Cliff Richard’s celebrity persecution for 1980’ies sex crimes

More hysterical nonsense about Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile. Britain’s witch hunt continues. Famous entertainers get prosecuted for "crimes" they allegedly committed 40 years ago, during the sexually liberated 1960’ies and 70ies. They get charged with alleged "child sex" with 15 year old more than willing "children", or, more absurdly, *rape charges by women who somehow were not able to clearly say "no".  These men were so famous, they needed security guards to keep the screeching teenage girls away.

The source accused the police of organising a “fishing expedition”, claiming that the raid had been carried out in an attempt to generate the maximum amount of publicity. Telegraph

The prosecution is based mainly on "mutual corroboration": if 4 women, independently, allege the same type of crime, it must be true. In the case of a common violent criminal this is likely to be true. In the case of a celebrity known by 30 million women, it is quite likely that a few psychologically imbalanced women join the fray.  After all, they can earn fame and money.  Prosecution is also based on "recovered memories", long debunked by Elisabeth Loftus. And on rape accusations that are most likely false. Cliff Richard, like Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile, is famous enough that his case was quoted in German "Der Spiegel". Thanks to the antifeminist and his commentators for furnishing further details on the British celebrity sex  hysteria.  

The friend said: “The whole thing is appalling because what they are doing, they are just going in there making as much noise about it as they can and seeing if anyone comes out of the woodwork to back it up. And if they don’t, they will still have wrecked someone’s life.” Telegraph

It is amazing that the sex hysteria persecution goes against fairly decent men, and not against the 70’ies rock bands that were famous for sexual debauchery with adolescent groupies. Maybe the purpose  of these sex witch hunts is to instill fear in the common decent man?

In the sexual liberation of the 60’ies, 70’ies, age of consent was considered repression of the past. A faction of the German Green PartyGerman Green Party  openly favored abolition of age of consent laws, the maligned Rind Study showed that no damage can be shown to arise from *consensual_ underage sex.  

    When will anyone learn that if you carry out a police-media trawl of any and every celebrity, then inevitably a line of variously motivated complainants comes forward? This is just as would be expected no matter how clearly innocent is the target. And they don’t come much more obviously innocent than Cliff Richard.

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Cliff Richard’s celebrity persecution for 1980’ies sex…
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Our need for paedos: why society obsesses over child abuse

Britain has been in the grips of pedophile hysteria for 30 years. The Satanic Abuse panic caused many innocent victims until it was proven a hoax by Elisabeth Loftus’ research.  Interestingly, instead of giving up, pedohysterics went on digging. Operation Yewtree failed to convict most of the alleged perpetrators, but finally snagged a few octogenarians who will die in prison for groping adolescents, with scantly any proof that would pass due process rules.

Recent obsession about alleged ass groping by famous TV stars in the 1970’ies caused police to divert their attention away from real recent child abuses to investigating 40 year old allegations.

Leading psychologist Dr Noreen Tehrani, who advised specialist child abuse detectives in the Metropolitan, Surrey, Thames Valley and Hampshire forces, said police were under colossal strain from the escalating demands to investigate ancient paedophilia, requiring her to spend her entire time soothing cops’ frayed nerves.
She added that pressure from Westminster politicians forced police to divert attention from children at risk to historical cases. "They are just completely inundated with work, they are beginning to collapse. What I am getting are more and more exhausted officers. There aren’t enough officers in these specialist teams and they are overwhelmed," Tehrani said.
The psychobabbler – whose own views on the merits of investigating past paedofiddling remained unknown — said officers were on the point of collapse, with many going off sick as a growing number of historical claims of abuse increased pressure on already busy teams. She told the Guardian (12 vii) that she would be writing to PM David Cameron and Theresa May, the home secretary, to express her deep concern at the pressures the teams were under.  Chris Brand

Spiked online has an excellent article which I quote in part. Read the entire article at the source

Our need for paedos: why society obsesses over child abuse

The British obsession with paedophiles is not simply a recurring moral panic, like the ones over crime or youthful misbehaviour that come and go depending on what mood the police or the press are in. Rather, it is a permanent fixture in British political and moral life; an ever-present force; a neverending morality tale in which the characters might change – cloaked Satanists one day, old TV celebrities the next, wicked politicians the day after that – but where the story remains remarkably samey: that is, that dark, twisted forces are seeking to harm our children and thus we must always be vigilant, obsessively so, reorganising society itself in order to keep the monsters at bay and our children safe.

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Our need for paedos: why society obsesses over child abuse
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MRT brain test can diagnose pedophiles

Pedophile – yes or no?

"We calculate the activation of a single brain in relation to the average group activation," explained Ponseti. "In comparison to other subjects, we can then recognize whether a particular subject is a pedophile or not. And we were correct in 95 percent of cases."

As well as through brain activity, the researchers also use imaging processes to find differences in brain structure. With special programs on tablet PCs, the doctors test impulsivity and empathy. "If we also carry out blood tests and make genetic and neurotransmitter analyses, maybe we will begin to track down the mystery of pedophilia," Ponseti said.

"The MRT can tell us who is a pedophile – but, unfortunately, not why."

Many people don’t know that doctors classify pedophilia as an illness, though only if the person or another suffers as a result of the urges. "According to the new American psychiatric classification system, a person is only classified as a pedophile if that person acts on their sexual attraction to children – or at least suffers from the fact that they have this attraction," said Ponseti. "If he has this attraction without abusing a child, then we can call it a sexual orientation."
Source: Deutsche Welle

Just scan the entire population to find the pedophiles!  Finally we can discover pedophiles and lynch them before they ever cause any damage. Or put them preventively on a sex offender list before they ever do any harm. After all, we imprison men for having indecent movies of themselves when they were younger 5, or photographing their 17 year old spouse or legal girl friend 6, which can not even be justified by the voodoo theory of child porn.  And all this even though free access to child pornography reduces actual child abuse, as proven by peer reviewed research by Professor Milton Diamond.

Many people don’t know that doctors classify pedophilia as an illness, though only if the person or another suffers as a result of the urges. "According to the new American psychiatric classification system, a person is only classified as a pedophile if that person acts on their sexual attraction to children – or at least suffers from the fact that they have this attraction," said Ponseti.

In today’s pedophile witch hunt, Jack McClellan, a self declared law abiding pedophile, gets his life destroyed by restraining orders, death threats, and more. And now we learn, from an academic, that he did not qualify as a pedophile, until society made him suffer.

"If he has this attraction without abusing a child, then we can call it a sexual orientation."

mrt-0,,15730668_403,00A non practicing happy pedophile is a sexual orientation. Tell this to the public and the courts. Extend workplace anti-discrimination laws on the basis of sexual orientation for the likes of Jack McClellan, the law abiding child attracted man.

All the tests in Kiel happen in the Medical Center’s neurological center, where computer images of sexually aroused heterosexual brains are stored. The images show active brain regions, lit up an intense red-orange color as strong blood flow causes high oxygen content.


MRT imaging is used to track brain activity

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MRT brain test can diagnose pedophiles
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Age of Consent

Here are 10 key points/memes to memorize and spread as far and widely as possible regarding the age of consent, and in particular, the validity of discussion of the age of consent, both within and outside the men’s rights movement :

1 / If the discussion of sex laws had always been taboo/forbidden, then homosexuality would still be illegal. Homosexuality is illegal in many countries, and being criminalized in several others. If we disallow discussion of (changing) sex laws in the West, we will be in a poor position to prevent similar attempts to suppress even discussion of the rights of homosexuals in countries where homosexuality is illegal. We criticize Russia for making it illegal to ‘promote’ homosexuality to children, yet those same ‘liberal’ progressives want to make it illegal to ‘promote’ (i.e discuss rationally) lowering the age of consent or to criticize any laws ostensibly protecting children. If discussing ‘child protection’ laws had always been off limits, Alan Turing would still be considered a child abusing pervert (he had illegal sex with a boy under the age of majority at the time).

Reprinted with the kind permission of the Antifeminist

This post fits into the Thilo Sarrazin discussion, because it deals with taboo speech that makes it impossible to engage in rational discussion and scientific search for truth. I recommend reading my Sarrazin reviews, especially the ones still due to be published. See also Robert Kurzban.

It of course fits into our Human-Stupidity age of consent and teenage sexuality discussions.

2(and relating to 1)/ The age of consent in the UK was set at 16 (raised from 12/13) in a backward Victorian criminal amendment act (1885) that also criminalized homosexuality, punishable by death. The same law that Alan Turing was prosecuted under. Ironically, it is now effectively taboo to criticize one half of that backward 1885 bill (the age of consent of 16) and yet taboo, and even illegal, to support the other half of that same backward Victorian bill (the criminalization of homosexuality).

3/ The age of consent was set at 16 by puritanical feminists (suffragettes) in the UK, and that same bill (and age of 16) was a model for similar rises in the age of consent in the USA and elsewhere (also lobbied for by feminists/suffragettes). This is an important point to stress within the context of men’s rights.


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Age of Consent
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Gorgeous 24 year old Meredith Powell rapes children, age 15-17, who begged to be raped

Children Adolescent boys traumatized by sex laws. Meredith Powell, a drop dead gorgeous, bubbly, friendly, young teacher flirted, kissed, gave blow jobs and maybe even more. Meredith Powell is every boy’s wet dream.

Meredith Powell, child rapist sexual predator

Legal System destroys the lives of boys and Meredith Powell

An anonymous person, deluded by feminist and religious conservative sex laws, or just jealous, turned their secret public. Now the young men’s private lives are under world wide scrutiny. They feel the guilt of being the cause of their teacher’s arrest.

Powell, who has taught in the Tacoma Public Schools district since 2012, was busted after district officials received an anonymous tip. They forwarded the tip to local police.

Police say the trysts began after a drunken Powell responded to a text from a former student one night, reports The News Tribune. The student told Powell he was “turned on thinking about her.”

The student took the initiative to be "raped". Yes, he wanted to be "raped" and be "traumatized"

She replied that “he was hot, too.”

That was unwise. But was it terribly traumatizing for the student? See [sexual predator] Meredith Powell Photos 

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Gorgeous 24 year old Meredith Powell rapes children, age 15-17, wh…
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Pedophilia apology 33 years ago: withdrawal of candidacy to German Parliament.

Pedophilia apology, 33 years ago, prompts Dagmar Döring to withdraw her candidacy to the German parliament for the Liberal FDP party.


The texts were discovered by researcher Franz Walter, hired by the German Green Party to research their own party’s involvement in efforts to decriminalize child sexuality.

40 years ago, the child sex trauma myth and Voodoo theory had not yet become the religious dogma (Disclaimer). The Rind study had not yet been unanimously condemned by the US Congress and Senate. A decent percentage of Germans practiced nudism at most beaches, rivers. So nudes of all ages could be readily seen during summer. Legal Dutch hardcore porn employed 15 and 16 year old actresses engaging in sex acts. British newspapers had topless 15 and 16 year old page 3 girls.

Dagmar Döhring went beyond Daniel Cohn Bendit. He described how he behaved passively when anti-authoritarian children opened his fly and played with him.

Dagmar Döring stated how she could be only satisfied by a long relation with a girl. Her boy friend had a relation with  13 year old boy that was cruelly ended after it was discovered. Dagmar Döring wrote how she would fight all these unjust cruel laws that criminalized such behavior.

If she were in Britain or the US, she probably would go to prison, once the victims come forward to sue for millions. No real victims are needed. Anyone claiming to have been abused will be automatically believed as there is no due process for those accused of sex crimes.

Human-Stupidity will not take a position towards liberating child sex (disclaimer) But we want to stress the following facts:

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Mall Girls (Galerianki): Polish Teens Exchange Sex for Smart Phones

mallgirls_05Mall Girls: teens who sell sex in Poland, and their sponsors (Galerianki)

Japan’s enjo kosai are the most famous teenagers who have sex with older men in order to buy stylish goods, but research reveals this relationship around the world. What seems to signal a loss of morals (for many commentators) is that the teenagers in question are not ‘poor’, since poverty is seen to ’excuse’ selling sex. See recent ideas about the desire to keep whore stigma away from women engaging in transactional sex. [..]

Katarzyna Roslaniec shot Mall Girls at a shopping center in central Poland, where four teenage girls turn tricks with men they call sponsors. ’Look at a guy’s shoes, his watch and his phone and you can tell if it’s expensive. It’s a start, right?’ Sex is exchanged for products like blouses, not for cash, and is provided in mall toilets or cars in the parking lot (Poland Looks Inward).

Mall Girls (Galerianki) 1/8 | YouTube

2009_mall-girlsYou can see all 8 parts of the film on YouTube. But seemingly no subtitles 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. If you google "filesonic galerianki.2009" you will find it in polish and you will need to get the galerianki (mall girl) subtitles. Drag and drop the subtitles into the vlc video player.


Shopping malls – today’s place of creating desires. Best jewelry, clothes, shoes. Unaffordable by young girls, but they "work" to get themselves sponsors for new items.   International Movie Data Base //Trailer (polish, no subtitles)

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Mall Girls (Galerianki): Polish Teens Exchange Sex for Smart Phone…
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Child porn hysteria news

  1. Cartoon characters need protection from sexual abuse, Australia’s supreme court recognized. According to the voodoo theory of child porn, each time someone looks at the cartoon, the cartoon figure will be victimized again. Or maybe the paper, or the computer hard disk will be victimized. 
  2. Police see rise in child porn cases committed by children: Of course, children are live walking child pornography themselves. When they look in the bathroom mirror, what do they see? Child pornography, of course.  And children need to be protected from themselves. Putting them in a court of law to save them from victimizing themselves. Sorry, we have difficulty understanding this nonsense witch hunt beliefs.
  3. Rethinking Sex Offender Laws for Youth Texting |NYT. Excesses of Child pornography hysteria victimize innocent children of law abiding middle class parents. So there is a tendency to fix the worst excesses of child pornography laws. This is a small step to reduce victims of child pornography laws. Fewer people care about adult men who spend 20 years in prison for possession of pictures. Child porn laws victimize children directly, as  "child pornographers", Milton Diamond has proven that child porn prohibition laws also victimize children indirectly, by increasing real child sexual abuse, 
  4. Pornography sentence unconstitutionally cruel, judge rules. Forensic Psychology web site quoting Judge Weinstein. Worth reading.
  5. Sex Gulag, a great web site:

Consider that child pornography was actually LEGAL at one time. Later, it became illegal to PRODUCE. And then it became illegal to DISTRIBUTE. And then it became illegal to SHOW to someone else. And then it became illegal to POSSESS if produced AFTER a certain date. And then all possession became illegal. And then the penalties became stiffer. Then stiffer, still. And stiffer again and again.

How true

Consider also that child pornography now includes DRAWINGS and CARTOONS which at no time involved the use of actual children, something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

How true. Even voodoo theory can not justify this. Robert Kurzban can explain how even then victims can be found.

And these laws can DESTROY the rest of your LIFE, even if there are no victims.

This is the essence of incremental social engineering (Quoted from Sex Gulag)

1) simpsons-child-pornFake Simpsons cartoon is ‘child porn’

A fake cartoon depicting Bart and Lisa from The Simpsons engaging in sexual acts has been deemed as child pornography.

Supreme Court judge Justice Michael Adams ruled in Australia that child cartoon characters could depict a real person.

The Simpsons were doctored to depict child pornography

He upheld a magistrate judge’s decision to convict Alan John McEwan of possessing child pornography after the internet cartoons were found on his computer.

The animation depicted characters modelled on Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson engaging in sex acts. […]

McEwan appealed against the ruling, arguing that fictional cartoon characters could not be considered people.

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Child porn hysteria news
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