More Than 200 Physicists Denounce Alessandro Strumia’s Sexist Lecture at CERN

Alessandro Strumia, Senior Physics Lecturer at veritable CERN research institute, committed a sacrilege and was promptly suspended. He spoke in a response to a workshop on gender issues1 organized by CERN.

A senior scientist has given what has been described as a “highly offensive” presentation about the role of women in physics, the BBC has learned.

At a workshop organized by CERN, Prof Alessandro Strumia of Pisa University said that “physics was invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation”.

It is highly offensive. But is it true? Do we always need to cite Madam Curie, who else is left? Where is the discussion about the truth of his statements and Alessandro Strumia’s  evidence?

He said male scientists were being discriminated against because of ideology rather than merit. [Continue at the informative but biased BBC article Cern scientist: ‘Physics built by men – not by invitation’]

Strumia has some interesting evidence, cited by the BBC in part and in more detail in the slides to Alessandro Strumia’s contentious speech

More Than 200 Physicists Denounce Sexist Lecture at CERN

As Gizmodo previously reported, Strumia initially pitched a talk about gender statistics in physics publications. But during the talk itself, he delivered an anti-diversity screed that concluded that it is men who face bias at the hands of “(cultural) Marxism,” that men invented physics, that women are welcomed into the field once they prove their worth, and that he had personally been wronged by hiring committees.

Seyda Ipek, a physicist at the University of California, Irvine who was not present at the talk, saw Strumia’s slides online and then shared them on Twitter. She said she was surprised at Strumia’s “audacity” for giving his talk at the venue he did, and she felt a need to alert others to the content of the talk. “He’s using his role as a scientist to make people believe that [his presentation] was scientific, which it is not,” she said.

We had similar ideologues as unscientific lying traitors against James Watson regarding race differences 2

Of course, the problem is that #TheTruthIsSexist just as #TheTruthIsRacist 3

Alas, few people oppose both the racial egalitarianism dogma and the equality of the sexes dogma.

A key part of Strumia’s talk was the idea that women physicists are cited less often, which he interpreted as evidence that women are worse physicists. But there’s real research into these issues that has instead concluded the citation differences are due to less access to experiments, lack of female reviewers and journal editors, and men citing themselves more often than women do. Additionally, there’s often innate politics as to whose name appears on a paper and in what order. Citation differences could simply be indicative of the current state of gender discrimination in physics. A look at the roster of the CERN department Strumia works in, theoretical physics, reveals just one woman out of the 22 scientists on staff, six out of the 41 postdocs and two out of the 23 visiting scientists.

Ipek said this issue is what disturbed her the most about the talk. Young physicists already worry about their citations, she said, so even if his talk was baseless, Strumia’s words hit a sore, discouraging spot.

“Belittling the ability and legitimacy of scientists of color and white women scientists using such flimsy pretexts is disgraceful,” the statement reads, “and it reveals a deep contempt for more than half of humanity that clearly comes from some source other than scientific logic.”[Source: More Than 200 Physicists Denounce Sexist Lecture at CERN]

Of course, Ipek’s creed, the equality dogma, has long been disproven and can be called contentious at the least.4

Dr Jessica Wade, a physicist from Imperial College London who attended the event, said Strumia’s presentation was terrifying and simplistic, and that she felt awful for “every young high-energy physicist in that room” who would have had “all of their enthusiasm sucked away”. [source: Guardian]

Social justice warriors treat women like sensible snowflakes. Most men do not get their enthusiasm sucked away when the are aware that 99.99% of men cannot make it to the top in particle physics.

“Only those who have done an academic presentation can understand the sense of terror, and then absolute joy, that you get presenting your research to a field of experts,” she said.

“It’s such a rush, [especially when] you realise that you’ve done a cutting-edge piece of science that no one’s ever done. But to have all of that enthusiasm sucked away because someone tells you that you are only there because you are a woman is the most horrible feeling in the entire world.”

That is the problem if there are quotas that mandate to hire people because of their skin color or their female genitals, instead of hiring strictly by qualification while color- and gender blind. I have a strong suspicion that the recent female Nobel prize winner in chemistry has been helped by her gender. It cannot be dispelled, because we know that hiring and prize decisions MUST promote women.

So, Dr. Wade, to dispel such suspicions, please join us in our quest against all kinds of quotas, gender and race favoritism.

Many more Links and literature in this footnote 5


  1. It is a sign of our times that a physics lab is now venturing into gender issue topics instead of caring about research and about hiring the best researchers
  2. The following articles cite scientific papers as evidence that James Watson was right, and, unfortunately, the reaction of dishonest scientists and otherwise serious scientific institutions.
    Nobel James Watson Top 20 most influential Americans of all times, top 100 Person of all times, was socially and scientifically destroyed for a well meaning comment about race differences.

    James Watson’s Inquisition #2:
    James D. Watson, perhaps the most distinguished living American scientist, has now been kicked to the curb by the Cold Spring Harbor genetics laboratory he rescued and rebuilt over the last 40 years for making politically (but not scientifically) incorrect statements about African IQs. 

    1. The Truth is Racist, races are different
      Anti-Racist theory is factually wrong, science debunked its tenets beyond reasonable doubt. Crime Statistics are racist because they show very high black criminality. IQ test unequivocally show Race differences. This is in stark violation of the Equality dogma (all races are equal). .

  3. The following articles deal with inequality of races.

    1. Equality dogma: all races are equal.
      Equality BETWEEN and WITHIN Races is the center piece of Anti-Racism. Often called Universalism or Egalitarianism.
    2. Universalism or Egalitarianism:
      Universalism “insists on the universal nature of mankind. This leads to the belief that all racial-ethnic groups and cultures are equal, and even to a belief in the uniform human potential of all individuals.

  4. Viewpoint: Everyone must fight sexism in science

    Kann Mathematik sexistisch sein? Ein Aufsatz über Intelligenzverteilung unter Männern und Frauen wurde in den USA jedenfalls zensuriert

    Ein mathematischer Artikel, der unter anderem erklärt, warum mehr Männer als Frauen Idioten sind, sorgt für Aufruhr im US-amerikanischen Wissenschaftsbetrieb. Durchaus zu recht.

    Die umfangreichen Hintergründe der Kabale sind episch (und nachlesenswert): Ihre Protagonisten, darunter eine Mathematikprofessorin, ihr Vater und ihr Mann (ebenfalls Professoren) sowie Vertreterinnen der Association for Women in Mathematics machten während Monaten an drei Universitäten, zwei Verlagen und bei der National Science Foundation gegen Hill mobil. Sein Paper, «An Evolutionary Theory for the Variability Hypothesis», ist im Kern ein «simples, intuitives mathematisches Argument». Hill und Co-Autor Sergei Tabatschnikow, Mathematikprofessor an der Penn State, versuchen darin einen «logischen Grund» für eine statistische Absonderlichkeit der Evolutionsbiologie darzustellen.

    Das Thema des Papers, die seit Darwin in der Intelligenzforschung umstrittene «Greater Male Variety Hypothesis» (GMVH), setzte die Gesetze der Mathematik ausser Kraft. Gemäss GMVH gibt es unter allen männlichen Exemplaren einer Spezies eine höhere Vielfalt an individuellen Unterschieden als zwischen allen weiblichen Exemplaren. Das könnte erklären, warum Extremfälle der Spezies Mensch häufiger Männer als Frauen sind. Das gälte für Nobelpreisträger und Künstlergenies genauso wie für Diktatoren, Massenmörder und Vollidioten.

    GMVH ist keine Unbekannte: Der Weltbank-Chefökonom Larry Summers musste schon 2007 wegen GMVH-affinen Aussagen als Harvard-Rektor den Hut nehmen. James Damore wurde von Google gefeuert, als er krude GMVH-Thesen zur Eignung von Frauen als Software-Ingenieurinnen von sich gab. Kein Wunder, äusserte die Association for Women in Mathematics Vorbehalte gegen Hills Modell, denn es könnte Frauen von einer Karriere als Mathematikerin abbringen.

    Kann Mathematik sexistisch sein? Ein Aufsatz über Intelligenzverteilung unter Männern und Frauen wurde in den USA jedenfalls zensuriert

    Diversität zählt mehr als Wahrheit: Wie sich die Akademie ins intellektuelle Abseits manövriert

    Harvard trägt das Wort «veritas», also Wahrheit, als Motto in seinem Wappen. Man kann aber den Eindruck gewinnen, dass die Suche nach der Wahrheit gar nicht mehr als die primäre Aufgabe in einigen Teilen universitären Lebens gesehen wird. Es scheint dort mehr um Aktivismus, Diversität und ideologisch motivierte Weltverbesserung zu gehen. Die Funktion der altehrwürdigen Institution hat sich geändert: War die Universität einst Ort des freien Meinungsaustausches und der Generierung von Wissen, ist sie heute in einigen Disziplinen Instrument der ideologischen Weltveränderung. Das ist vielleicht nicht ganz neu, aber trotzdem nicht besser, als es schon 1968 war.

    Cern scientist: ‘Physics built by men – not by invitation’

    Viewpoint: Everyone must fight sexism in science

    terrible article

    The contentious speech !!!

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    6 days ago – Prof Alessandro Strumia said: ‘Physics was invented and built by men, it’s not … to statements made about men discriminating against women.

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