don’t dress provocatively, don’t be promiscuous: don’t get raped.”

  1. In response to Bob Wallace…yes the girls had poor judgment however, that NEVER gives a boy (or man) the right to take advantage of her. Trying to pass blame to her is wrong. It’s like saying if I found you passed out drunk, I have the right to rob you since,according to you, You shouldn’t have gotten drunk. My guess is you don’t have a daughter.

  2. Two teenage girls have recently killed themselves when they were sexually molested, the boys taped it and put it on the internet. What most don’t is that both girls were blind passed-out drunk. When I pointed this out to a woman, this said, “What does that have to do with it?”

    I told her that if they girls had not been passed-out drunk, they would not have been molested/raped. That is as obvious as can be.

    When I was in high school and college, every girl I never got that trashed. And if any did, they would have done it with guys they knew….not strangers. And not especially with the worst guys….the dumbjock kind.

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