Adolescent girl-fights with injuries: cheer on! Nudity, love and sex: crime and victimization.

Adolescent girl-fights are fashionable. They are done like gladiator fights, for fame, for the watchers, and for public exposure on the internet. Most sites would NOT blot out the faces like MSNBC is doing in the video shown here.

We do not understand why watching adolescents bashing in their heads to get hospitalized is prime time TV. The same girl nude, or, God beware, masturbating would get us all in jail for 10 years. Just by being in your computer cache, that is enough to victimize the girl.

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I hope you understand the pure watching of a child porn video victimizes  the person depicted (sorry, I did not make this up, this is conventional wisdom). For some strange reason, watching the underage girls bashing in their heads is not victimization. Not even for the live watchers that cheer them on and don’t break up the fight.

A while ago, we had a hostage execution beheading video. When the hostage’s pants came off, it was important to blot out his privates. Much more indecent then cutting off his head.

My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school.

My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school

Apparently two weeks prior to my daughter getting attacked at school, she was punched in the face by one of the boys on the bus. […]   Meanwhile she is receiving threats from these boys that they are going to “f**k up her face so she isn’t pretty anyone”.  […]

Once the principal received notification about the bus incident, he took another week to address it.  Not once was I ever notified that my daughter was assaulted on the bus.  The principal questioned my daughter and the boys that had been threatening her.  The boys were never suspended or removed from school.  Shortly after the conversation the students had with the principal, Morgan was brutally attacked.  First elbowed in the face, followed by 6 to 7 punches knocking her front teeth out and leaving her with a concussion.  It took four teachers to get one of the boys off her.

The boys are refugees brought over from Kenya and Ethiopia. […]

This incident happened on Tuesday February 15th, I have called the police department numerous times with no luck.

Girl punched in alleged bullying attack:

Note that television

  • does not mention race of attackers
  • blames facebook. Why should words justify punches?
  • carefully talks about alleged attacks (even though there were witnesses). Rape accusations without witnesses never are “alleged” rapes.

Imagine the terror at school. A child threatened by a group of guys that are a couple of years older and willing to resort to real physical violence. Cowardly ganging up against a single girl.  Imagine the effect on concentration, on studies. And all the other students that have to live in such an unhealthy, dangerous, violent environment.  That get beaten, with less press to report about it. Or kids that budge before they get beaten. Or that simply drop out of school, lose their education.

Real dangerous physical violence  is taken less seriously then virtual or lewd behavior.  Serious physical violence in our schools is not given sufficient attention. Bullying, school violence can destroy a child’s academic and professional career, psychological well being, physical health. Knocked out teeth are hard facts, undeniable long term injury.

The most important human right is physical safety. It is the most important obligation of government, school, parents to provide an environment of physical safety for children alike.

Real bone and tooth breaking violence is relegated to the back burner, while all the might of our justice system is busy fighting virtual cyberbullying, possession of photos, sexting and consensual teenage sexual behavior.

Instead or paying extreme attention to real crime and real violence, we obsess about consensual teenage sexuality, virtual cyberbullying, cyberstalking, a rape epidemic that can never be shown to exist, possession of photos and the imaginary damage to victims due to remote watchers of photos. Our sex obsession and the manipulative language distortions geared towards criminalizing virtual crimes of looking, thinking, consensual touching (that is statutorily re-defined non-consensual).  Imagine if women’s studies would put all their energy into seeking to guarantee physical safety of our children.

This should be top priority for government, law makers, and law enforcement. Children victims of clear violence too strong to possibly resist. Under constant threat for weeks and months, not knowing when violence will strike.

NO CHILD should be afraid to get on a bus!!No child should have been beaten at all…When we were younger bullies were dealt with by the kids or by a bigger person and the principle […]

Kids need to be able to band together against bullies…even ENCOURAGED to do so!! February 26, 2011 12:22 PM

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My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at schoo…
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Movie of 15 year old girl repeatedly brutally stomped on head: prime time news. Depicting the same girl posing nude would be child porn, a heinous crime.

The beating last month of a 15-year-old girl in the transit tunnel at Westlake Center as security personnel watched without intervening is prompting a review of King County Metro’s policies for its unarmed guards.

The incident — which was partially captured on surveillance video — happened about 7:15 p.m. Jan. 28 and involved a large group of teens and young adults, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. Another 15-year-old girl is allegedly the one who can be seen on the video assaulting the victim, kicking her head several times while she is on the pavement.

Two security guards stand over the victim while she’s being pummeled and do not intervene. At one point in the video, one guard is seen raising his arm toward the assailant, who ignores him.

Source, more details, comments:

A girl gets attacked by a thug girl. Before that the victim had tried to hide behind 3 security guards, to no avail. The guards had orders not to interfere. Even when the girl was on the floor, repeatedly getting her head stomped by the attacking girl. Another guy from her gang robbed the girl’s bag with her iphone and other belongings.
Warning: graphic content. Gratuitous REAL violence.

Topic 1: human rights of criminals

If the guards interfered and hurt a thug, they would stand accused of hurting the perpetrator. The guard could face dismissal, ruinously expensive lawsuits, jail.  It is safer for the guards not to interfere. And this is what the official security company policy is.

The academic armchair political correctness human rights & feminist crowd has perverted our justice system.  Redneck country cowboys still have healthy human reactions, but they risk getting jailed.

Topic 2:  Child Porn witch hunt: depicting life threatening violence against children: legal. Depiction of nudity or healthy sexuality: a heinous felony.

Showing an underage girl getting life-threatening stomps on the face, while on the floor, that is normal news cast on prime time TV. Now mere possession of a movie of the same girl posing nude, or, God beware, masturbating, or making love with her boy friend, that would be a heinous crime.  Production or televising such “child porn” would yield 3-25 years in prison.  Criminal violence against children may be shown.