Send ships, trains, to pick up migrants directly in Central America

Pick up migrants, Asylum seekers at the source, in Guatemala, El Salvador,Caribbean, Africa.  Send the Navy, send cruise ships, trains, to guarantee a safe dignified comfortable ride to safety in the USA. Go to the source!

Video: We must tear down the borders:


Central American migrants:
send ships and trains to pick refugees up right in their country of origin

Forcing migrant to spend money on illegal smugglers, making asylum seekers’ risk their lives trying to get into the USA is cruel and inhumane. Thusly we can

  • End the coyotes’ human trafficking business.
  • Stop discrimination against sick, not able bodied, that can not flee their countries.
  • Stop discrimination against the poor that can not pay the smugglers. 
  • End dangerous trips across the ocean, through the desert, on top of freight trains, past robbers, rapists.
  • Stop rape and sexual abuse of undocumented minors. 

Let us make it official, and simpler. Whoever considers herself/himself a migrant, a fugitive, politically persecuted, bring them into the USA. Bring them all and allow them all due process in asylum proceedings right there. We will benefit from their diversity [Pakistani] [Chechens] [ISIS] [Cartels] [trafficking]


Obama moves to grant political asylum to women who suffer domestic abuse [5]

Every single battered and abused woman in the world has the right to asylum in the USA.  [0] [2] [3]  "Domestic violence can be a ‘form of persecution that is perpetrated because of a woman’s gender,’ and so allowable under the requirements for asylum" [4].

Don’t force abused women to endure more abuse and hardship while struggling across cruel US border fences. Invite all Hispanic victims of abuse. Pick up all abused Muslim women in their country of origin! We can make the difference.

Send ships world wide to save every woman that claims abuse. Bring abused women by the millions to enrich the USA and to end violence against women, world wide.

Diversity is our strength. No one is illegal.

Everyone is welcome in the USA, the country of immigrants. Diversity is our strength. Pick asylum seekers up in the Caribbean, in Africa and Asia. Nobody is illegal [1]. No one should be deported without a hearing, with right to appeals to the Supreme Court. It is unfair and selfish not to invite the needy and poor underprivileged masses into our country to share our wealth.

Don’t have the European Navies pick up refugees dying in rickety boats in the Mediterranean. Pick them up at the source, in their country of origin.  Don’t let migrants drown in the Rio Grande, die of thirst in the Arizona desert or get shot at by racist Arizona vigilantes.  


The Rights of
Migrants, Undocumented Immigrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers

Once undocumented migrants set foot in the USA, they are welcomed, get court dates for 2018 [a], four years from now. Nobody is illegal. Everyone must get a chance to an immigration hearing supported by free US counsel and numerous appeals.

This video featured liberal ideology regarding border, citizenship, and sovereignty issues summed up in one sentence:

“Every single person on this planet has the right to have what you have.”  [8]

Nobody is illegal, nobody should be deported. So the USA could be enriched by the diversity of many more Spanish or Mayan speaking children and adults. 

All summer, Central American children caught at the U.S.-Mexico border have been trickling into the Washington area, sent to live with relatives in Latino communities. Now, they are descending en masse on the region’s public schools, bringing an array of problems that school officials are scrambling to address.

Note that some of them don’t even speak Spanish, rather they speak Indian dialects.

Ripped from distant worlds, most of the new students speak no English, and some are psychologically scarred from abuse by gangs or smugglers. Washington Post

See. Bring them over by cruise ship and with passenger trains to avoid them getting scarred by abuse from coyotes.

Reunited with parents or other relatives they barely know, and still grieving for family and friends back home, they may feel depressed and resentful.

Bring along their grandparents, and other family, so the poor children would not grieve.

“Some of these kids arrive feeling very angry,” said Rina Chavez, a counselor with the Montgomery County schools. “After years of living with their grandparents, suddenly here they are with mom and a new stepdad and two younger siblings. Then they are expected in a heartbeat to sit down and learn, but they may not be ready.

They can live on welfare. No education is needed  Exempt them from school.

“At first, some even refuse to learn English.”  Washington Post



Since October of last year, at least 63,000 unauthorized immigrant juveniles have been detained at the border. […]

Many juveniles get assaulted, raped, robbed on the way.

A U.S. intelligence agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he expected the new obstacles to force more migrants to hire smugglers. A typical smuggler’s fee for getting a Central American to a U.S. destination has already risen from an average of $6,000 to more than $8,000, the agent said

Children and adults alike risk their lives on the perilous path to the promised land.

Over the years, many have been killed or maimed by falling under the wheels of the trains, or have been targeted by criminals.

Because once here, in the US, or in the European Union, they  have special rights, at least to stay indefinitely until courts decide their fate.


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3 thoughts on “Send ships, trains, to pick up migrants directly in Central America”

  1. We must accept millions and billions of fugitives in Europe and the USA. Politicians get attacked for wanting to postulate an upper limit to the numbers of refugees. No upper limit means no upper limit. Millions, or a Billion, all of Africa.

    It seems like a bad joke, but German Huffington Post just said this

    Vor ein paar Wochen hatte sich der Innenminister noch durch die populistische Forderung einer Obergrenze für die Aufnahme von Asyl-Suchenden hervorgetan. “Ich halte die Debatte über die Frage, wie viele Flüchtlinge Deutschland auch als reiches Land aufnehmen kann, für notwendig”, sagte er im August.

    1. It is sarcasm, but half serious.

      If one really pities these migrant and asylum seeking people and wants to invite and feed them:

      why not invite and feed those who did NOT violate laws, who are not guilty of illegally sneaking into the country, who did not pay mafia Coyotes to illegally enter the USA or Europe.

      It is like: either keep people out, send violators back.

      Or, if you want to let people in, why exactly thos who hire human trafficking mafiosi. Why be so cruel to force them to swim dangerous seas and rivers, cross dangerous deserts. If you are so good and well meaning, accept them without having to go through life threatening purgatory.

      So, it is kind of sarcastic, but kind of serious. If you are good and well meaning, welcoming towards everyone, then don’t entice people to endanger their lives and to pay off mafia coyotes.

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