Sexism in Ferguson police department: more men than women arrested!

Sexism? Though women constitute 50.8% of the US population, more than 3 times the number of men than women get arrested (FBI).  Women constitute 1.88% of persons on death row. Women get lower punishment for most crimes, thanks to the Pussy Pass.

Certainly, Eric Holder will now start an inquiry into the sexist practices of the Ferguson Police department. Though we could not find the Ferguson arrest statistics by gender, they are probably similar to the national statistics cited above. Just as the Ferguson racial arrest statistics are similar to the national arrest statistics. Probably not because of this

Darren Wilson: proven innocent, acted in self defense

A white police officer who shot and killed a black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., last summer was cleared of civil rights violations on Wednesday.  Source | Source2 | Source3

50 (?) FBI officers working for months could not dig up any dirt on impeccable officer Darren Wilson who killed in self defense. Will Holder apologize?  [Impeach Obama and Holder for inciting riots].

Ferguson: Racist for arresting more criminal Black than Whites

But a separate, broader investigation found that the Ferguson Police Department violates the civil rights of black male  residents all the time.

To distract from the total failure of the Justice Department witch hunt against Darren Wilson, the Justice Department finds another target: Ferguson police was found to arrest more people from a high crime population (Blacks) than from a low crime population (Whites).

Ferguson: Not guilty of sexism for arresting more criminal Men than Women

So how come Holder has not noticed the sexism, that males get arrested more often than females? Answer: Males are not a protected disadvantaged class by Political Correctness definition.

Holder and Obama make a big fuzz about alleged racism against Black criminals, but deafening silence about potential sexism for high male arrest rates. (Pussy Pass)

Sexism Definition:

unfair treatment of people because of their sex; especially : unfair treatment of women

Blacks commit more crime: Evidence

Males commit more crimes than females, just as Blacks commit more crimes than Whites.  The color of crime shows that high Black arrest rates are not due to police bias. Rather crime victims themselves report an equally large percentage of Black offenders.

Though Blacks are only 13.8% of the population, they constitute 28% of arrests, 55.6% of the robbery arrests, nationwide. Nothing special about Ferguson. No wonder that Blacks get stopped and arrested more often than Whites. They commit more crimes!

FBI manipulation to inflate White crime statistics

Note that the race difference in crime is even bigger than indicated by inflated FBI statistics:  most of alleged white crime is perpetrated by “white” Hispanics like George Zimmerman, who are white when they are perpetrators, but Hispanic when they are victims.  You can see here, there is no FBI Hispanic perpetrator class but a FBI Hispanic victim class. So white Anglo-Saxon crime is much lower than the FBI statistics indicate. The color of crime analyzes this in detail.

An analysis of two years of police data showed blacks males in Ferguson were routinely detained without probable cause and twice as likely as whites females to be searched. They were more likely to be pulled over, ticketed or arrested. They were far more likely than whites females to be charged with petty offenses such as jaywalking or disturbing the peace.  Source | Source2


Criminal law has disparate impact on Blacks vs. Whites, on males vs. females, According to Political Correctness (PC) all races are equal. Therefore, all these differences are due to racial and gender discriminations (says PC). This, of course is false. But MSM (main stream media) and the political elite (Eric Holder, Barack Obama) lie: they tell us everyone is equal and differences in arrest rate are purely due to discrimination.

PC also stipulates that all sexes genders are equal. But the much bigger discrepancy between male and female arrest rates is of no concern to the Justice Department, because unlike Blacks, and women, males are not a protected class.

PC incites Black anger and riots by making Blacks (falsely) believe that evil Whites are the cause of all their problems and misery. This causes Black anger directed against Whites.

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