Worldwide campaign against Julien Blanc, Pickup Artist

Brazilian TV confirmed in prime time news, that the ministry of the exterior will not give a visa nor permit entry to Julien Blanc for allegedly promoting violence against women. women letting their anger out with machine guns, that is good PC business

 "Pick-Up Artist" pushing Japanese women’s heads down to his crotch


In the US and Europe, attempts to expel convicted felon illegal foreigners rarely succeed.  Felons, ISIS terrorists, mercenaries rarely get denied visas and rarely get kicked out of countries. Hooligans, street brawlers, convicted robbers rarely get kicked out of Australia or blocked entry into Brazil.   So the Julien Blanc case is a demonstration of the awesome power of feminist activism! Feminist power, like the license to kill husbands and impunity for Lorena Bobbitt‘s penis slicing.

women dumping the ex husband to the garbage, good PC business. Well, better then battered women syndrome legalized murder It is the nature of PC (political correctness) to distort values. If people throw glass bottles and dangerous object onto a soccer field, no one cares. But throwing a few bananas, that is world news and leads to serious punishments.

Here are some movies. The above is one against Julien Blanc, the others are his teaching movies.

You Already ARE Good With Women: How To Convey The Supercharged Self

One hour long movie.



Julien’s youtube list


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