How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls’ Licence to Kill) .

Australian court affirms licence to kill as Susan Falls, another "battered woman" walks free after execution-style murder of her husband

On 4th March 2006, Claire Margaret McDonald gasped and burst into tears as a Victorian Supreme Court jury found her not guilty of the execution style murder of her husband, Warren John McDonald.

The court was told that McDonald had donned camouflage gear and lay in wait with a high-powered rifle for her husband to approach. She fired six shots, mortally wounding her husband.

McDonald successfully used the "battered woman syndrome" defence, claiming she had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband.

Within days, Queensland woman, Susan Falls, having probably read the media reports of Heather McDonald’s stunning acquittal, decided to execute her allegedly abusive husband in the same fashion, in what prosecutors would describe as a cunning, calculated murder.


Women need to know how to exercise their rights to kill their husbands.


1) Inform yourself through case studies.

Learn from others. How did others kill their husbands? What did they do to get away with it?  

  • Rita Graveline, Susan Falls, Mary Winkler. See also Nicole Ryan.
  • [Defending Battered Women on Trial] by theorist Elizabeth Sheehy
  • Go ahead, shoot your sleeping husband! It’s not murder!
  • A Century of Husband-Killing (149)

    Make sure you do your killing in the right jurisdiction. Australia is excellent. You might consider murder tourism: Travel to a country that is most favorable to husband execution.

    Women can learn from other successful murderesses. A certain amount of intelligence and cunningness is needed to pull it off. Like everywhere in life, low IQ people get discriminated against and might actually have to do do time in prison.


    2) Think up stories how your husband abused you.

    Absolutely no proof is needed, You may invent anything you wish. Read journals, books, crime stories to fertilize your fantasy.

    The press, the jury they will lap it up. No matter how trivial (husband was unfaithful, in the case of Lorena Bobbitt) or absurd (Susan Fall’s Husband held a raffle to decide who he would kill). Your dead husband will not be around to contradict you. If he is still around (Nicole Ryan), the court  will not call the husband to ask him

    Of course, if you can provoke your husband enough so witnesses see him lose his temper, or if you can file an unfounded police report accusing him of domestic violence, that would make an even better defense.


    3) Kill your husband

    Kill your husband ten-fold. Stab him dozens of times with a butcher knife, shoot him many times point blank in the head. Hours later, shoot again. Don’t worry. Shooting your groggy, drugged, half dead husband once more is self defense.

    Only males are subject to normal self defense laws that require you to be in instant danger, with no other way out.

    As a woman you have the right to pre-meditate, plan, buy murder weapons, get accomplices, even invite the kids to watch you shooting dad.

    You can choose if you call police and tell the truth, of if you first dump the corpse and keep police busy trying to find a lost husband. Be creative!


    4) Cry tears. Keep repeating the abuse stories. Get a good lawyer

    You may never ever fail and falter for a second to be sure to avoid conviction. Crying tears of fear is the key.

    Here it is useful if you are really crazy and paranoid, if you really believe in the serious threat to your life.  If not, you must be  a good actress.

    Nobody will ask you why you did not simply walk out, take the kids, go to a woman’s shelter.  Not even after you drugged him into profound sleep. Or why you could not put up a camera to record the constant violence and then put him in jail. Battered woman syndrome theory did this all for you: It postulates that women (and only women) don’t see the simple non-violent exit, rather they see no other way out then to kill.


    5) Keep his money, all family assets, children.

    Your hard work will be rewarded. If you picked a good, hard working husband, your killing him will be rewarded with all his worldly goods.

    Courts also know that it for the good of the children to stay with the murderess of their father. Even if they were witnesses to the murder. The girls will be prepared to imitate their mother, once they get married.

    More women would kill their husbands, if they knew about the financial rewards.

    If your husband does not have many assets, get a divorce with life long alimony, enforced by debtor’s prison and thus avail yourself of a life long slave labor. A dead husband has no more income that courts can hand over to you. So instead of killing, you may be better off to accuse your of domestic violence and child abuse, get a restraining order and subsequent divorce.


    6) Earn further money through interviews and books.

    Other killers have to give the proceeds to relatives of their victims. Spouse killing gives you all his property, and you may keep the proceeds of any book deals. Make sure you always cry tears, repeat abuse stories over and over. Do not show glee and happiness about your successful crime.


    7) Repeat with your next husband (?)


    Susan Falls "self defense" case details

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    Go ahead, shoot your sleeping husband! It’s not murder!

    Many women fail to conveniently kill their sleeping husbands, because they are unaware that shooting or knifing the sleeping husband is an act of courageous self defense.

    Human-Stupidity wants to enlighten women about their rights to kill. Thus more women will be unafraid to plan and execute their husband’s demise.

    It does not matter that your husband is a sweet, docile hen-pecked wimp. Just claim you were battered. YOU WILL BE BELIEVED.

    A more tender hearted woman should be aware of the convenient option to slice off a philandering man’s penis with total impunity, like Lorena Bobbitt.  

    False rape or trumped up domestic violence accusations are an option for the spineless and faint hearted who still don’t have the courage to use a gun or knife on a sleeping man.


    Thankfully, in the name of feminist EQUALITY, men do not have an option to plead "nagged man’s syndrome", or violation of honor to escape their just punishment for slapping or shoving their wife.

    Battered women’s “moral courage,” Sheehy writes in her book, “deserves our respect. “When women kill to save their own lives, they assert that they matter, that their lives count — even more than the lives of their abusers.”

    In the book [Defending Battered Women on Trial].Elizabeth Sheehy asserts:

    While very few women kill abusive men who are asleep or passed out, it’s “unfair” to charge them with first degree murder, Sheehy argues. “It’s not fair to characterize it as the most heinous form of murder, because it may be their own route to survival.” 
    Source: Battered women morally entitled to kill abusers, U of O professor asserts


    Short stint in jail for woman who killed her partner by cutting off his penis. 

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    Go ahead, shoot your sleeping husband! It’s not murder!
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    Man cut off wife’s breast and super-glued her vagina.

    He was a good husband.  Out of the blue, his wife filed for divorce. She probably cheated on him before.  So he snapped. He drugged her and tied her to the bed, while unconscious. Then he waited, to make sure she was awake and would feel the mutilation. He cut off her breasts and ground them up in the garbage disposal. Isn’t that funny? She sure will never die of breast cancer! Then he cut off her clitoris, and glued her vagina shut with ample quantities of super-glue. Teaches the slut a lesson!

    Catherine Kieu, 48 cut off her husband's penis and ground it up with the garbage disposalThen, in a TV talk show, a group of men makes fun of the story. Isn’t it hilarious?  The spectators have hearty laughs and giggles.  Of course, it is not the same as cutting off a man’s penis, because a penis is softer then a woman’s breast. One moderate man actually says she did not deserve it, but he can think of a woman’s crime where he would do just the same.

    If a woman divorced him, got 50% of his salary  (before taxes) and gots him jailed for non-payment. Then he would discover he was cuckolded, the child was not his kid, and the courts still held him responsible for payment because he had acted as a good father and he was too trusting to do a DNA test early enough. Then the rage is understandable and she really deserves it. She still will recover and can take care of the bastard child.

    Participants and audience laugh and giggle. They all agree, full of understanding.

    He realized every man’s secret dream. All men secretly dream of sexually mutilating a woman, to teach her a lesson.

    I just inverted the sexes, for demonstration purposes.

    Men are not that vile. Never ever would a male talk show host, audience, guests condone such barbarity against women, or make fun of it.  Only women are that mean, violent and vengeful to joke and make fun of male mutilation!  It is the secret fantasy of many women to cut off a man’s penis. (People say this statement is misogynistic. I did not make this up, watch the video to believe that those woman have a good time joking about this abuse of a man)

    Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis and later demanded and got an excuse. Of course, she got no jail sentence for that. She was justified because he was a philanderer and cheated. She had real fan clubs. Go ahead and google "Lorena Bobbitt jokes".  John Waine Bobbitt never went as far as many women to, he never got a baby from a mistress, much less made his wife pay and care for a baby that was not hers. He just, allegedly, cheated.  Amazingly his penis was found and re-attached.

    Catherine Kieu mutilates husband | YouTube

    Cutting off a man’s penis and grinding it up afterwards is hilarious and funny

    Catherine Kieu, 48 learned from Lorena’s mistake. Her husband would not get his penis back. She planned meticulously. She drugged him first, tied him up. Made sure he was awake to see and feel the punishment he deserved. After cutting off the penis, she ground it up with the sink’s electric garbage disposal. So she could be sure he never will use it again. A wonder she did not grind it while it was still attached. Or put it through a meat grinder, so he could look at it afterwards? She left him tied up. It is amazing that he did not bleed to death. She was very nice to call police, so after a long delay he finally got medical attention and would stay alive, so he could live the rest of his life without a penis and ponder what he did wrong. He must have done something to hurt her, make her angry, to deserve it.

    The tax payer is paying her lawyer. I am sure he will plead battered woman syndrome, not guilty for reasons of insanity. After all, Lorena Bobbitt got away without punishment.

    It is not clear if she destroyed his testicles, too. In that case, our hero would also have to extract the woman’s ovaries, to make the above example equal to Caterine’s crime.

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    Man cut off wife’s breast and super-glued her vagina.
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