Disney retools obesity exhibit after National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance’s protest

Finally, Disney joins efforts to reduce the deadly childhood obesity. But fat acceptance is more important than our children’s health and survival.

The interactive exhibit, Habit Heroes, featured animated fitness superheroes Will Power and Callie Stenics and super-sized villains Snacker and Lead Bottom, who eat junk food and watch too much television. Critics said the exhibit reinforces stereotypes that obese children are lazy and have poor eating habits.

HabitHeroesThe few hormonally disturbed fat children as an excuse for the 95% children that ARE lazy and have POOR eating habits. 

Doctors say obesity can sometimes be attributed to genetics and certain medications, and food can be used as a coping mechanism. "We’re appalled to learn that Disney, a traditional hallmark of childhood happiness and joy, has fallen under the shadow of negativity and discrimination," the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance said in a statement. 1

GluttonWell, maybe shaming could help prevent the use of food as coping mechanism. Tough love, shaming and strong pressure to eat right could probably save lots of children and adults from a life of fatness and ill health. Yes, adults also should be pressured to mend their unhealthy ways, improve their own health, and give positive examples to children.

Human Stupidity Analysis

SnackerWe understand the complexity of the issues and that negativity can cause problems. Still, a world wide epidemic that is destroying the health and the health budget of entire nations world wide needs strong measures and not wimpy political correctness. Human-Stupidity wants to truly protect children and their health.

We have always suggested that child food porn (junk food in deed and pictures deceptively posing as true food) is more dangerous then child porn. The former really kills children and reduces life expectancy of Millions, while the latter is mainly hysteria. So draconian measures against anything that seduces our innocent and ignorant children to acquire bad eating and exercising habits should be banned and punished. Well, at least it should be counter-acted by strong health-positive propaganda.

Lead Bottom

Walt Disney World got a lot of heat for jumping into the fight against childhood obesity with its Habit Heroes exhibit at Epcot — so much so that it has shut down the interactive exhibit co-sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 2


Read: "Child Food-Porn" (Junk food advertising) makes our children obese & unhealthy

Food Porn at its best. Attractive looking worthless unhealthy junk food, expertly made up and photoshopped.

Obese child sitting in front of TV eating junk food5 year old children are totally incapable of making informed decision about ingestion of junk food. The kid is not to blame. The kid is a victim of irresponsible adults.Adults are 100% to blame for the sorry state of this kid, condemned to a life of obesity.obese-children-mc-donalds


Just making more excuses for fat people. 40 years ago, nobody was obese, or even really overweight. Nowadays, kids don’t go outside and play, eat terrible food, and blame it on some problem other than their unhealthy habits. And now they think its ok because everyone else is overweight. It’s amazing how fit younger people are now in the minority. 3

Pizza is a healthy vegetable in school lunches – US congress fattens children

Which one is not a Vegetable?A healthy school meal has to include 1-2 servings of vegetables.  So the  US congress decided that Pizza is a vegetable, to appease special food industry interests.

How many vegetables are in this picture? Yes, 3. Strangely Coca Cola is not yet defined a vegetable, but it seems that french fries already were defined vegetables.

In case you were wondering where all of the healthy vegetables were on your child’s lunch menu at school, they’re in the pizza they’ve been eating everyday. Congress recently declared that Pizza constitutes a vegetable requirement even though it only contains an average of two tablespoons of tomato sauce. inquisitr

Who needs leafy greens and carrots when pizza and french fries will do?  In an effort many 9-year-olds will cheer, Congress wants pizza and french fries to stay on school lunch lines and is fighting the Obama administration’s efforts to take unhealthy foods out of schools. KSPR


"While it’s unfortunate that some members of Congress continue to put special interests ahead of the health of America’s children, USDA remains committed to practical, science-based standards for school meals," says a USDA spokesperson. Newser

Like many of you, when I heard this I thought it had to be a headline from The Onion. But sadly I’ve realized that there are too many agri-businesses and politicians who are willing to allow our childhood obesity epidemic to continue. They don’t care that our military is telling us that young people are too fat to fight, with only one in four meeting the fitness requirements for military service. They don’t care that one in three children under the age of 18 will develop Type II Diabetes within their lifetime. They don’t care that the rate of childhood obesity has doubled since 1980.   TheStateColumn

Hamburgers are vegetables too? They contain alettuce leaf and tomato sliceHuman-Stupidity analysis

  1. Children are endangered, made obese, sick, diabetic for life. Not only is this tolerated, active advertising for child food porn is legal.
  2. This dangerous deadly child abuse (yes people die earlier because of obesity) is a world wide epidemic and almost nothing is done against it.
  3. This human stupidity is "normal". The entire world is getting obese due to wrong nutrition and lack of exercise. And it starts with children, their parent’s mistakes, and child food porn propaganda
  4. *Language abuse helps to deceive the common person into accepting rules that otherwise would create more resistance. A law saying that a healthy meal has to contain milk, meat, and pizza would cause more resistance.
  5. It is all about influential special interest groups! Healthy food brings economic benefits to small farmers, small enterprises, and of course to the entire (healthier) population.
  6. Hundreds of millions of children get sick because of false nutrition they were unable to give informed consent to. On the other hand, the "best interest of the child" is used as pretext to condemn men to ruinous child (wife) support payments, debtor’s prison. Alleged concern about children’s welfare is used as excuse for the child porn witch hunt and legal morass created around teenage sexuality. All this is hypocrisy

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Pizza is a healthy vegetable in school lunches – US congress…
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Fatorexia, Feederism, Fat Fetishism: the opposite of anorexia eating disorder

donna_simpson_02 Donna Simpson currently weighs 600 pounds, so she’s going on a diet in hopes of reaching what she considers her ideal weight: 1,000 pounds. The 42-year-old mother, a resident of Old Bridge, NJ, consumes a whopping 12,000 calories a day in an effort to reach her goal.

Simpson already holds the Guinness World Record for world’s fattest mother. She insists she’s healthy despite the fact that she cannot walk more than 20 feet independently. huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/16/donna-simpson-nj-woman-ea_n_501245.html

Fat fetishism and anorexia (15 Youtube videos)

A huge part of the population becomes fat and of ill health because of thoughtlessness and bad habits. But some eat wrong out of conviction.

A portion of our teenagers get dangerously thin due to Anorexia. They think they are  too fat.  And there are some fat obese people who look in the mirror and think they are too thin. Who enjoy being fatter and fatter by choice.

People should get healthy eating habits, and use medical science to develop a healthy body according to their inherited constitutional body type.

Fat fetishism, also referred to as fat admiration, is the sexual attraction to overweight or obese individuals. As well as traditional attraction the topic also incorporates “feederism”, where sexual gratification is obtained via the process of gaining body fat.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_fetishism

Donna Simpson has thousands of members on her website donnamsimpson.com/ that pay 15 dollars per month to see her eat and “exercise”.

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Fatorexia, Feederism, Fat Fetishism: the opposite of anorexia eati…
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"Child Food-Porn" (Junk food advertising) makes our children obese & unhealthy

Junk food makes our children fat, obese and unhealthy which leads to disease and premature death. It does not kill instantly, only in the long run.

“Child Food-Porn” (Junk food advertising) makes our children obese & unhealthy. A 17 year-old cannot consent to sex  (hence consensual sex with a minor is rape). A 3 year old obese child REALLY does not have the capacity to consent to overeating on junk food. Without valid consent, a child is “seduced” to ingest substances that causes disease and premature death. Feeding harmful substances that cause long term damage to a trusting infant without consent is slow “child poisoning”. Knowingly destroying the health of an innocent trusting infant is a heinous felony, perpetrated by junk food advertisors, vendors, and parents. Why are feminists so unconcerned about our children’s health and long life, but obsess about possession nude photos and consensual teenage sex?

Food Porn” (attractive food devoid of nutritional value) has become prevalent in the last 50 years. It has led to the greatest health epidemic on earth: obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease. ….

Food-Porn: food which has been calculatingly created and marketed to satisfy our food lusts without nutritional benefits.

Constant exposure of our children to such “food porn” has led to obese children which exacerbates the current public health menace of obesity and sedentarism.

Food Porn at its best. Attractive looking worthless unhealthy junk food, expertly made up and photoshopped.

Making an entire generation of children obese and sick:
a heinous crime against humanity

Humans have an inborn genetic evolutionary propensity to like sweets and fat. This was useful in the stone-age savanna and forest in order to pick the sweetest ripest fruits and to enjoy the fat of occasional lean game meat.

Nowadays, in the age of the supermarket with unlimited butter, oil, lard, and sugar, this maladaptive evolutionary heritage has to be countered by education and formation of good habits.

Instead the opposite is happening: Children’s gullibility gets abused. Children are the target of ruthless advertising campaigns to make them even eat even more junk then the would eat naturally.

Instead of teaching children wise choices, instead of making children into future healthy citizens, they systematically get turned into fat unhealthy monsters. Greedy marketers and spineless mis-informed parents create a publich health desaster. I call this a crime against humanity. We knowingly destroy the lives of our children. We are poisoning our children with junk, condemning them to a life of disease!

There is something wrong about our system: we can fly to the moon, we can do open heart surgery, but we cannot feed our children right?

And we can not prepare them to eat right and lead a healthy life? This is a public emergency which needs all our resources to solve.

Of course, maybe we ourselves need to start eating right, too, before we teach our children.

5 year old children are totaly incapable of making informed decision about ingestion of junk food. The kid is not to blame. The kid is a victim of irresponsible adults.Adults are 100% to blame for the sorry state of this kid, condemned to a life of obesity.

The true responsibility lies with the parents. But industry and society brainwashed the parents into getting bad eating habits themselves. And government neglects its duties by letting all this happen and poison an entire generation of an entire nation.

Early Junk Food Training: Baby eating McDonald's Junk Food
Early Junk Food Training: Baby eating McDonald's Junk Food

Analogous to Food Porn, Human-Stupidity.com proposes a new term:

Child Food-Porn

“Child Food-Porn”

depictions meant to entice children to consume “Food Porn” (junk food)

Child Food Porn”:
Depiction of children or cartoon characters appealing to children in order to arouse children’s lust for unnatural unhealthy junk food (Food-Porn)

Child Food-Porn: depictions of cute lovable cartoon characters with the intent to sell junk food to children.
(see Cookie Crisp Carton to the right)

Financial Greed destroying the lives of children
Pure selfish greed earns money without concern for children’s health, by abusing

  • children’s gullbility,
  • children’s love for cartoon characters,
  • children’s trust in the cartoon characters, and
  • the human evolutionary “design flaw” to love sweets.

Adults are the only ones to blame for the intentional perversion of children’s mind, for creating habits that will condemn them to a life of obesity and ill health.


Child Food-Porn must be combatted and eliminated

No more brainwashing children into obesity-causing eating habits

Consumption of “Food-Porn” (junk food) by healty adults and in moderation may be defensible.But advertising such perversion to indoctrinate children is irresponsible.

Seducing children to live a life of obesity. A heinous crime

But conning gullible children into adapting life threatening bad eating habits (“Child Food-Porn”), this is is plain criminal behavior. Greed that kills!

Society should unite in the goal to totally exterminate this abhorrent plague from the face of the earth! With the same fervor & methods child pornography is being fought. Child Food-Porn (pictures to seduce children to eat Food-Porn (junk food)) has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever. It destroys children’s health and grooms them for future unhealthy eating habits as adults.


Food Porn (junk food) & “Child Food-Porn” (junk food advertising to children)
are the worst health threats of the century.

Keep reading, click on “more”

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"Child Food-Porn" (Junk food advertising) makes our chil…
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Food Porn arouses Lust for Food with No Nutritional Value

The term “Food Porn” has been around for about 10 years. This expression “Food Porn” deserves to become more popular.

I define pornography as something created and marketed to titillate human pleasure centers (almost always to enrich the purveyors) while offering no redeeming effects on the body, mind or soul of the consumer other than a temporary, short-term satisfaction of the more base human appetites.

food-pornFood porn, then, is food which has been calculatingly created and marketed to satisfy our food lusts while offering little to no benefit—and usually harm—to the body, mind and soul.

Our fast food is usually food porn, as is much of the food found in our chain restaurants. Our supermarkets, however, are also brimming with food porn. If you can imagine a supermarket layout in your mind, I would classify the great majority of items in the isle sections as food porn (the stuff on the periphery tends to be more good than bad—think whole foods).

Food porn, like common porn, takes the basic form of something good, but in reality it is something artificial, fake and full of illusion. I know you know what the common porn is trying to simulate, but what food porn is trying to simulate is simply real food.

Take bread. Bread is good, right? You know, the staff of life? I invite you to go and look at the list of ingredients of 90% of the varieties of bread in the center isles of your supermarket, which I insist are not bread at all, but food porn.

Great description. I could not write it better. Congratulations!


Just as Porn is fake unreal sex, food porn is unreal food.

“Food Porn”  has become prevalent in the last 50 years, and led to the greatest health epidemic on earth: obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease.

No real-world greasy fat-dripping Big Mac looks as sexy as this beauty on this food porn advertising photo! Unreal beauty to seduce like photoshopped porn stars.

If the casserole is missionary style, food porn takes its devotees into the foodie kama sutra.  It glistens. It drips. It uses props. It is both lusty and intimate. For those who partake, it is an obsession. skinnygourmet.blogspot.com/2008/02/what-is-food-porn.html

Food Porn just as damaging to society as Sexual Porn?

There exists another pornography just as insidious as the common kind, and just as damaging to society. The only difference is that we’ve societally accepted this other kind wholesale. Nearly all of us partake of it, and dare I say, are addicted to it.   www.utahpeoplespost.com/opinion/2986/the-other-pornography

I  beg to differ! 30% of the population overweight and suffering from disesases, premature death and early retirement due to disease., This is just as damaging as porn?

Food Porn (junk food with no nutritional values) kills Millions per year. Does Sex Porn kill Millions of people every year?

Repression of sexual Porn is a puritan religious crusade. I don’t want to get into detail if sexual Porn might even be positive (sex education, rape prevention, psychological outlet). Or if it is neutral. Or, maybe it is really detrimental for family life and for wasting  valuable time. But damage is very unclear. Sexual porn is very unlikely to take lives or to totally destroy the health of its “addicts’ like diabetes or heart attack would.

Food Porn (junk food) is proven to be the worst public health menace we have.  Together with lack of exercise, it causes obesity and diseases in a major percentage of our children and youth. Food Porn causes serious diseases and death in adults. And Food Porn reduces quality of life due to overweight and obesity.

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Childhood Obesity Promotion: Cartoon characters attract kids to junk food

Junk Food entices our children to destroy their health
Junk Food entices our children to destroy their health

Human Stupidity at its finest: We crate our children to be unhealty fat and sedentary. We actively entice children to become unhealty!

In the study, which is published this week in the journal Pediatrics, Roberto and her colleagues presented 40 children ages 4 to 6 with paired samples of graham crackers, gummy fruit snacks, and baby carrots. Each pair of sample foods was identical down to the clear packaging, except that one of the packages had a sticker of Shrek, Dora the Explorer, or Scooby Doo on it.

Between 50 percent and 55 percent of the children said that the food with the sticker on it tasted better than the same food in the plain package. (The percentage varied with each food.) And between 73 percent and 85 percent selected the food in the character packaging as the one they’d prefer to eat as a snack.

Study: Cartoon characters attract kids to junk food (cnn)
Study supports motion to pull plug on food porn: Cartoon-adorned packaging catalyzes America’s journey to obesity

Probably everyone knew this already. The interesting thing is that the cause of premature death of about 30% of our population is not reason for concern and for emergency action and emergency legislation.

“Parents may not set out to buy unhealthy products,” says the lead author of the study, Christina Roberto, M.S., a doctoral student at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, in New Haven, Connecticut. “But kids can be really, really persuasive. They see them and they want them, and it gets difficult to have that battle in the grocery store.”

Facts about Childhood Obesity (CDC)

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Childhood Obesity Promotion: Cartoon characters attract kids to ju…
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Should Parents of Obese Kids Lose Custody?

[:en]parents should be obliged not only to give enough food, cleanliness and schooling, but also HEALTHY quality food in corrrect amounts and exercise. Government food and exercise policy is dangerously deficient[:de]Eltern sollten nicht nur die Pflicht haben genug Essen, Hygiene, Schule zu geben, sondern auch GESUNDES Essen in richtiger Menge, und körperliche Bewegung und Sport[:pt]Pais deveriam ser obrigados não somente a dar comida suficiente, cuidados com higiene, e eschola, mas também comida SAUDÁVEL, de qualidade, em quantidade correta, exercicio saudávelWait, there is more! This article continues! Continue reading »
Should Parents of Obese Kids Lose Custody?
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But obesity appears to be the primary reason South Carolina mom Jerri Gray lost custody of her 14-year-old, 555-lb. son in May. She was arrested after missing a court date to examine whether she should retain custody after doctors had expressed concern about her son’s weight to social services. The boy is currently living with his aunt, and his mother is facing criminal child-neglect charges. […]”It’s happening more than the public is aware of, but because these cases are usually kept quiet [as a result of child-privacy laws], we have no record,” says Dr. Matt Capehorn, who sits on the board of the U.K.’s National Obesity Forum.

Source: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1930772,00.html

Parents have an obligation to care for their little children. Parents face legal sanctions or loss of paternal rights if they do not provide basic care for their children, for example if children are

  • undernourished
  • unkept and dirty
  • truant missing school education.

It actually makes a lot of sense, to add this list

  • morbid obesity, obviously.
    • Unless if  proven it is not the parent’s fault andit persists after
      • medical
      • nutritional
      • and physical education interventions.
  • any minor kind of obesity and overweight
  • lack of healthy exercise.
  • unhealthy food at home
  • The epidemic of obesity that kills more people then all wars together, needs more serious attention. Actually, any lack of movement, any overweight should be considered abuse. The child has no recourse against it, and when it is a fat overweight diabetic adult it is too late.
    Of course, this suggestion to require responsible parenting contradicts all  the

    Faulty government policy regarding obesity & other health hazards (alcohol, …)

    • Promote interest of big beef farmers.
    • Let Coca Cola and McDonalds reign and advertise to children without health warnings.
    • it is totally insane that the government does not have EMERGENCY plans against all these health epidemics.`Rather, government should be engaged in
      • promotion of healthy nutrition
        • natural,
        • low salt,
        • high in vitamins, l
        • low in sugar,
        • little additives
        • people should NEVER imbibe enough alcohol to get drunk or even tipsy. Alcohol should be taken like in mediterranean countries (Italy, France) who have a tradition of taking one glass of wine with meals.  Society should shun people who drink excessively and get drunk.
      • promotion of healthy exercise
      • there should be government emergency programs to promote exercise for children and adults.