Send ships, trains, to pick up migrants directly in Central America

Pick up migrants, Asylum seekers at the source, in Guatemala, El Salvador,Caribbean, Africa.  Send the Navy, send cruise ships, trains, to guarantee a safe dignified comfortable ride to safety in the USA. Go to the source!

Video: We must tear down the borders:


Central American migrants:
send ships and trains to pick refugees up right in their country of origin

Forcing migrant to spend money on illegal smugglers, making asylum seekers’ risk their lives trying to get into the USA is cruel and inhumane. Thusly we can

  • End the coyotes’ human trafficking business.
  • Stop discrimination against sick, not able bodied, that can not flee their countries.
  • Stop discrimination against the poor that can not pay the smugglers. 
  • End dangerous trips across the ocean, through the desert, on top of freight trains, past robbers, rapists.
  • Stop rape and sexual abuse of undocumented minors. 

Let us make it official, and simpler. Whoever considers herself/himself a migrant, a fugitive, politically persecuted, bring them into the USA. Bring them all and allow them all due process in asylum proceedings right there. We will benefit from their diversity [Pakistani] [Chechens] [ISIS] [Cartels] [trafficking]


Obama moves to grant political asylum to women who suffer domestic abuse [5]

Every single battered and abused woman in the world has the right to asylum in the USA.  [0] [2] [3]  "Domestic violence can be a ‘form of persecution that is perpetrated because of a woman’s gender,’ and so allowable under the requirements for asylum" [4].

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Send ships, trains, to pick up migrants directly in Central Americ…
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