Disney retools obesity exhibit after National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance’s protest

Finally, Disney joins efforts to reduce the deadly childhood obesity. But fat acceptance is more important than our children’s health and survival.

The interactive exhibit, Habit Heroes, featured animated fitness superheroes Will Power and Callie Stenics and super-sized villains Snacker and Lead Bottom, who eat junk food and watch too much television. Critics said the exhibit reinforces stereotypes that obese children are lazy and have poor eating habits.

HabitHeroesThe few hormonally disturbed fat children as an excuse for the 95% children that ARE lazy and have POOR eating habits. 

Doctors say obesity can sometimes be attributed to genetics and certain medications, and food can be used as a coping mechanism. "We’re appalled to learn that Disney, a traditional hallmark of childhood happiness and joy, has fallen under the shadow of negativity and discrimination," the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance said in a statement. 1

GluttonWell, maybe shaming could help prevent the use of food as coping mechanism. Tough love, shaming and strong pressure to eat right could probably save lots of children and adults from a life of fatness and ill health. Yes, adults also should be pressured to mend their unhealthy ways, improve their own health, and give positive examples to children.

Human Stupidity Analysis

SnackerWe understand the complexity of the issues and that negativity can cause problems. Still, a world wide epidemic that is destroying the health and the health budget of entire nations world wide needs strong measures and not wimpy political correctness. Human-Stupidity wants to truly protect children and their health.

We have always suggested that child food porn (junk food in deed and pictures deceptively posing as true food) is more dangerous then child porn. The former really kills children and reduces life expectancy of Millions, while the latter is mainly hysteria. So draconian measures against anything that seduces our innocent and ignorant children to acquire bad eating and exercising habits should be banned and punished. Well, at least it should be counter-acted by strong health-positive propaganda.

Lead Bottom

Walt Disney World got a lot of heat for jumping into the fight against childhood obesity with its Habit Heroes exhibit at Epcot — so much so that it has shut down the interactive exhibit co-sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 2


Read: "Child Food-Porn" (Junk food advertising) makes our children obese & unhealthy

Food Porn at its best. Attractive looking worthless unhealthy junk food, expertly made up and photoshopped.

Obese child sitting in front of TV eating junk food5 year old children are totally incapable of making informed decision about ingestion of junk food. The kid is not to blame. The kid is a victim of irresponsible adults.Adults are 100% to blame for the sorry state of this kid, condemned to a life of obesity.obese-children-mc-donalds


Just making more excuses for fat people. 40 years ago, nobody was obese, or even really overweight. Nowadays, kids don’t go outside and play, eat terrible food, and blame it on some problem other than their unhealthy habits. And now they think its ok because everyone else is overweight. It’s amazing how fit younger people are now in the minority. 3

Fatorexia, Feederism, Fat Fetishism: the opposite of anorexia eating disorder

donna_simpson_02 Donna Simpson currently weighs 600 pounds, so she’s going on a diet in hopes of reaching what she considers her ideal weight: 1,000 pounds. The 42-year-old mother, a resident of Old Bridge, NJ, consumes a whopping 12,000 calories a day in an effort to reach her goal.

Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record for world’s fattest mother. She insists she’s healthy despite the fact that she cannot walk more than 20 feet independently. huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/16/donna-simpson-nj-woman-ea_n_501245.html

Fat fetishism and anorexia (15 Youtube videos)

A huge part of the population becomes fat and of ill health because of thoughtlessness and bad habits. But some eat wrong out of conviction.

A portion of our teenagers get dangerously thin due to Anorexia. They think they are  too fat.  And there are some fat obese people who look in the mirror and think they are too thin. Who enjoy being fatter and fatter by choice.

People should get healthy eating habits, and use medical science to develop a healthy body according to their inherited constitutional body type.

Fat fetishism, also referred to as fat admiration, is the sexual attraction to overweight or obese individuals. As well as traditional attraction the topic also incorporates “feederism”, where sexual gratification is obtained via the process of gaining body fat.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_fetishism

Donna Simpson has thousands of members on her website donnamsimpson.com/ that pay 15 dollars per month to see her eat and “exercise”.

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