50 Shades of Grey: Domesticating the Alpha Male

A man takes his girl friend to view the film. "For you to learn how to be submissive and obedient", he suggests. At the end, the couple concludes: "50 Shades of Grey" is a lesson on how NOT to be a submissive woman, how NOT to be a dominant man. Feminist Hollywood and political correctness makes sure that Anastasia Steele is always in control, never really dominated.  [0]

See: 50 Shades of Grey: Politically Correct Boredom. Privileged females make fuzz about obedience and some pain, unaware that (mostly) male soldiers in boot camp and war must blindly obey, have walk with blistered feet, kill and get killed without safe words nor right to back out.  [2]

grey-against-feminism Christian Grey is the man of every girl’s wet dreams: handsome, intelligent, cultured, filthy rich and successful, and, always in control (before he met Anastasia).  Thousands of female fans would give everything to be his girlfriend or fling and get flown around in the Billionaire’s helicopter.

Many women would not be as resistant as our heroine, Anastasia. Rather, some would certainly yield and sign the slavery contract. If a woman does not agree, a empowered alpha male could simply move on to the next woman candidate.   He could sweeten the deal, offering reward for thrashings. But with his Rock star popularity, he would not need to offer money.

Grey could afford to hire 10 girls at SeekingArrangement.com  [Cosmo] [10] [11] [12], offer a US$ 10,000 to US$ 20,000  monthly stipend to each and every girl that signs his contract.  Or he could make a few "indecent proposals" for a Million for a one month fling.

Instead of being manly, alpha male Christian Grey loses his dominance to a constantly resisting Anastasia. Instead of dumping her for not signing his contract, he constantly negotiates.  He spanks her only after she consents. This culminated in in "Don’t touch me" and "Don’t ever do this again".  

Before, Christian could not touch Anastasia Steele when she was drunk. He asked for consent at every moment, gave her two safe words and repeatedly reminded her that she could stop at any moment.

Nevertheless he can be the victim of false rape [15] charges, where he has to PROVE his innocence, without benefits of due process. Christian Grey’s contract is unenforceable, especially the clause that the woman is obliged to take birth control. "Forgetting the pill" on purpose is of course not punished, rather rewarded. Birth control fraud, or paternity fraud with a man like this is worth Millions, better than winning the lottery. Men have no reproductive rights whatsoever. 20 21

Feminist’s sexual trade union makes sex ever more difficult for men. Ever since women got the vote, the age of consent crept up, from 12, to 14, 16, 18 and soon heading towards 21. Prostitution becomes illegal, more and more porn becomes a felony (violent porn, "child porn" which may consist of 17 year old non-sexual non-nudes (Knox vs. USA). 

If one of Grey’s beautiful receptionists throws herself at him and rapes him, he would be the abuser, taking advantage of the "power differential". For at least 50 000 years women were attracted by high status men with a power differential. Half a century ago, most college professors married a female graduate student.  Now this is a crime

Feminists make a drama out of invented "rape culture", domestic violence lies [22]  and the preposterous assertions that tens of  Millions women in the US get raped in college (1 in 4, 1 in 3).  Any man has to ask for consent at every moment and PROVE it.


  1. Rowdy women attack man at ’50 Shades’ screening
  2. Fifty Shades Of Grey: Top barrister on whether Christian should be the one in handcuffs

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  1. Was anybody actually expecting this movie to be good? The source material was even crap. There are tons and tons of really good literary novels that should be made into movies, but instead we get this horseshit just because a bunch of middle-aged women find it sexually titillating rather than intellectually so. Fuck. Who spends hundreds of millions of dollars on a fucking porno? At least men keep their shit in the gutter where it belongs.

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