What is a Pedophile? Hebephile, Ephebophile, Teleiophile, Infantophile

15 year old Brooke Shields - no pedophilia, rather Ephebophilia, or Teleiophilia.

Hebephile, a newly proposed diagnostic classification in which people display a sexual preference for children at the cusp of puberty, between the ages of, roughly, 11 to 14 years of age. Pedophiles, in contrast, show a sexual preference for clearly prepubescent children. There are also ephebophiles (from ephebos, meaning “one arrived at puberty” in Greek), who are mostly attracted to 15- to 16-year-olds; teleiophiles (from teleios, meaning, “full grown” in Greek), who prefer those 17 years of age or older); and even the very rare gerontophile (from gerontos, meaning “old man” in Greek), someone whose sexual preference is for the elderly. So although child sex offenders are often lumped into the single classification of pedophilia, biologically speaking it’s a rather complicated affair. Some have even proposed an additional subcategory of pedophilia, “infantophilia,” to distinguish those individuals most intensely attracted to children below six years of age.
Based on this classification scheme of erotic age orientations, even the world’s best-known fictitious “pedophile,” Humbert Humbert from Nabokov’s masterpiece, Lolita, would more properly be considered a hebephile. (Likewise the protagonist from Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, a work that I’ve always viewed as something of the “gay Lolita”).  
Why most "pedophiles" aren’t really pedophiles, technically speaking | Scientific American

Photo of 10 year old Brooke Shields might be just artistic photography. But those who feel sexually attracted are pedophiles.The meaning of the word "Pedophile" was manipulatively changed and distorted. Pedophile is a clearly defined scientific term meaning an adult that has attraction to pre-pubertal children.

We are discussing grammar, semantics, and politics of language manipulation here.
We are not defending or condoning pedophile activities.

Brooke Shields (2008). Is she getting victimized each time one watches her movies or adolescent nude/bikini photos? 1000's times per day?Correct Terminology

Hebephiles, Ephebophiles, Teleiophile were grouped into the "pedophile" group. So a "worse label’ can be attached to a sexual offender. An "adolescent lover" who had a 17 year old girlfriend is called "child lover" (or rather, in a second step of vilification, child rapist). Sure helps to secure longer jail terms and to get the population angry.  This is exactly identical to the manipulation that extended the word "child" from under 12 or under 14, to under 18, admittedly for the purpose of enforcing child protection laws for adolescents.

Additionally, child mutilators and murderers are usually called "pedophiles" in the press. Killing children has nothing to do with "child lovers" or sexual attraction for children.

Brooke Shields re-victimized constantly?

Thus someone gets arrested for possession of Brooke Shields 15 year photos , falsely called a pedophile, and the average Joe thinks he is a baby murderer. Note that the bikini photo of a 15 year-old  becomes child pornography in case one collects the photo for sexual arousal (Copine level 4).

According to child porn persecution theory, "children" (under 18) get re-victimized whenever someone looks at their depictions.. We prevented the re-victimization of Brooke Shields through the first 10 year old photo by putting black bars at all private parts.  Add to this the famous Brooke Shields movies (Blue Lagoon, …) , one can see that Brooke Shields constantly gets re-victimized thousands of times per day by people who watch these movies with an impure mind.

Ruinous persecution of mother and father for innocent  baby bath photos.  It is preposterous to assume that parents or a large number of men are "infantophiles".  We want to stress that attraction to infants is a serious sexual aberration and certainly must not be acted upon.


Of course, Infant abusers can be labelled with a stronger label then "pedophile". Those attracted to 17 year olds are more ostracised by the incorrect application of the name "pedophile" or child lover, then by "teleiophile", late adolescent lover. To reach the maximum vilification, the word "infantophile" is now, correctly, created. It is undesirable that perverts that mess with infants can hide behind the word "pedophile", which could mean attraction to 9 year olds.

We are discussing grammar, semantics, and politics of language manipulation here. We are not defending or condoning pedophile activities.

There are also law abiding pedophiles who declaredly do not act upon their attraction. These, in spite of being accused merely of thought crimes, are in danger of being hurt by angy pedophile vigilantes.

Other Language manipulation ("rape", "consent")

Human-Stupidity has assailed the manipulative distortion of language is very common in the service of criminalizing adolescent sexuality.  The meaning of "rape" and "consent" have been manipulatively changed, just like "pedophile" and "child".

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What is a Pedophile? Hebephile, Ephebophile, Teleiophile, Infantop…
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Eek! A Male! Pedophile hysteria hurts and kills children

Imagine, putting ointment on a 3 month old’s vagina.  Every man is a suspect for pedophilia. Soon no father will dare to change his daughter’s diapers. Avid consumers of child abuse books on Amazon have a dirty mind. 30 years ago, before the pedophilia hysteria, the idea of abusing a 1 year old would not even have crossed the mind of 99.99% of males. Very rare a man would have sexual thoughts when dealing with a nude toddler.  Just as absurd as thinking of sex with a dog, a cat, a duck, or a car muffler.  It was just a non-issue.  Now such ideas about toddler sexuality pollute everybody’s mind, law enforcement, and societal habits.

Consider the Iowa daycare center where Nichole Adkins works. The one male aide employed there, she told me in an interview, is not allowed to change diapers. “In fact,” Ms. Adkins said, “he has been asked to leave the classroom when diapering was happening.”

Now, a guy turned on by diaper changes has got to be even rarer than a guy turned on by Sponge Bob. But “Worst-First” thinking means suspecting the motives of any man who chooses to work around kids.

[…]the British Musicians’ Union warned its members they are no longer to touch a child’s fingers, even to position them correctly on the keys? Or that a public pool in Sydney, Australia last fall prohibited boys from changing in the same locker room as the men? (According to the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, the men demanded this, fearing false accusations.)[…]

And that’s not the worst. In England in 2006, BBC News reported the story of a bricklayer who spotted a toddler at the side of the road. As he later testified at a hearing, he didn’t stop to help for fear he’d be accused of trying to abduct her. You know: A man driving around with a little girl in his car? She ended up at a pond and drowned.

We think we’re protecting our kids by treating all men as potential predators. But that’s not a society that’s safe. Just sick.   Eek! A Male! (Wall Street Journal)

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Eek! A Male! Pedophile hysteria hurts and kills children
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Dangerous pedophile vigilantes cheer German Dad, 47, for castrating the boyfriend, 57, of his 17-year-old daughter


Helmut Seifert, 47, an ethnic German originally from Russia, was enraged when he heard his 17-year-old daughter was having a relationship with Phillip Genscher, 57.

He went to police in the town of Bielefeld where he lives but officers said they were powerless to intervene.

“The man then recruited two work colleagues at his factory and then went to the house of the victim,” said police.

“The man was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated. The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator.”

The man was close to bleeding to death but managed to call police. His life was saved but he remains a eunuch for life. […]

He told police: “I received a phone call anonymously that my daughter was involved with a guy 40 years older than her. You said you couldn’t stop him – so I did.

“I saw it as my duty as a father.”

German man castrates teenage daughter’s 57-year-old boyfriend (The Telegraph)

This was republished here Dad, 47, in Germany castrates man, 57, for dating 17-year-old daughter (NY Daily News)

  • Note: nowhere did the article say that the couple actually had sex with each other
  • even if they did, the age of consent in Germany is 16, there is absolutely no legal problem
  • keep reading to see the murderous scary comments by the NY Daily News Readers
  • So a harmless man is mutilated for having an affair with a much younger but legal woman, and the good citizens cheer and want to join the lynching


2:59 PM
Dec 13, 2010

Why is everyone calling this guy a perv?? He was DATING the girl, not raping her! If an 18 year old guy was dating her, would you call him a “perv”?? Remember, Charile Chaplin married his wife when he was 54 and she was 17, and they had 8 kids together and stayed married for 30 years until his death, and she never remarried and is now buried next to him. Is that being a perv? If anyone is a perv, it’s a psychopath who cuts off *****. What do you think that is going to do to his daughter? She is going to be terrified to get into any kind of relationship again.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=118502&start=80&tstart=0#ixzz18gndinDh

Compare:  Michel Temer (70), new Vice-President of Brazil was 63 when he married Marcela Temer at age 20. Borderline Pedophilia or healthy human sexuality?

Interesting discussion among the NY Daily News Readers


Dangerous vigilantes


5:50 AM
Dec 17, 2010

Good for him! as a father it is his duty, parents need to protect their children. a 57 year old man dating a 17 year old he sounds like a child molester. I cant believe most of your responses protecting this pervert! America has gotten soft and that is why our country allows child molester books to go on sale on Amazon.com! regardless of the statuatory age limit in Germany russia whatever the mind of a 17 and a 57 year old dont match. the father did what he did and didnt even give up his boys…i salute him. that pervert will be scarred for life, im sure he molested other young girls guaranteed. america stop being soft.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=118502&start=160&tstart=0#ixzz18gutleNJ


2:02 PM
Dec 13, 2010

Why? A 17 year old has zero emotional maturity; won’t for about 10 more years. There is no way on the face of this earth that man isn’t out for totally fresh tail. Do that to my baby, pray that I only castrate you. We’ve taught her well, but someone who is determined sometimes succeeds. There’s no way that relationship is ok. No way. At 17, you are still legally responsible. I called my husband to tell him about this. This is what he said: “You help me, then cut yourself a plea deal and testify against me” We love our daughter, end of story. It is not ok at 17. It is not ok under 25. Period.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=118502&start=40&tstart=0#ixzz18gh3mZdE


12:24 PM
Dec 13, 2010

Good for him, at least this child molester wont harm anybody else’s child.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=118502#ixzz18gdgiW00


1:10 AM
Dec 15, 2010

I don’t blame him for doing that to a 57 year old parasite. She may be a siren but she’s young and still much the immature adolescent. The old man ought to have known better than take advantage of this woman. He’s lucky that all he lost were his *****…

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=118502&start=160&tstart=0#ixzz18gvlxMlo

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Dangerous pedophile vigilantes cheer German Dad, 47, for castratin…
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Brooke Shields nude: exploited pedophile magnet?

Brooke Shields, now 44, posed for a nude photo when she was 10 years old. Now Richard Prince’s photograph of the picture, called “Spiritual America,” has been yanked from a major exhibition at the Tate Modern. If pedophiles didn’t already know about “Spiritual America,” the Richard Prince photo taken of a nude, heavily-made-up 10-year-old named Brooke Shields, they do know. London police made headlines by yanking the photo from an exhibition at the Tate Modern after child exploitation groups protested, saying it could be a “magnet for pedophiles.” nj.com So what if it becomes a magnet for pedophiles? What if 300 pedophiles crowd into the art museum’s room to see the picture? What damage would be caused?We have so many real problems in this world. Why invent non-existent problems about a 32 year old photo of a now 42 year old woman?I see more damage in this violent, but legal, movie:

“If you are using a picture of a naked child to bring people to your exhibition, then you are exploiting that child,” Michele Elliott of the child advocacy group Kidscape tells the Daily Telegraph.

How does that child get exploited? If she were not famous, she would not even know about the art gallery. In this case, she probably even got paid. And why that be exploitation? And what is the problem of being thus exploited? Will she lose money, health, time?

Oh, dignity? Well check the dignity of the kid that is being clubbed to death, on prime time TV:

Feminists repeat the same stupid drivel (“picture of naked child is exploitation of the child“) over and over, until people actually believe their nonsense. This never ceases to impress me. Feminist stupid talk has magical qualities. No matter how stupid, no matter how unfounded and baseless, it becomes public policy and profoundly convinces press, police, law makers, the United Nations assembly, and supreme court judges.

The same exploitative photo was in Playboy in the 1970ies or 1980ies. We can see the horrendous damage that has been caused to Brook Shields and to millions of readers of that Playboy edition. She must still be a wreck today at 42 years of age.

I guess all people over 40 who have seen these and similar photos, are probably totally screwed up. They did not see only this one photo, but photos of nude 12-16 year olds were routinely in newspapers (page 3) and in youth magazines like Bravo or on the cover of prestigious German news magazine “Der Spiegel”. (23. May 1977)

Be careful, if you collect such magazines, you might get a 15 year jail sentence for possession if child pornography! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Brooke Shields 10 years old nude photo. Censored.
The above photo was removed from the art gallery in London.

Wet Gold, USA 1985, Director: Dick Lowry.  Brooke Shields, Burgess MeredithYou pedophiles want to see the uncensored photos?

If you like this photo to the right, you are a “hebephile”, you like adolescent girls. Nowadays this is, on purpose, confused with pedophiles (pedophiles like pre-pubescent girls)

  • Below: Cover of most prestigious new magazine of Germany. May 1977. Nude.  Today this constitutes child porn.

Der Spiegel May 1977 Lolita Issue. Censore to avoid Child Pornography charges and to avoid corrupting my blog readers. Of course, there were hundreds such photos on other magazine covers. The entire Germany, a nation of pedophiles!? Or today, a time of witch hunts?!
An entire nation of pedophiles: Millions - adults, children, babies - saw these photos (uncensored in complete nudity) in public news stands all over Germany in 1977. Imagine the terrible damage to the entire German population and to the girl. Any scientific literature available that discusses the damage from this heinous crime of exposing the poor victim? Of course not!!!
Child porn showing a baby's genitals and urination
Clearly visible genitals, urination of an infant child. A heinous crime: the statue needs to be destroyed. Everyone responsible for this monstrosity needs 25 years of jail. Until recently, the world was unaware of the damage caused by such despicable criminal art.

A very nice discussion with examples of child pornographic art from major art museums, worth millions of dollars follows

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Brooke Shields nude: exploited pedophile magnet?
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EU Requests To Retain User Data From Search Engines to protect children from pedophiles

The most recent tension came from Pakistan’s decision that it will monitor Google, Bing, Yahoo (and other sites) for blasphemous content. Now it is the EU’s turn to try to impose checks on search engines through its controversial "Written Declaration 29."

Written Declaration 29
Italy’s European Member of Parliament, Tiziano Motti, is the author of the proposal, commonly known as Written Declaration 29, adopted last week. His aim was to protect children from abusers and paedophiles lurking on the web by requesting that user data from search engines be stored and used by governments to track sexual offenders.

Source: http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/100629-053942

Don’t we have enough REAL problems?

  • A large percentage of children grow up in poverty stricken families, unintegrated into middle class society, condemned to low level of schooling and an unsuccessful life. 
  • Hundreds of millions of our children will live an unhealthy life and die early, due to obesity, wrong nutrition, lack of exercise.
  • Hundreds of millions of children also will be victims of bullying at school, threatened, intimidates, psychologically damaged.

And now, search machines are supposed to become government spies? In violation of civil rights of hundreds of million law abiding internet users. With the intent to catch a few dozen dangerous "pedophiles" and entrap a couple of thousand harmless surfers who have bad taste and seek photos of young kids?

Watchdog Privacy International immediately stepped up to the plate by issuing a joint statement with search engine Ixquick, entitled: Ixquick: Search Engines Should Become Government Spies, Says EU Parliament. Ixquick has built its reputation on not storing any user search data and therefore feels it has been singled out by the Declaration. For Robert Beens, CEO of Ixquick, Written Declaration 29 would jeopardize the privacy of over 500 million people across Europe when it should really uniquely concern known offenders. "Sex offenders exchange files through underground networks. They don’t find this stuff through search engines," Alex Hanff of Privacy International said in the statement. "I spent eight years helping law enforcement track down online sex offenders and never once did we see a case where search engine data was useful."

Source: http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/100629-053942

Human-Stupidity wrote more about these issues are in these topics: Child porn wich hunt and Teenage Sexuality witch hunt


  1. EU Politicians Tricked Into Supporting Data Retention On Search Terms… ‘For The Children’ (techdirt.com)
  2. European MPs back web-search data retention plan (newstatesman.com)
  3. MEPs back web search history plan (independent.co.uk)
  4. Ixquick: Search Engines Should Become Government Spies, Says EU Parliament (eon.businesswire.com)
  5. Italian MEP Wants To Eliminate Anonymity On the Internet (search.slashdot.org)
  6. EU Request To Retain User Data From Search Engines Sparks Widespread Anger (searchenginewatch.com)
  7. EU Parliament plans Google-powered paedo detector (go.theregister.com)
  8. MEPs call for search engines to store web search histories for two years (telegraph.co.uk)
  9. EU Ministers Want ISP and Google Logs To Fight Paedos (dvorak.org)

Pedophile witch hunt & underage sex law excesses: why the witch hunt and how to change it?

An ephebe kisses a man. Tondo from an Attic kylix, 5th c. BCE by the Briseis painter. At the Louvre.
Ancient Greek Pedophile art: An ephebe kisses a man. 5th c.. At the Louvre. Proof of age not available.

Isn’t it strange? For traditional feminists who want female equality, freedom and self determination, it looks amazing

  • feminists don’t oppose the burka and are quiet about Muslim repression of females (because Muslims successfully keep women away from the eyes of the feminist’s spouses)
  • feminists successfully restrict women’s right to choose sexual services (prostitution) as a profession. that often pays lots more money then other work. Of course, men who can pay $100 to an attractive prostitute are less likely to marry an average looking fat aging woman who later will take away half their property and demand half their income.
  • I got convinced that the antifeminists hypothesis is the most parsimonious explanation for these apparent contradictions.

Feminists conspire to increase their sexual value by eliminating female sexual of competition

What feminists strive for Explanation
(increasing their own sexual market value by reducing competition)
Feminists even repress women,
to foster their reproductive goal of reducing sexual options for their own men
feminists don’t oppose the burka and are quiet about Muslim repression of females because Muslim’s repression of women successfully keep women away from the eyes and hands of the feminist’s spouses
feminists don’t promote women’s right to free choice, rather they successfully restrict women’s right to choose sexual services (prostitution) as a profession Of course, men who can pay $100 to an attractive prostitute are less likely to marry an average looking women who later will take away half their property and demand half their income for life.
Prostitutes are non-Union picket line violators, they give away their work cheaply
decrease age of consent to eliminate competition by very young attractive women (age of consent used to be 12, is now 18 everywhere and there seem to be plans to increase it to 21 worldwide)
prohibit erotic art, photography, pornography Under the guise of protecting porn models (who did not ask to be protected and do not want to go back to menial jobs) feminists want to avoid men seeing attractive women naked, getting distracted, spending time and money.
prohibit sex dolls, sex robots, but not vibrators

Pedophile witch hunters & feminists are NOT concerned about children’s well being

If draconian child porn laws were to protect children, why then videos of real child killings are legal?
Nude adolescent photos: a Crime. Videos of lynching, killing, beating adolescents are legal Prime Time TV.

Congratulations to the antifeminist blog, they are the only ones that give a sensible explanation for this: feminists want to cut of competition to their sexual monopoly so men will continue paying high prices for sex (marriage with life long support and half of all property on divorce).

I quote the antifeminist blog, I could not say this any better.

Why do I think you are obsessed with criminilizing everything and only those things that harm your particular, selfish reproductive and sexual needs? Because that is all you seem to be interested in. What about teenage girls bullying and beating each other up on video and then having them uploaded to websites that make money from advertisements? Naahh, no sexual threat, therefore nothing to say. What about teenage girls and even 10 year old girls appearing on reality tv shows to be exploited for commercial gain by adults and clearly suffering psychological distress as a result? Nope, no specific sexual threat to your reproductive interests so you have probably never given it two seconds thought. A 17 year old who likes to screw older men? You don’t want your man running off with or even looking at a hot 17 year old, so therefore 17 year old girls can’t give meaingful consent and older men should be criminilized.[…]

Can 17 year old girls make meaningful decisions about whether or not their unborn babies should be killed? Is having sex really more complex than deciding which political party is best able to govern? Surely if an 18 year old can vote, a 17 year old can fuck? And how come she can consent to sex with another 17 year old and not a 25 year old??

Wait, there is more! This article continues! Read the rest of this story f more provocative Devil’s Advocate Ideas »
Pedophile witch hunt & underage sex law excesses: why the witc…
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Dangerous pedophile hunters threaten harmless pedophile (Jack McClellan)

Jack McClellan is a totally harmless child lover who refrains from acting out his impules. Most pedophiles are totally or fairly harmless.( But public opinion, on purpose, confuses the harmless  guy attracted to children or adolescents with  dangerous criminal child mutilators and murderers).. Pedophile hunters bash these people with baseball bats, murder them, threaten their lives, harrass them.  Talkshow hosts and youtube commentators threaten them with deadly violence. Non-violent "pedophiles" get put in jail for 70 or 240 years, without proof or with manipulated proof, where they are likely to get violently raped, Lightly fondling an adolescent carries much higer prison terms then torture, mutilation, and murder. Normal adolescent sexuality carries strict penalties,  too. And, unlike murderers, arsonists and robbers, the lifel long US sex offender registration prevents these nonviolent people from living normal lives, working, and puts them in risk of  vigilanteism. That I also consider (institutional) violence.


"Law abiding pedophile" gets persecuted

Jack McClellan publicly outed himself as a "law abiding pedophile". He admits feeling sexual attraction for children, but never touched one sexually.

He took photos of cute children and put it on a web site for other pedophiles to delight in, but he always stressed that everyone should refrain from doing anything illegal.

While it is perfectly understandable that parents worry about their kids, it is very clear that Jack McClellan is being singled out for thought crimes, for crimes he has not even committed and does not plan to commit.

In California, he got slapped with a restraining order to stay 20 (?) yards away from children, which makes it impossible for him to even go to a grocery store or walk on a busy street.

Why, on the other hand, do violent repeat offenders, like robbers, bullies, street fighters not get the same attention. There is no national robber registry.



Why do we only have a sex offender registry? Why not one with ALL criminals online? Let us create an arson offender registry?

Why do a repeat arsonists, multiple robbers, murderers not get registered?

Why don’t we get warned if an arsonist or a child murderer moves into our neighborhood?

This is a very legitimate question. Why should we not warned if really dangerous criminals live near us?


The dangerousness of the pedophile hunters (see these youtube threats & comments)

  1. Note that these people want to kill Jack McClellan, the "law abiding pedophile"
  2. A harmless guy who enjoys young girls, but never harmed one and never touched a minor sexually.
  3. His main problem is that he is naive enough to be out of the closet. He is honest, he admits his sexual attraction to young girls 4-11. If he kept quiet, he would not have a problem.


  • Geitje007 @mumuluku123
    I would have done the same!!! Torture him foreverrrrr fucking bastard!!!! 1 week ago
  • MaIcoImZieI @mumuluku123 You are so full of shit. You act like this guy actually mudererd and raped people. Shut the fuck up man. I’m sick of people like you talking shit about how you are going to torture paedophiles. Shut the fuck up. 1 week ago
  • sarahsmith995 i hope he dies a horrid death! 1 week ago
  • Kingler91 do a suicide, and tell all ur subscribers at that fucking website of yours to do the same, and maybe people will let their children out.
    Hope you die with alot of suffering. Would laugh my ass off if i saw you dead in the street. Fuck you. Goodbye 2 weeks ago
  • TheN1PlaylistChannel @mumuluku123 i wish i would see this animal in the street so i could punch him so hard that he would end up like a vegetable in his death bed i hope he ends up in prison OF COURSE FOR ANOTHER CRIME AND NOT HURTING AN INNOCENT CHILD and ones this animal is in prison for all the inmates to rape him and stab him to death.THE WAY I SEE IT ANYBODY HURTS AN INNOCENT CHILD DESERVES A BULLET TO THE HEAD PERIOD NO MERCY 3 weeks ago


Much more about vigilante "pedophile" hunters: Click on "More"


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Dangerous pedophile hunters threaten harmless pedophile (Jack McCl…
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Pedophilia witch hunt discussed by academia and press

  1. First a story about a toddler that had to die because a man was afraid to help, due to the pedophilia hysteria.

    An extreme defense of pedophilia
  2. Then Professor Harris Mirkin’s thesis that criminalization of “pedophilia” is like gay criminalization and psychiatrization of homosexuality 50 years ago and that childrens’ right to sexuality should eventually win.
  3. Judith Levine’s book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex
  4. Alfred Kinsey a pedophile? He observed orgasms of children and adolescents during his University Research.
  5. More unbiased academic discussions about pedophilia
  6. And of course there is our prior article about persecution of academic research in the case of the Rind Study

There was one small detail that jumped out at me in the tragic story of Abigail Rae, the two-year-old who wandered off from her village playgroup and ended up dying in a garden pond. Tucked away at the end of yesterday’s inquest report was a line about how Clive Peachey, a bricklayer, drove past a child on her own, whom he later concluded had been Abby.

She was not walking straight, she was tottering, said Mr Peachey. “I kept thinking should I go back? One of the reasons I did not go back is because I thought someone would see me and think I was trying to abduct her.”

The hysteria over paedophilia hangs like some dark cloud over almost every interaction nowadays between a man and a child that isn’t his.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/3352895/Day-of-the-dad-paedophilia-hysteria-leaves-men-afraid-to-help.html

Professor Mirkin got himself into deep trouble defending that consensual sex with an adolescent is not the same as raping the same adolescent. Similar to a Dutch law, Professor Mirkin contends that the age of consent should be 12 years, as long as the adolescent’s consent can be proven.

Click on MORE to read the rest of the story.

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Pedophilia witch hunt discussed by academia and press
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