My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school.

My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school

Apparently two weeks prior to my daughter getting attacked at school, she was punched in the face by one of the boys on the bus. […]   Meanwhile she is receiving threats from these boys that they are going to “f**k up her face so she isn’t pretty anyone”.  […]

Once the principal received notification about the bus incident, he took another week to address it.  Not once was I ever notified that my daughter was assaulted on the bus.  The principal questioned my daughter and the boys that had been threatening her.  The boys were never suspended or removed from school.  Shortly after the conversation the students had with the principal, Morgan was brutally attacked.  First elbowed in the face, followed by 6 to 7 punches knocking her front teeth out and leaving her with a concussion.  It took four teachers to get one of the boys off her.

The boys are refugees brought over from Kenya and Ethiopia. […]

This incident happened on Tuesday February 15th, I have called the police department numerous times with no luck.

Girl punched in alleged bullying attack:

Note that television

  • does not mention race of attackers
  • blames facebook. Why should words justify punches?
  • carefully talks about alleged attacks (even though there were witnesses). Rape accusations without witnesses never are “alleged” rapes.

Imagine the terror at school. A child threatened by a group of guys that are a couple of years older and willing to resort to real physical violence. Cowardly ganging up against a single girl.  Imagine the effect on concentration, on studies. And all the other students that have to live in such an unhealthy, dangerous, violent environment.  That get beaten, with less press to report about it. Or kids that budge before they get beaten. Or that simply drop out of school, lose their education.

Real dangerous physical violence  is taken less seriously then virtual or lewd behavior.  Serious physical violence in our schools is not given sufficient attention. Bullying, school violence can destroy a child’s academic and professional career, psychological well being, physical health. Knocked out teeth are hard facts, undeniable long term injury.

The most important human right is physical safety. It is the most important obligation of government, school, parents to provide an environment of physical safety for children alike.

Real bone and tooth breaking violence is relegated to the back burner, while all the might of our justice system is busy fighting virtual cyberbullying, possession of photos, sexting and consensual teenage sexual behavior.

Instead or paying extreme attention to real crime and real violence, we obsess about consensual teenage sexuality, virtual cyberbullying, cyberstalking, a rape epidemic that can never be shown to exist, possession of photos and the imaginary damage to victims due to remote watchers of photos. Our sex obsession and the manipulative language distortions geared towards criminalizing virtual crimes of looking, thinking, consensual touching (that is statutorily re-defined non-consensual).  Imagine if women’s studies would put all their energy into seeking to guarantee physical safety of our children.

This should be top priority for government, law makers, and law enforcement. Children victims of clear violence too strong to possibly resist. Under constant threat for weeks and months, not knowing when violence will strike.

NO CHILD should be afraid to get on a bus!!No child should have been beaten at all…When we were younger bullies were dealt with by the kids or by a bigger person and the principle […]

Kids need to be able to band together against bullies…even ENCOURAGED to do so!! February 26, 2011 12:22 PM

Good comments. Maybe the majority of “good” children should band together. Of course, if there are enough good children. These self-help solutions seem realistic, because we do not have enough resources to involve police, government and judges in every playground fight.


Some people only understand the language of violence. These methods have worked for tens of thousands of years. Here some less drastic advice how to deal with bullying.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

This shows most principles we keep writing about

  • political correctness protects the criminals and criminalizes: old fashioned violence, vigilanteism by parents, would take care of these little thugs.  Back in Africa they probably would get lashed, killed, beaten seriously. But we are toothless. The kids get away with serious assault. Now let a father accost one of these thugs, he will get arrested immediately. The price we pay is high. (I know, corporal punishment, vigilanteism, and self justice have problems. But, our policitally correct solutions often are total  failures. We need to find solutions).
    • We seem to have a natural in-born vigilante instinct that solved our problems for hundreds of thousands of years. See the immense success of vigilante action in Hollywood movies. Not just Bronson ” Death wish” movies, but almost all movie heroes take the law in their own hands and bash the bad guys.
    • Our soft hearted super-democratic, super-respectful system may work in Sweden or other homogeneous, low crime, rich, educated countries. It does not work in
      • Afghanistan
      • Iraq
      • Africa
      • violent ghetto communities in USA or Europe where violence and criminality are endemic
  • (sex obsession and teenage sexuality witch hunt) Neglect of real physical violence while obsessing with trivial imaginary dangers like consensual teenage sex, , verbal harrassment, possession of nude photos, cyber bullying
    • that girl is disfigured for life (just the front teeth, still it takes away from her beauty)
    • has to do expensive dental threatment for life
    • her teeth are sensitive for life
    • will have Post Traumatic Stress disorder, fear to go to school, academic problems
    • many more students have the same problem but less publicity
    • many students are not even victims of violence, and still are victims of the harmful violent environment that desencourages diligent study
  • Real non-consent vs. statutory non-consent
    • consent: being beaten up and losing a few front teeth is a very classical case of non-consent.
    • Had that 12 year old had clearly consensual sex, it would have been defined as non-consensual. All hell would break lose, the guys would be arrested immediately (even against the girl’s pleas), the entire press, maybe even Hillary Clinton would intervene on her behalf, to protect the poor girl from the “sexual predator” she does not want to be protected from. Now, getting a few teeth knocked out, who cares …….
  • Disrespectful groping is worse then breaking teeth: Had the guys groped her ass, the law and police would have been swift. Groping a 12 year old on the behind is defined as rape, thus they would have been arrested immediately. No proof needed. It is enough if she says so. In this case, having knocked out teeth with teachers and students as witnesses, nothing happens.
  • The girl should have accused them of rape. No proof needed. Would have gotten them arrested.  (I know, I am not in favor of false rape accusations. But just pointing out the difference in how real violence is treated compared to alleged, unproven, ofent even non violent non forcible “rape”.)
  • Insightful reader’s comments

    Our society has become so heavily committed to a “therapeutic” approach to every problem that the most that will happen to these young thugs, even if they are actually arrested and convicted in juvenile court, is the equivalent of a strong talking-to. Undoubtedly their families have no money to pay a civil judgment against them, so that would go nowhere.
    In other words, our society as it is now does not provide any significant way to address this issue. These thugs that come from broken, violent cultures like Africa just laugh at what they perceive as the weakness of our culture and the joke that our legal system is. To them, a reprimand or suspension or even a juvenile conviction with a little probation time is a joke. If anything it will simply provoke them to defend their “honor”.
    A healthy society would deal with this behavior in much more serious ways. Young males who beat a girl like this would be afraid for their safety because the other boys at school would have beat them severely in retaliation – not to mention the father and uncles and other male relatives of the girl. It would have been done with the local legal authorities looking the other way while a punishment that these thugs actually understand and respect was administered.
    I’m sure some of you will be aghast at this, saying our society is better than that and has evolved past that. But watch what happens now, closely. If we could keep track of these thugs into the future I would bet they almost certainly do not change their behavior, in fact are emboldened by what they see as the weakness of the consquences they suffer. And the result will be that other girls (and boys) will become afraid of African/immigrant thugs, and their families will have to move away for their safety. Do you really think that a society that makes it necessary for good people to move their children away in order to be safe is a healthy society? Where running away is the only viable option?
    You may not like it but the reality of human life is that some people and cultures are thug cultures and they only respect violent consequences for their aggressions. It’s just a fact and your idealism about life doesn’t change it. Either we rediscover the truth of this and being to make thugs like this physically afraid for the consequences of their aggressions, or we will be running and hiding (regardless of what the legal system does) in our own neighborhods and our own country.   February 23, 2011 10:43 AM

    This brings out some racist commenters. Of course, this is a taboo. It can not be discussed if, maybe, crime statistics clearly show higher criminality for certain races.

    Back when the young couple, Channon and Christopher, were brutally beaten, robbed, raped and murdered, we down here in Knoxville, Tennessee, finally got fed up.
    Don’t wait until something worse happens in your area. It is time for White folks to make a stand and refuse to be second class citizens in their own nation.
    Remember what your forefathers fought for. Remember our Manifest Destiny.  February 23, 2011 11:56 AM

    • Mentioning race, immigration status is a taboo. Usually race may not even be mentioned by the press. Much less could one surmise that certain races are more violence and crime prone then others. We discuss this in our race and iq posts
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    9 thoughts on “My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school.”

    1. @The Anti Anti-Feminist
      You asked (and I really don’t know why because if you read my post properly it should be clear that I would totally agree that the boy who molested the retarded 14 yr old girl should have been removed from the school).
      You asked me:
      “Alan, what do you feel about our blog author/master’s stance on the 14 year old developmentally challenged girl who was cornered in a school bathroom and molested by an older teen boy who was later removed from the school?

      Do you agree the boy should have been removed from the school or not?”

      Well, I haven’t seen the article and cannot find it in here, but from what you’ve described, my answer would be: OF COURSE he should have been removed and punished.

      But my point in the post above about the little girl who was bullied by the 5 slightly older boys is that it appears that the people responsible for her welfare: teachers and police officers etc. seemed unconcerned about her.
      Had those boys done anything that might be even remotely sexually related, they would have been hung, drawn and castrated by the same people!
      That is really the whole point of this blog…
      Or don’t you get it?
      You should understand that nobody here (at least nobody that I am aware of) approves of sexual assault against anyone, by anybody -male or female.
      What we do have a problem with however, is when the word ‘rape’ is modified by the gynocracy to mean almost anything, including a fully consenting sexual relationship with a man many years ago in the woman’s past, can suddenly become a case of ‘rape’, because she wants to effect some sort of revenge or simply decides that she dislikes the man whom she shared her life with sometime in the past…
      She can then go to the police, state that she was ‘raped’ by the ex-lover and have him charged, convicted and thrown into prison for years.
      No evidence or witnesses required! Her word is all that’s required and everyone in the court or the whole justice system are more or less ‘programmed’ to believe whatever these women making these FALSE rape claims say as being true!
      Now that sort of thing is what we don’t like, along with other modified words that have been modified to make life impossible for men, such as ‘child’, ‘pornography’ and many more…
      I DO NOT (and I think I speak for all other posters here) advocate or condone, forgive or excuse ANY form of assault or violence against any other person. And anyone who sexually abuses a woman or worse: a child deserves whatever he gets with my full approval!
      It appears that the people involved with the little girl’s welfare do not share my strong views against that type of behaviour, because they ignored her and left her at the mercy of those bullies.
      I bet that had those boys done anything with the slightest possible hint of a SEXUAL connotation, they would all be in prison or possibly deported back to their home country by now!
      My point is also: why the world has this obsession with anything sexual – such as the child-pornography witch-hunt.
      Why is it that people are unfazed and in fact even fully approve of the most grotesque violence and death and destruction? Even allow children (that the gynocracy claim to be protecting) to see it. Yet anything that is about CREATING LIFE (not destroying it is taboo and they must be kept away from it at all costs)!!
      The people in this world have been brain-washed and their priorities, even their concept of basic ‘right and wrong’ has been dangerously twisted and does nothing to ‘protect children at all; as the original post of the plight of the young girl that was based by 5 bullies demonstrates.
      I hope this answers your question.
      If not, I suggest you stop commenting our posts, because you are out of your depth here.


    2. “The principal questioned my daughter and the boys that had been threatening her. The boys were never suspended or removed from school. Shortly after the conversation the students had with the principal, Morgan was brutally attacked. ”

      Would you support the boys being suspended and removed from school?

      If so why in this case and not the case of the older teen boy who cornered a developmentally challenged 14 year old girl in the school bathroom and molested her that you blogged about?

      Perhaps that suspension prevented a further attack like this one from being committed.

      Had these boys been suspended like the other boy, perhaps this attack itself would have never happened.

      So which is it?

      Do we suspend kids who do initial shit like this in the hopes that it will prevent escalation or not?

      Don’t be wishy-washy.

      Consistency is called for.

      Otherwise kids will (and already do) get mixed messages from the adult authority figures around them.

      1. I understand that most physical abuse and threats by the boys was done with plenty of witnesses. Students, teachers, bus drivers, ……

        Of course, they could wisen up and do their violence more secretly.

        But when it is with witnesses, then it is different from unproven unsubstantiated rape allegations.

    3. “The principal questioned my daughter and the boys that had been threatening her. The boys were never suspended or removed from school. ”

      A whole group of boys should be suspended just because one girl accuses them of threatening her?

      Perhaps their suspension would have enabled her subsequent beating to be avoided. However, on your blog about “rape” you question why a boy was removed from school because he cornered and molested a developmentally disabled 14 year old in school. The same logic should apply here.

      Either neither should be removed from school or BOTH should be removed from school.

      Perhaps the removal of the sexual molester of the 14 year old girl prevented him from committing a worse crime on her – such as the one committed against the 12 year old in the case of the boys that were not removed.

      Think about it.

    4. I greatly sympathize with the bullied child and he should not have been arrested. As for blaming the school, what were they supposed to do? Corporal punishment is not allowed any more and I think their hands might be tied here.

    5. Bullied student arrested (Video): after months of bullying and many fruitless complaints to school officials, 12 year old bullying victim tells bullies: “I wish I had a gun” and gets arrested. Authorities don’t help, and self defense yields arrest. Is it better not to threaten but to shoot right away? What is wrong with our system?


    6. You know it’s ironic that the same people involved with this little girl’s plight – that all chose to do nothing and trivialised the whole dreadful incident, would probably form a lynch-mob if they checked the sex-offender register and discovered that a convicted “paedophile” resided in their neighbourhood.
      (That is: some poor bloke who has never broken any law in his life, but was found with images of fully dressed 16 or 17 yr old girls somewhere on his computer’s HDD and sentenced to 5 years prison because the government gynocracy (aka: feminazis) say he IS a Paedophile and of course there is nothing in the world more dangerous to children than these EXTREMELY PERVERTED Felons and ALL of them MUST be totally removed from society, at once)!
      The same people (who trivialised this disgusting incident and many thousands of like-minded teachers / parents, police officers world-wide that similarly trivialise similar, but even worse violence); would also tell us that these degenerates are injuring millions of ‘children’ (incl. 17 yr olds) by looking at such pictures – collectively termed: “Child Pornography”, by creating and maintaining a market for this “filth”…
      They’d probably stand outside his house chanting “hang ‘em, hang ‘em… OUT, OUT, OUT PERVERT!” Whilst spray-painting similar sentiments on the walls of his house and throwing rocks through its windows.
      I feel so secure, knowing that the governments really are concerned with child safety and that my daughter will never encounter one of those perverts who likes looking at pictures (probably taken more than 15 years ago) of ‘underage’ girls from another country; in the total privacy of his own home!
      She might get her jaw broken or a fractured skull, before she reaches her teens, but I can live with that… At least I can sleep easily at night knowing that the government will protect her from those perverts…

      Thanks FEMINISTS!
      See you all in HELL!

      BTW: Tomorrow (March 08) is International Women’s Day…

      1. Alan, what do you feel about our blog author/master’s stance on the 14 year old developmentally challanged girl who was cornered in a school bathroom and molested by an older teen boy who was later removed from the school?

        Do you agree the boy should have been removed from the school or not?

        Our Blog Master and other commenters did not.

        (Blog Master, can you provide the link please. Thankyou.)

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