Meredith Maran (My lie): False accusations due to “repressed-memory”-of-child-abuse witch hunt

Meredith Maran’s recent book “My Lie” describes how Meredith accused her own father of child abuse and rape. She was fooled into this by then fashionable feminist witch hunt invention of “repressed memory”, that a third of all kids were sexually abused and just had forgotten. She is sorry for it, but does not quite see the monstrosity of how she almost destroyed her father’s life.

“I allow an innocent man to sit in prison if it meant keeping children safe”
(Meredith Maran)

In the middle of the book, while you are still deeply in the mind-set of being molested, there’s a notion you agree with that if one innocent man goes to prison, but it stops a hundred molesters, it’s worth it. Do you still agree with that notion?

I’m fairly close to a man still in prison, and really believe he is innocent. I know how he’s suffered. I know he’s 80 years old and in ill health. He’s spent 20 years in prison, for no reason. If every elementary school child is now taught how to protect themselves from sexual abuse — and even more to the point, some father or preschool teacher who feels the urge to molest a child will be inhibited from doing so because they think there are guys still in jail for doing that — but innocent people are in prison, do I have to make that choice? It is a Sophie’s choice kind of thing. Would I allow an innocent man to sit in prison if it meant keeping children safe?

So would you make that choice?

I think so.

Source of this monstrosity:

Meredith Maran did not learn. She has a little pity for a guy whose life has been totally destroyed by 20 years of jail in spite of his innocence. No total outrage. No desire ti fight for justice (to make amends for her own injustice).

She still suffers from brainwashing by more recent feminist fables. Meredith Maran  is sorry she destroyed her father’s life. But Meredith wants to totally destroy the life of a totally 100% innocent guys in order to save children from some indecent fondling? In this blog I make it a point that even the true culprit of indecent fondling of a (real) child deserves much lighter punishment then decades in jail. But Meredity wants that the totally innocent guy rots and gets raped in jail?

I use the word “real” child, denoting 3, 5 or 10 year old, because feminist laws
nowadays define 17 year olds as “children”

A child molestor is a guy who talks to children in creepy ways, who has indecent wandering hands. A guy who takes photos.  An old grandpa who is getting a little too cozy. Or a 20 year old having sex with a 15 year old. Some reason for concern, yes. But feminist propaganda confounds senile grandpas with slight errors of judgment and violent penetrative toddler mutilators and (real) infant rapists.

I use the word “real” rapist, because all the above indecent behaviors
nowadays are officially called “rape”, causing total confusion.
When a “Rape” is not a Rape! The Abuse of the word “Rape”. & the Perversion of Language

Child molestation might not be harmful!!?

Feminists  either totally invent or vastly exaggerate the damage that is being done my low level child molestation. Where is the proof? Inconvenient science gets officially repressed and condemned:

So much that the entire US senate condemned a prestigious peer reviewed study by a 99-0 vote.
Scientific Publications Condemned and Repressed by US Congress and Senate

In a peer reviewed meta-analytic study, published in one of the most prestigious American Psychological Association journals, Bruce Rind concluded that in child sexual abuse cases, if the child had at least average intelligence, and no violence was used, then no significant damage could be found.  Details of Rind study

Is it possible that Rind could be wrong? Possible, yes. But scientific papers don’t get refuted by  Senate votes.  Would it not be more honest to command intense research, to further peer reviewed follow up studies! Real scientific research! Instead of condemning inconvenient results that must not be? Of course, now unbiased research is impossible, because no self respecting scientist will risk a witch hunt for publishing unpopular results. And they would not even get funding or permission.  These days it is IMPOSSIBLE to do true unbiased research on child sexual abuse.

I know my site will be condemed. So I repeat: I request unbiased scientific studies of the topic of child sexual abuse, even if the results might contradict the feminist Bible. Just as Galileo Galilei’s result  were repressed for offending the Christian Bible. Let the scientific truth be known.

The entire world wide concerted witch hunt involving interpol, law makers, justice system, United Nations, is based on repression and manipulation of scientific evidence.  It is based on taboo, irrationality, and self deception. Human-Stupidity at its best.

More recent witch hunts due to feminist brainwashing

Meredith Maran fails to draw parallels to newer feminist inventions that brainwash women, men, entire populations and parlaments into false beliefs that destoy men’s lifes:

  • prostitutes are victims, even if they make more money then a bank director and vehemently deny being victims
    “Belle de Jour”: Cancer Scientist financed Doctorate with Prostitution Work
  • A few years in jail for planting 2 flower pots of Marijuana on your varanda is another example of similarly stupid persecution. Probably cannot blame feminists for this one. Feminist don’t have exclusive rights to stupidity.
    Decriminalizing and legalizing drugs: a necessity

    Salem witch trials, recovered memory witch hunt, underage & child porn witch hunt.

    But we cannot really blame Meredith, because a large portion of the population succumbed to this brainwashing and joined the witch hunt. Or can we? should she not have learned beyond her own family life destroying mistake?

    In November 2008, the Wall Street Journal predicted, “In 300 years’ time, our descendants — who will, of course, pride themselves on their superior rationality — will read of the recovered-memory-driven prosecutions of parents (usually fathers) as we now read of the Salem witch trials.”

    “We may expect further such episodes of popular delusion and the madness of crowds,” the article warned, “unless we straighten out our thoughts about the way our minds work — or, if that is not possible, at least about how they don’t work.” meredith_maran_my_lie_interview/

    And in September 2010, predicts:”In 300 years’ time, our descendants — who will, of course, pride themselves on their superior rationality — will read of 12 year jail sentences

    • for possession-of-nude-photos,
    • for consensual-sex-with-15-year-olds,
    • for alleged unproven-false-rape claims,
    • for alleged withdrawal of consent to sex by the own wife
    • for fondling or photographing-7-year-olds
    • for planting 5 stalks of Marijuana

    driven prosecutions of (usually) men as we now read of the Salem witch trials.”

    False Rape accusations could become so ingrained in a false “victim’s” mind that the might end up believing what she confabulated, thus becoming an even more credible (though false) witness.

    Expert witnesses swearing that a 19 year old in porn is 14 years old, He probably believed in what he said! This is also called “overconfidence”. Too much trust in one’s own opinion and capacity.

    Meredith Maran: My Lie. Reviewed at Amazon

    My Lie: A True Story of False Memory by Meredith Maran $24.95 0470502142
    Meredith Maran lived a daughter’s nightmare: she accused her father of sexual abuse, then realized, nearly too late, that he was innocent. […]

    Maran unveils her family’s devastation and ultimate redemption against the backdrop of the sex-abuse scandals, beginning with the infamous McMartin preschool trial, that sent hundreds of innocents to jail—several of whom remain imprisoned today.

    Exploring the psychological, cultural, and neuroscientific causes of this modern American witch-hunt, My Lie asks: how could so many people come to believe the same lie at the same time? What has neuroscience discovered about the brain’s capacity to create false memories and encode false beliefs? What are the “big lies” gaining traction in American culture today—and how can we keep them from taking hold?
    Source: Amazon Book Review of My Lie: A True Story of False Memory by Meredith Maran $24.95 0470502142

    Meredith Maran has written an important book primarily dealing with the mass hysteria that occurred in this country between the mid 1980’s when the McMartin pre-school trial dominated America’s attention and 1993, when Lawrence Wright published his startling and nationally therapeutic essay, “Remembering Satan” in The New Yorker, (later published as a book of the same title: The “recovered memory” movement, which memory expert Elizabeth Loftus calls “the major mental health scandal of the twentieth century,” which is no small distinction, since the twentieth century was rife with mental health scandals including widespread use of lobotomies, the overuse of electroshock therapy, the warehousing then releasing to the streets tens of thousands of mentally ill patients during the Reagan era,the atrocious conditions in many county mental health facilities, and many many more. And, as both Loftus and Maran point out, the fallout from this period is far from over.
    What makes Maran’s book especially important is indicated by the title. She was one of the tens of thousands of women who “recovered” memories that their fathers (or grandfathers or uncles, or brothers, or stepparents) forced her (them) to have sex with him. In “My Lie,” she (mostly) repudiates that accusation and sets about to discover how it could have happened. She (once again I need to say “mostly”) succeeds. Maran writes lucidly and the story she has to tell is riveting, but it remains unclear to me how a woman of her intelligence could so succumb to the groupthink that characterized the irrationality of the time. Even in the very last chapter (before an epilogue) when she finally gets up the courage to apologize to her father, she seems to retain doubts. When her father tells her that he called her mother to ask her if there could possibly be any truth to what she accused him of, she lets us into to her inner response: “Oh my God. If he’s not sure he didn’t do it, how can I be sure.”
    Once a person makes an accusation of this magnitude, it shatters the lives of many people who actually love that person. Maran’s stepmother Gloria thought seriously about divorcing her father because living with a pedophile was unthinkable to her.  AmazonCustomer Book Review

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