International Women’s Day: progress on gender equality remains slow. Thankfully!

Women must occupy 50% or more of all desirable jobs in this world, decided the United Nations.  But islamic sensibilities must be respected.

Women’s Rights in Review, 25 years after Beijing takes stock of how the landmark gender equality plan, the Beijing Platform for Action, is being implemented and calls for greater parity and justice. [Source:]

Why is greater parity equal to justice? Because we have equality dogma, that sexes “genders” are equal.  And the #PCGagOrder that  punishes those who dare mention any flaws and failures of the female “minority” (a minority with over 51% of the population). See our Men’s Rights & Feminism (132)

Feminst narrative of patriarchy destroyed by Jordan Peterson.

The report finds faltering progress and notes that hard-won advances are being reversed by rampant inequality, climate change, conflict and exclusionary politics.

Why is hiring female firefighters1 and policewomen a “progress”? By changing the physical entrance test requirements, Their physical weakness costs lives2.

The review highlights a lack of effective action to boost women’s representation in key decision-making and warns that the Platform will never be realized if all women and girls are not acknowledged and prioritized.

Why must women’s representation be boosted? Why are women not able to get hired and promoted without government an UN interference in hiring decisions of company executives?  See c4mb. Sorry, PC and its #PCGagOrder do not allow to ask such questions.

No country has achieved gender equality

“The review of women’s rights shows that despite some progress, no country has achieved gender equality”, said UN Women’s Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

Is it not amazing? Not even Germany, Sweden, with their police quotas, and inept female defense ministers.  Psychologist Roy Baumeister knows the reasons3

Maintaining that “equality isn’t just one-quarter of the seats at the tables of power”, she said, however, that was “the current reality of women’s representation, across the board”.

Short people are under-represented among presidents and leaders.  Maybe we need quotas for that too.

Men hold 75 per cent of all parliamentary seats, 73 per cent of managerial positions, are make up 70 per cent of climate negotiators as well as most peacemaking roles.

Right. Women are qualified and eager for peacemaking among ISIS terrorists and the Taliban in Afghanistan. And how many qualified climate experts are women?

“Only half is an equal share and only equal is enough”, stressed the UN Women chief.

Women must have 50% or larger share of all desirable jobs. If they have 70% or 90% in certain professions, or in college graduations that is good for equality too.

[…] To step up systemic and lasting change, gender equality must be better financed to harness technology and innovation and ensure the inclusive development of women and girls who face multiple forms of discrimination.

2020: A milestone year for gender equality
[continue at:]

UN Adopts Declaration On Women’s Rights Decrying Slow Progress [ibtimes]

The United Nations on Monday adopted a stripped-down political declaration on women’s rights that seeks to preserve gains under threat but does not advocate new ways to ensure progress toward equality.  [Source: ibtimes]

[…] “Centuries of discrimination, deep-rooted patriarchy and misogyny have created a yawning gender power gap in our economies, our political systems and our corporations,” said Guterres as the meeting began.

Repeating feminist credo does not make this true. 4

“This simply has to change.” he said.

Yes, “progressive” leftist feminists decided that, the UN has to follow.

The adopted text follows the main lines of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action of 1995, which sought to promote women’s emancipation and advancement around the world.

Feminism is one of the reasons European Whites are dying out for lack of procreation.

[…]”The situation (of women) is actually not at all where we should be so many years after the Beijing meeting,” said Olof Skoog, the European Union ambassador to the UN.

“should be”

“This is not because there is a lack of focus,” Skoog, who is Swedish, told journalists. “It’s actually because there is an active political pushback in many countries.”

Thank God. See Buchanan c4mb ßßß

To ensure the declaration’s success, negotiators had eliminated any reference to reproductive health, opposed by US officials as encouraging abortion, and stripped out any mention of families, due to the restrictive and conservative views of countries including Algeria, Egypt, Russia and Saudi Arabia, diplomats said.

Note: feminism must cede to Islam in the PC hierarchy. These are all Islamic countries

[..] On the question of violence against women — highlighted by the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse — the signatories commit to “eliminating, preventing and responding to all forms of violence and harmful practices against all women and girls, in public and private spheres, including in digital contexts.”

Feminism cedes to Muslim immigrant violence5 and to Black violence, again in the rank order of victimhood6

See also: UN: Progress on gender equality remains slow [Source: Philippines Star]


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  2. Affirmative action – reverse racism:
    Today’s privileged treatment for “minorities” to make up for alleged injustices in the past with the intent to close performance “gaps”

    Dangerous police: affirmative action kills:
    Because of their skin color, or other minority status, people with lesser intelligence, lesser self control or with criminal records are admitted who would not qualify by normal admission standards. That causes trouble.

  3. Sep 5, 2014 Feminists in Philadelphia have started a skateboarding group called “Shred the Patriarchy” because skate parks are male-dominated, …
    The patriarchy is a system of social relations where… people accept and enforce strict gender roles in order to perpetuate the system where men castrate …
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  4. Racism reduces rape
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  5. Victim classes rank ordered: Muslims and Blacks trump Women and Gays
    Muslim homophobes or Black rapists do not fit the PC narrative

    Prison Rape avoided by segregation:
    Segregation can prevent frequent hateful rapes& sex slavery of despised white minority prisoners.

    School Bullying Terror
    Interracial school bullying is covered up, not prevented. Vulnerable children of all races are forced into schools without protection against violence and rape by “historically underprivileged” youth.

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