Generation Y, raised on nothing but feminism, will be a nightmare for men.

“watch out for generation y, they will be a nightmare for men”.  Those feminist women who indicated Generation Y as being a nightmare for men are correct. Things have hit a tipping point in our culture by that time. Children from that generation onwards have been raised on nothing but feminism. By the time of Generation Y, feminists have taken over academia, media and the law, they control public discourse. Feminism by the time of Generation Y is more than a revolutionary movement; it is the culture itself. It is Western culture.

I repost this comment, because it is very scary and very shocking. The consequences of feminism are scary and shocking enough. It is very scary to imagine that this is just the beginning!  An entire generation grown up with feminist indoctrination from kindergarten to university. Feminist dogma, feminist thinking, feminist warped logic became part of their mind.

A scary article. Feminism has barely begun! It will take over completely. Due process will disappear even further for men.  Women will get even more power to get men evicted from their home and jailed for unproven accusations of rape and child abuse, jailed for non-payment of child support even if the child is not theirs, and worse.

Feminists think about these things. They plan generations ahead. I have heard many feminist women tell me “watch out for generation y, they will be a nightmare for men”.

Yes they do, well said. Radical feminism – the basis and instinct of all feminism – is based upon this sophisticated, long-term thinking approach. (Radical) feminism is about progressively eliminating all male power – oops, “the patriarchy”. Eliminating anything which could possibly lead to male power in any and all forms.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach per se – it’s necessary. What wrong is the group exercising this approach – feminist females – and that they are allowed free reign to do so. In the absence of masculinist men adopting a long term revolutionary radical mindset (to empower men and keep females in check), feminist females will instead adopt that approach. Life is zero sum; the battle of the sexes is real. (Christian/Enlightenment liberal philosophy about the possibility of universal equality and liberty is bunk.)

Likewise there’s nothing wrong with “social engineering” – the negative connotion it has among men’s rights types is unfounded.

Those feminist women who indicated Generation Y as being a nightmare for men are correct. Things have hit a tipping point in our culture by that time. Children from that generation onwards have been raised on nothing but feminism. By the time of Generation Y, feminists have taken over academia, media and the law, they control public discourse. Feminism by the time of Generation Y is more than a revolutionary movement; it is the culture itself. It is Western culture.

(Note that this phenomenon of feminism taking over the culture is exclusive to regions based on Liberal Democratic Capitalism.)

This comment was on Spearhead, and even on this men’s right site was voted down into invisible oblivion.  I am not sure how much I support the rest of the comment. I reposted the most interesting part.  So please go on reading the rest of the article on Analysis has shown that feminism and its laws are a prime example of warped thinking, unconscious distortions and manipulative speech. The fact that an entire generation grew up conditioned by feminist thinking is extremely scary to everybody who thinks that feminism has already gone overboard.

The effects can already be observed. Moderate men’s rights writers get kicked out of websites and, amazingly, even get kicked off men’s rights websites. Speaking against feminism might soon be included in hate laws and totally banned. Nowadays research on issues like adolescent and child sexuality is even more taboo than research about gender and race differences.

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15 thoughts on “Generation Y, raised on nothing but feminism, will be a nightmare for men.”

  1. Nothing will change, until ppl will start to realize : It’s not feminism. It’s women (!)

    Women destroy everything, because of their infurious greed, constant lying and egomania. They are inhumane creatures, because they have no humanity within them. Also because they dont contribure any sort of significantly to civilisation and never have.

    This is why islam WILL win and take over.
    Just a fact. YOu can choose to further ignore it – and i’m sure yu will – but that doesnt help you in any way.

    Will women destroy civilisation and nations in the west?

    “One must say that the fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies … Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one … A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them.”- Arnold Schopenhauer, philosopher

    This question is in absolutely no intention of blaming all women. However, their behaviours from easy influences are causing many problems in society today. And answers will point to strategies to solve them.

  2. It is a scary thought not because I view this as something women domineering men but as something that may spark what is not pleasing as far as humanity is concerned. Going back in the history when women were treated so unfairly by the society could surely is the root of this but why can’t it just be equal regardless of the gender? Were that the case, all these would never be happening.

  3. “A socialist atheistic and materialistic morass of immorality.”

    I highly agree, but you forgot “entitled, spoiled, soft, and addicted to WoW and Modern Warfare 3”

    The Roman empire fell when they depended too much on outsiders to fight their battles. Eventually these mercenaries turned on them. Foreigners immigrate to the west and take-up all the dirty and crummy jobs that Westerners don’t want to do so that Westerners with excess can have more video game time and sex time.

    Which brings me to another point: Western culture’s obsession with sexuality is part of the problem whether due to feminism or not. Promiscuity is socially acceptable whereas love and intimacy is scorned and chided. A childless man with a thousand sexual partners is crowned whereas a man with a handful of partners and one accidental child is treated like an outcast when he opts to become a father in lieu of more indiscriminate fleeting sexual attachments. Children are treated like a burden and a curse, contraception and pregnancy test commercials encourage women to kill their babies faster. Males are indoctrinated with anti-commitment self-determinist values laced with promises of freedom that necessarily and sometimes directly condemn marriage.

    Ironically, those males most stricken by sexual obsession are the involuntarily celibate whom otherwise have the most to offer. These males have critically low self-esteem due to the absence of (weak) fathers and shaming by double-minded matriarchs who enable childish female behavior tossing accountability to the wind. For these young men, their biology craves sexual fulfillment but their effeminate conditioning repels women, which only intensifies the longing, desire, and obsession with sex and sexual identity. They are distracted from accomplishment and pursuing their own goals by this obsession. These males will either grow-up to marry the same kind of matriarchal women and breed even more critically weak males if they don’t go to the grave childless anyhow. They will never meet even minimal potential. The end result: The destruction of the family leading-up to global economic and social decline compounded by demographic decline. Also, values such as accountability, self-control and responsibility will become virtually obsolete.

    1. @Jon, your comments are quite profound. Please comment more. You might even propose some guest post. This offer also counts for some other regular posters

    2. ‘The Roman empire fell when they depended too much on outsiders to fight their battles. Eventually these mercenaries turned on them. Foreigners immigrate to the west and take-up all the dirty and crummy jobs..’

      [This is completely off topic, but I feel compelled to type it out anyway.]

      In the latter stages of an Empire, it becomes entirely feminine: a consumer not a producer, a politician not a statesman, an entertainer not a manufacturer, an analyst not a scientist. Your remark about the Roman Empire depending on outside mercenaries is just one of the ways in which the old Roman population were replaced by foreigners. Another was that small scale farmers were replaced with plantations, and slaves were imported to work on the plantations (hence the mezzagiorno line dividing the industrial Nordic North from the agricultural Middle Eastern Southern Italy). As Rome became a consumer of people, so to did Rome become a consumer of materials (wheat from North Africa, Tin from England, Amber from the Baltic etc), and not a producer. Not male. These are just ways in which the feminine, non creative, consumptive character manifest themselves. If you want to think of it in human anatomical terms, the centre of an Empire is a womans mouth and vagina: both are consumers and recievers, not creators. The West is a currently feminine: a consumer of both people (immigrants) and materials (finished goods), and not a producer of people (it has a below replacement level population growth rate), nor materials (the manufacturing industry is shrinking).

      If you want to know how an Empire functions (and Western Civilization is currently still in an Imperial role) then imagine the following:

      Picture a circle with a number of increasingly smaller circles located within it. At the edge of the circle is located the brutish bully boy males (think of the thuggish types that are commonly raised by single woman headed households). At the core is the woman, self centered, avaricious deceitful. The gaps between the exterior bully boys and the central avaricious women are interpolated increasingly or decreasingly feminine or masculine versions of the two dominant types. For example toward the male end could be manufacturers, resource collectors. Toward the female could be tradesmen, entertainers, politicians.

      The model is applicable in both geographical and temporal senses. Geographically, an easy comparison would be to Rome, with the core containing the Coliseum, and the grain hungry plebeians. At the edge would be the military garrison along the borders with the Picts in Scotland. The avaricious female toward the centre; the bully boy male toward the periphery. In temporal terms, you simply need to draw a line across the diameter of the circles, and that simply represents your timeline. As you progress along the timeline from left to right, from the early days of the Empire through its ‘glory days’ to the violent downfall, you can see how it mirrors the diameter, a cross section if you like, of the circular diagram.

      Empires exist on different scales, from tribal and familial levels, up to continent wide civilisations. It is irrelevant what size the Empire is, how many people are involved in it, or how long the timeframe is that spans it’s rise, halcyon days, and final crumble. Nor does it matter the types of thuggary used; any degrees of violence constitute the formation of an Empire.

      All Empires die. They commonly burn up their own populations in their lifetime, destroying the indigenous population from which they were born. Think of how the native Romans/Latins were replaced by immigrant from the Middle East (this is evident by the contrasting populations of North and South Italy) as they died fighting the wars and expanding the Empire. After time, laws were enacted to try and rebuild the population by promoting population growth, but this effort was made worthless by the plantation method (which denies freedom) of farming that dominated the Italian peninsula. All human laws that oppose freedom, and do not provide a facility for increased ability of the basic expression of existence, creativity and willfullness, will eventually contribute and lead to the downfall of the native population, and all populations to which the laws are applied.

      The Mediterranean culture of bull fighting using effeminately dressed Matadors is a prime example of this process. The Matador (cunning, but not intelligent, woman) plays with the bull (the mentally dull, but powerful, bull), tossing his cape and humiliating him in a public arena. After the bull has been depleted of its energy, it is slain. The Matador has won. The Matador then goes on to play with the next bull, and repeats the cycle all over again.

      The Matador is the woman, and the bull is the dull witted man (or a man who has been psychically attacked by a woman and degraded). Once the woman has killed, or depleted (domesticated and infantisilised) the man, she will move on to the next beast and repeat the process. The whore of Babylon may well be a good analogy, though I have not read the Book of Revelations, so I cannot comment on how accurate it may or may not be.

  4. The fact that an entire generation grew up conditioned by feminist thinking is extremely scary to everybody who thinks that feminism has already gone overboard.

    I have noted one consequence directly in the school system here in Toronto. When I was in Middle School (6, 7, 8) there were 65% male teachers. When I was in High School I had a PT job, went to dances, participated in a rock band, & accomplished a lot getting ready for University.

    My son’s Middle School has 4 men including 2 male janitors. The fluff ball women’s attitude is crammed down the kids with the major viewpoint that all boys have ADHD & are simple. The women administrators in the High School have week long leadership camps which smell more like psychosocial interventions for the entire school populous.

    – most kids don’t have PT jobs
    – the school has no social life (kids will not go)
    – the academics have slid back years
    – few accomplishments
    (low SELF-esteem abounds)

    These women are damaging an entire generation & will not simply give it a rest (they will continue treating the problem they created with their rejection of their own biology).

  5. Women go along with the ruination of this civilization at their own peril.

    The dummy wimmin who bought feminism didn’t realize it is a subversive ideology directly related to communism. Nor did they realize their leaders were all useful idiots by these new world order groups. Now, in short time the next civilization will be ready to impose itself here and It will not be very female friendly. But all the real men have been pacified in western civilization. These pussy whipped western men are in no position to fight back. Heck, some might even gain from the new arrangement.

    Good-bye women. You had your moment in the sun.

  6. It just means that western civilization is over. As a millennial male, nothing would bring a smile to my face quicker then the thought of the west in flames.

    It is not that I wish violence on anyone or hold hatred in my heart. It is just after experiencing first hand the abuses, discrimination and oppression of the Matriarchy, I have come to the conclusion that western civilization is inherently evil and all evil needs to be destroyed.

    And the bitch of it is the easiest way to destroy the west is to just be radically apathetic. The west has many enemies both within and without.

    And through apathy all those who abused, discriminated against and oppressed young men of my generation will be completely destroyed. Even under Sharia or conversely under the rule of Communist China, it won’t be those with apathy in their hearts that will fill the “work camps”, but those on the right and the left(authoritarians tends to dislike one another, so suffice to say the western Marxist and feminist’s would be among the first to be eliminated, followed by the “white knights” and traditionalist matriarchy).

    And reading Hannahs comment is like pouring sulfuric acid on an open wound. “Help women”, F women. They had it all. Everyone gave them everything on a golden platter, what we get? Hell on Earth.

    Just reading garbage from bigots like Hannah is enough to kill my libido and re-solidify my resolve that “even though women are human beings, with some being good and evil, the fact remains that society enables all women to act and be evil and get away with it; therefore one must count on the fact that all women have a high probability of acting evil and plan accordingly”.

  7. Gosh, you lads are so funny. Why do you persist in thinking that because a few extremists really do hate men then all women hate men and wish to overthrow them?

    The vast majority of women simply want a level playing field, some respect for the work they do in their various roles, and to be FRIENDS with men. Nothing controversial there.

    How about spending a LEETLE less time bitching about us, and a little more time being our supportive friends? Go help a few women achieve their goals, see it pay back a thousand-fold.

  8. I could be wrong but I don’t recall gen x women being all that vindictive back in my youth.
    Although I don’t want to believe it I think it more likely that ‘millenial’ women are only more open minded about men’s rights because they still have their youth and beauty.
    It is easy for a woman to have sympathy for men when men treat them like the center of the universe. But wait until they get older. See how much they care about men when men stop treating them special and start ACTUALLY treating them as equals.

  9. I actually disagree. I think that because Gen Y has been raised on feminism, they’re more skeptical of women getting preferential treatment because of their gender in the same way that they’re more skeptical of political correctness because that’s what was drilled into their heads ad nauseum.

    I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case with Millennial guys but it certainly is the case with Millennial women.

    I’ve noticed that X women react in a more vindictive manner when presented with Men’s Rights issues, they’re more likely to say “you all are just complaining because you lost your male privilege” or something like that. I also think that X women are more likely to respond to the needs of a male partner in a passive aggressive manner (causing drama, withholding sex etc) than Millennial women. I say this based on observations of relationships that Xers have compared to my own peers, and based on X men that I know who date Millennial women specifically because they don’t like how women their own age act.

    Millennial women are more likely to believe that men and women should have equal roles in a relationship. The issue for Men’s Rights and Millennials is further solidifying what ‘equal’ actually means in a legal sense. I think the best way to appeal to Millennials of both genders (speaking as one) would be to say ‘you guys believe that one person getting preferential treatment in a relationship is stupid right? So is it fair that when that relationship ends, it is the woman that is more likely to be awarded custody, and it is the man that is more likely to be stuck paying more CS than he can afford?’ I’m also worried that we might end up exactly like X once we’re older and have settled into relationships, especially if the laws aren’t changed by then.

    I’m guessing that most people on this subreddit are X, which makes sense because that’s the generation that is being screwed over the most by the preferential treatment that women are getting legally in relationship issues. I’m really hoping that by the time we’re your age, we’ll recognize the system for what it is. The reason why I’m an MRA is because I want the system to be changed before (god forbid) I ever have to go through it with an SO.

    the above post is a comment on reddit’s men’s right’s section by ForTomorrowWeDie.

  10. Yes, on the left we have big sister patriarchy, a socialist atheistic and materialistic morass of immorality.

    On the right, there’s Jihad islamicfundamentalism creeping across the world, aiding and abetting in the destruction of Western Christianity.

    In the middle is me.

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