Daughter awarded US$ 110,000 for father’s emotional neglect- Brazilian Supreme Court

The Brazilian Supreme court awarded US$ 110,000 of moral damages to a daughter who felt emotionally abandoned and felt treated as second class daughter by her father. The court dismissed the father’s defense that this emotional abandonment was caused by the mother’s aggressive behavior. Also the fact that paternity of the now adult daughter was only officially established recently.

Such legal liability is now in the process of being incorporated into the ECA statute of adolescent and children’s rights.

The intent of giving emotional support is noble. Human-Stupidity deplores the overcriminalization and total regulamentation of all aspects of human behavior under the threat of heavy civil liabilities.

Due to the importance of such decisions to Libertarians,  the men’s rights (and feminist) movement, we translated two newspaper articles in their entirety.

Translation: Superior Tribunal in Brazil orders father to pay compensation for emotional abandonment 
(STJ condena pai a indenizar filha por abandono afetivo)brazilian-supreme-court

SAO PAULO – The Third Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) ordered a father to pay R $ 200 thousand [US$ 110 000] to his daughter for "emotional distance". The decision is unprecedented. In 2005, the Fourth Chamber of the Supreme Court had rejected moral damages for emotional distance.

The case judged originates from São Paulo. The author of the case obtained judicial recognition of paternity and filed suit against the father because he had suffered material and emotional neglect during childhood and adolescence. The trial judge dismissed the petition and attributed the father’s distance to "aggressive behavior" of her mother towards the father. The woman appealed to the appeals court and said the father was "wealthy and prosperous." The Court of São Paulo (TJSP) reversed the judgment and set the compensation for R$ 415,000.

On appeal to the Supreme Court, the father argued that there was no abandonment, and even if he had done so, there would be illegal to be financially indemnified and the only possible punishment for failing with such obligations fathers would be the loss of family power.

Minister Nancy Andrighi , the of the court’s third chamber, however, understood that it is possible to demand compensation for moral damage caused by emotional abandonment by parents. "Love is optional, care is duty," she said in the sentence. For her, there is no reason to treat the damage to family relationships differently from other civil damages.

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Shrink 4 men: feeling emotions of men victimized by spouses and biased laws

A Shrink 4 men makes us feel the emotions of men victimized by spouses and by the law de-program our mind that has been warped by decades of incessant feminist brainwashing. Powerfully written by a female psychotherapist specialized in healing men’s wounds. Priceless.

I want to help men (and women) break free of the female-dominated pop psychology stranglehold of the last 30 years that’s confused both men and women and caused untold relationship damage. About Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

Shrink4men, a site by by a female psychotherapist helps to deprogram men (and women). Somehow we all have been brainwashed into excusing female on male violence as funny, inconsequential and excusable. In every single Hollywood film, a woman slaps a man in the face, throws dangerous household items at him. Female violence, is just socially acceptable. Female murder is being excused and (almost) socially acceptable. Female verbal, behavioral and emotional abuse is totally acceptable and never gets punished, neither by law nor even by social disapproval. Constant verbal and emotional abuse is creating a dangerously stressful environment for the husband victim, and of course, for the children.

We were surprised to recognize character traits of former girlfriends of ours in Why Some High-Conflict Personality Women Kill. Societal brainwashing is so strong that even we were unaware of the deep injustice and emotional violence we had been victimized by.

Reading this and some other random articles from shrink4men, you will recognize and understand the psychology of the trend to victimization of criminals in sensational trials, culminating in Lorena Bobbit demanding and getting an excuse for having caused her to cut off her husband’s penis?

Thank God, most women do not to the point of killing, but many, many women share the initial phases where they justify female against male abuse, and they managed to convince men, law makers, police and judges that their emotional abuse is justified. And any reaction of men against this abuse has become criminalized. Shrink4men shows real male suffering, making the abuse tangible and understandable.

Why some HCPs [High-Conflict-Personalities] slide down the slippery slope of emotional abuse to violence and murder:

1. HCPs are always right. No matter how egregiously vindictive and destructive her behavior, an HCP believes she’s right. She’s always right. If she trashes you to the kids, destroys your property, tries to get you fired and/or badmouths you with outrageous lies to anyone who will listen—you deserve it. In her warped mind, she probably sees herself as delivering some kind of twisted vigilante justice when she harms, smears, bullies and attacks others. You wronged her (probably just in her own mind), so you must pay.  (Source: Why Some High-Conflict Personality Women Kill)

Can you recognize that these basic traits are in many women, and women can play them out without getting corrected by anyone. Her girl friends reinforce her behavior. Many feminists thrive on vengeful behavior. Law enforcement does not criminalize such behavior, it does not even protect men with restraining orders or separation help. Law enforcement only jails the man if he snaps after such abuse and reacts with violence.

2. No empathy or selective empathy. This allows the HCP to hurt others without batting an eye. She doesn’t seem to feel remorse for hurting people she’s splitting black (a person she sees as all bad), unless she’s confronted with her bad behavior by someone whom she wants to think well of her, then she feigns remorse. In which case, she’s remorseful about getting caught; not about whatever abusive, inappropriate or criminal thing she’s done.

Additionally, any admission of wrong-doing or remorse is usually followed with a BUT . . . (insert reason why her bad behavior is really someone else’s fault—usually the victim’s). This individual typically only has empathy for her own pain and for people whom she’s currently splitting white (a person she sees as all good).

3. It’s never her fault. It’s always someone else’s fault. As previously noted, the person she’s been victimizing typically gets blamed. “Yeah, I punched him, but his stupid nose got in the way of my fist, so it’s his own damned fault.” It’s not a stretch to see how someone like this could just as easily justify homicide.

“He was exposing MY children to his new whore and I’d rather MY children be with God.” Or, “He broke my heart. He made promises to me. He swore to be with me until death us do part. Now he knows how it feels. He deserved it.” Or, “I killed his children to punish him.” To this day, former socialite stay-at-home-mom Betty Broderick still feels no remorse for killing her ex-husband, Dan Broderick, and his second wife, Linda Kolkena, and blames her victims for their own murders despite the fact Betty broke into the couples’ home and shot them repeatedly while they slept. (Source: Why Some High-Conflict Personality Women Kill)

These links are worth repeating:

6. Knowing the difference between right and wrong or “The rules don’t apply to me.” Many HCPs don’t seem to know the difference between right and wrong. Well, they believe they’re always right and everyone else is wrong, but it’s not really the same thing, is it? Many HCPs can judge the behavior of others to be right or wrong or immoral, but they don’t appear to be able to do the same with their own behavior. For example, “It was wrong for Joe to cheat on his wife because all men are lying, cheating scum, but I had my reasons for cheating on my husband. It’s my husband’s fault I cheated on him.”

Human-Stupidity Analysis

To overcome the profound unconscious brainwashing  by decades of feminist literature, movies, laws, it is good to read at least half a dozen of the articles in Shrink4men. The articles are written in the same emotional tone feminists write.  Shrink4men may be the one blog that can de-program avid feminists.

It helps to emotionally understand and feel the suffering and injustice inflicted on men, and on children (Parental Alienation). Just reading the topic already helps to de-program your mind.

Disclaimer: the following comment will draw the ire of all feminists and half of men’s rights activists. This opinion is is purely the responsibility human-stupidity.com and in no way endorsed by shrink 4 men

If you are among the 90% that disagree with this comment, please resist attempts to dismiss this entire article with all the incontestable shrink 4 men truths, just because of one “stupid” comment human-stupidity irresponsibly and imprudently felt compulsion to add.

At the risk of alienating most readers, we feel compelled to state:

Societal insensitivity towards the suffering of men jailed and jail raped for 20 years for mere possession of pictures and movies, or for fondling or consensual sex with adolescents is a further consequence of the brainwashing described by shrink4men

  • Of demonizing men,
  • exaggerating female suffering,
  • justifying female revenge and excusing female abuse
  • ignoring male suffering


Shrink4Men is exactly what Human-Stupidity.com is about: profound de-programming of deeply unconscious beliefs, Human Stupidity: irrational brainwashed dogmatism in otherwise intelligent people. This is why I took the unusual liberty to copy the entire index.

Shrink4Men Index

November 2010

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