Meredith Maran (My lie): False accusations due to “repressed-memory”-of-child-abuse witch hunt

Meredith Maran’s recent book “My Lie” describes how Meredith accused her own father of child abuse and rape. She was fooled into this by then fashionable feminist witch hunt invention of “repressed memory”, that a third of all kids were sexually abused and just had forgotten. She is sorry for it, but does not quite see the monstrosity of how she almost destroyed her father’s life.

“I allow an innocent man to sit in prison if it meant keeping children safe”
(Meredith Maran)

In the middle of the book, while you are still deeply in the mind-set of being molested, there’s a notion you agree with that if one innocent man goes to prison, but it stops a hundred molesters, it’s worth it. Do you still agree with that notion?

I’m fairly close to a man still in prison, and really believe he is innocent. I know how he’s suffered. I know he’s 80 years old and in ill health. He’s spent 20 years in prison, for no reason. If every elementary school child is now taught how to protect themselves from sexual abuse — and even more to the point, some father or preschool teacher who feels the urge to molest a child will be inhibited from doing so because they think there are guys still in jail for doing that — but innocent people are in prison, do I have to make that choice? It is a Sophie’s choice kind of thing. Would I allow an innocent man to sit in prison if it meant keeping children safe?

So would you make that choice?

I think so.

Source of this monstrosity:

Meredith Maran did not learn. She has a little pity for a guy whose life has been totally destroyed by 20 years of jail in spite of his innocence. No total outrage. No desire ti fight for justice (to make amends for her own injustice).

She still suffers from brainwashing by more recent feminist fables. Meredith Maran  is sorry she destroyed her father’s life. But Meredith wants to totally destroy the life of a totally 100% innocent guys in order to save children from some indecent fondling? In this blog I make it a point that even the true culprit of indecent fondling of a (real) child deserves much lighter punishment then decades in jail. But Meredity wants that the totally innocent guy rots and gets raped in jail?

I use the word “real” child, denoting 3, 5 or 10 year old, because feminist laws
nowadays define 17 year olds as “children”

A child molestor is a guy who talks to children in creepy ways, who has indecent wandering hands. A guy who takes photos.  An old grandpa who is getting a little too cozy. Or a 20 year old having sex with a 15 year old. Some reason for concern, yes. But feminist propaganda confounds senile grandpas with slight errors of judgment and violent penetrative toddler mutilators and (real) infant rapists.

I use the word “real” rapist, because all the above indecent behaviors
nowadays are officially called “rape”, causing total confusion.
When a “Rape” is not a Rape! The Abuse of the word “Rape”. & the Perversion of Language

Child molestation might not be harmful!!?

Feminists  either totally invent or vastly exaggerate the damage that is being done my low level child molestation. Where is the proof? Inconvenient science gets officially repressed and condemned:

So much that the entire US senate condemned a prestigious peer reviewed study by a 99-0 vote.
Scientific Publications Condemned and Repressed by US Congress and Senate

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