PC madness: Steve Martin’s Lasonia joke offensive to Blacks

Someone wrote, "Is this how you spell lasonia?" to which Martin replied: "It depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant." CNN

Calling attention to anything related to Blacks is un-PC. A no-no. You must not even mention Black neighborhoods or Black names, even in neutral ways. Even mentioning Black overwhelming superiority in the 100 meter dash can be offensive to Blacks. Never offensive to the inferior white runners.

"I knew of the name Lasonia. I did not make it up, nor do I find it funny. So to me the answer was either Lasonia (with a capital), or Lasagna, depending on what you meant. That they sounded alike in this rare and particular context struck me as funny. That was the joke," he wrote on his website.


Justine Sacco, who worked for IAC – a leading media company, caused an internet storm over the weekend after tweeting: "Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white." Source

Justine Sacco was fired. Oversensitivity has no bounds. What is the big crime here? Have be gotten crazy? Returning to Steve Martin:

"When the tweet went out, I saw some negative comments and immediately deleted the tweet and apologized. I gathered the perception was that I was making fun of African American names."  CNN

Nowadays everyone is SENSITIVE to slightest innuendo. We have no serious life threatening problems, so we all minorities were trained to become OVERSENSITIVE.

The story didn’t stop there.

Martin said his tweet was picked up and quoted, inaccurately, by various outlets, including Salon CNN


PC loves to distort, lie, make things look worse then they were.

For example, in the George Zimmermann case, CBS cut the 911 call as to make Zimmerman sound racist. And the misleading photos of a 12 year old little Trayvon child and a Zimmermann in prison garb and 50 lbs. heavier. Or the lies about domestic violence or the Rind study.

"It depends. Are you in an African-American restaurant or at an Italian restaurant," Salon said Martin wrote, suggesting he meant to imply that African-American restaurants can’t spell "lasagna."

  1. Steve Martin did not say this. It is a lie, a false citation.
  2. what is the problem if someone thinks Blacks can not spell? Or if someone says so. Even if it were totally wrong?
  3. What makes it more offensive it that it is true. Race and iq debate is un-pc, verboten. In spite of half a century of head start and other efforts Blacks underperform in school, while Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, and Jews vastly outperform  Whites.


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PC madness: Steve Martin’s Lasonia joke offensive to Blacks
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Man cut off wife’s breast and super-glued her vagina.

He was a good husband.  Out of the blue, his wife filed for divorce. She probably cheated on him before.  So he snapped. He drugged her and tied her to the bed, while unconscious. Then he waited, to make sure she was awake and would feel the mutilation. He cut off her breasts and ground them up in the garbage disposal. Isn’t that funny? She sure will never die of breast cancer! Then he cut off her clitoris, and glued her vagina shut with ample quantities of super-glue. Teaches the slut a lesson!

Catherine Kieu, 48 cut off her husband's penis and ground it up with the garbage disposalThen, in a TV talk show, a group of men makes fun of the story. Isn’t it hilarious?  The spectators have hearty laughs and giggles.  Of course, it is not the same as cutting off a man’s penis, because a penis is softer then a woman’s breast. One moderate man actually says she did not deserve it, but he can think of a woman’s crime where he would do just the same.

If a woman divorced him, got 50% of his salary  (before taxes) and gots him jailed for non-payment. Then he would discover he was cuckolded, the child was not his kid, and the courts still held him responsible for payment because he had acted as a good father and he was too trusting to do a DNA test early enough. Then the rage is understandable and she really deserves it. She still will recover and can take care of the bastard child.

Participants and audience laugh and giggle. They all agree, full of understanding.

He realized every man’s secret dream. All men secretly dream of sexually mutilating a woman, to teach her a lesson.

I just inverted the sexes, for demonstration purposes.

Men are not that vile. Never ever would a male talk show host, audience, guests condone such barbarity against women, or make fun of it.  Only women are that mean, violent and vengeful to joke and make fun of male mutilation!  It is the secret fantasy of many women to cut off a man’s penis. (People say this statement is misogynistic. I did not make this up, watch the video to believe that those woman have a good time joking about this abuse of a man)

Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis and later demanded and got an excuse. Of course, she got no jail sentence for that. She was justified because he was a philanderer and cheated. She had real fan clubs. Go ahead and google "Lorena Bobbitt jokes".  John Waine Bobbitt never went as far as many women to, he never got a baby from a mistress, much less made his wife pay and care for a baby that was not hers. He just, allegedly, cheated.  Amazingly his penis was found and re-attached.

Catherine Kieu mutilates husband | YouTube

Cutting off a man’s penis and grinding it up afterwards is hilarious and funny

Catherine Kieu, 48 learned from Lorena’s mistake. Her husband would not get his penis back. She planned meticulously. She drugged him first, tied him up. Made sure he was awake to see and feel the punishment he deserved. After cutting off the penis, she ground it up with the sink’s electric garbage disposal. So she could be sure he never will use it again. A wonder she did not grind it while it was still attached. Or put it through a meat grinder, so he could look at it afterwards? She left him tied up. It is amazing that he did not bleed to death. She was very nice to call police, so after a long delay he finally got medical attention and would stay alive, so he could live the rest of his life without a penis and ponder what he did wrong. He must have done something to hurt her, make her angry, to deserve it.

The tax payer is paying her lawyer. I am sure he will plead battered woman syndrome, not guilty for reasons of insanity. After all, Lorena Bobbitt got away without punishment.

It is not clear if she destroyed his testicles, too. In that case, our hero would also have to extract the woman’s ovaries, to make the above example equal to Caterine’s crime.

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Man cut off wife’s breast and super-glued her vagina.
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