closing down? MRA (Men’s right) support incarceration of men for normal male sexuality

The Antifeminist is ready to throw the towel. One of the lone sex positive MRA’s who oppose the long draconic prison terms for millions of men for doing things men have done for tens of thousands, if not millions of years:

  • having sex with fertile post pubertal 17 year old women or
  • looking at cave paintings of girls who could be under 18 years. 2 3

Well, it is time as antifeminism will be illegal hate speech all over the world

The antifeminist‘s biggest despair is the treason by the men’s rights movement, who support draconian prison terms for millions of men, and support ever growing sex offender lists …..

as long as pretty 25 year old female cheer leaders also get punished [4] for having sex with  220 pound 17 year old adolescent football player hunk vicims.  As the antifeminist would put it: equal injustice for all is the goal of most MRA.

Human-Stupidity encourage discussion in the comment section below. is ne of the last free unconsored places on the internet, after we got kicked out from AVoiceForMen and shadowbanned in Reddit. We appreciate free speech laws enshrined in the US constitution! Citing the  antifeminist’s despair.

The legislative creep of feminists is ultimately going to embrace us all, it will not stop of its own accord, and it will require an army of angry young men to defeat it.  After 6 years, it’s evident to me now that I can never hope to attract here an army of angry young men, and the best I will get is a handful of ungrateful, creepy, aspie young men who are more of a burden than an asset.

I have to stress that the word " angry" does not mean we support or call for violence.

The other reason for my despair is the evident reality that Paul Elam and his co-bandits have effectively killed the men’s rights movement and turned it into a mirror version of that very same corrupt feminist financial industry that we have been fighting.  Now, turning the MRM into a donations industry is not in itself a bad thing, given that we face an enemy with a trillion dollars of financial backing.  But as I said, they have simply created a mirror version of feminism, and in their ‘equality of injustice’ stupidity, and desire for ‘liberal progressive rights’ legitimacy, have chosen to adopt the same values of feminism and applied them to men (and boys) unable to grasp (or rather to admit) that those values were chosen because they served feminists and women, not men and boys.

Thus the MHRM, although still doing some very good things for men, is now financing itself, and trying to legitimize itself, through the forced abusive victim labeling of even 17 year old boys who have sex with partners 5 years older than themselves (who in most cases would be other men). And hand in hand with that goes the validation of the entire feminist abuse industry that is behind the never ending legislative creep that now sees almost 2 million men in the USA and Europe on the sex offenders register, increasingly under undeniably insane feminist anti-sex laws and facing ever more draconian and degrading punishments, both in prison and after.

And the real violent forcible rapists hide behind the inumerous consensual sex offenders, Who had sex with women that enthusiasticaly consented but were a bit drunk, or 17 years old.

But what is even worse, is that these ‘men’s human righVoicts activists’ appear to be supporting the feminist mind rape of teenage boys and validating the persecution of millions of decent men as a means to fund a lavish lifestyle for themselves :

We actually don’t mind if activists who dedicate their life to a good cause, get financial support from donations. We do mind if MRA’s actively attack, threaten, malign and ban other MRA’s (Men’s rights activists) fornot condoning the feminist sex crime industry.

I don’t want to share in any responsibility for the forced mental anguish of millions of boys, based only upon feminist logic and self-interest, nor for the real violent anal rape of potentially millions of men under injust feminist laws accepted and validated by these frauds and traitors.  I want to be able to sleep at night, and I don’t want to go to hell.  My journey in the men’s rights movement over the last 6 years has been one of ever greater disillusionment, and maybe its time to admit that the road is going nowhere.

We beg the antifeminist to continue. We offer to take over the site, and leave it dormant as a document, if he decides to rescind responsibility.


While being represseb by the men’s rights movement

We still have the support of a few respectable main stream people


These sex persecutions of men are accompanied with life long sex offender listings, vigilante death threats. As normal criminals hate "sex offenders", these male victims of feminist and religious zealot sex laws almost certainly will suffer beatings and ass rape in prison by HIV positive felons for crimes such as

These feminists and their MHRA don’t even mind increasing real sex abuse of children: Legalizing Child Pornography reduces child sex abuse crimes (Scientific study by Dr. Milton Diamond, U. Hawaii)



2013 Was Bad, 2014 Will Be Worse

The Worst of 2013

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Nordic Countries to criminalize antifeminist speech.

Criminalize anti-feminist statements in the public debate, just as hate speech is criminalized today. A tax-funded Nordic expert group of 35 experts on anti-feminism and right-wing extremism proposed this in a report to the Norwegian government.. N1

make-criticism-of-feminism-a-hate-crime-25.3.2013Opposing feminism will soon be a crime?

  1. Feminism already falsifies academic research, even with violence
  2. abolished  due process in legal proceedings against men
  3. re-introduced debtor’s prison.
  4. Feminism is now planning the final solution of the male question.

Soon all opponents of feminism  can be persecuted by the feminist grand inquisitor?

– We believe that the legislation is too weak to counter the wave of anti-feminist threats, says CEO Reforms Are Saastad to  Nyheter

Norway secretary of state is looking at the proposal favorably:

State Secretary Ahmad Ghani Zadeh believes that it is appropriate to punish threats and harassment based on sex, as proposed by the committee. […]

It is necessary to look at. I think it is a very good initiative that comes from expert committee, commenting Ghani Zadeh.

Though some utterances are gender neutral, we know that feminist threats and violence against men, are never opposed by courts and governments. On the contrary, women can avail themselves of proxy violence through police and common men.  With impunity they can engage in false rape accusations, defend Lorena Bobbitt, put men in debtor’s prison etc.

The proponents of the anti-anti-feminism laws honestly state that they fight ANTIFEMINISM

What is anti-feminism?

Reforms leader admits that the definition is difficult, but in the report they write the following:

Anti Feminism is:

  • attitude, behavior and action.
  • opposition to feminism and equality.
  • a desire to recreate a hierarchical social order in which heterosexual men are privileged.
  • resistance to challenge gender, sexuality and race categories. Nyheter

With such laws, University of Toronto feminists would not need to resort to violent blockades. Rather they could get Warren Farrell arrested, so he can not speak about male suicide and feminist repression. After all, he is against "equality", against quotas for less qualified women and against equal pay for unequal work. He also wants privilege for heterosexual men who choose more relevant career in STEM fields and work harder.

Men who harass, bully and threaten female debaters and feminists over the internet belong Into the category of "anti-feminists" . We can also include men debating equality through unfair and aggressive statements. NRK.NO

Women who harass, bully and threaten Erin Pizzey, of course, belong into the category of state sanctioned feminists. This is why feminist extremists  SCUM writers and "all men are rapists" hate authors are never mentioned nor prosecuted.

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Nordic Countries to criminalize antifeminist speech.
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“The Obedient Wives Club – Malaysia” ‘ Says, Good Sex Is A Wife’s Duty

An alternative to feminism.  Women who agree to continue the old fashioned way. Not only to obey the husband, but to actively make efforts to make him happy, to be their husband’s sex object and whore, to make him satisfied and thus bring peace and happiness to the home. Also to accept additional wives if they are not able to fully satisfy him.

Maybe an alternative to divorce and single families. Remember, this has worked successfully over tens of thousands of years, while 100 years of feminism seems to have destroyed the nuclear family and might cause Western civilization to die, due to lack of children.

Just food for thought. Not necessarily the official definite opinion of Human-Stupidity. But a refreshing alternative to militant feminism and marital quarrel.

Note that one could allow contractual freedom for marriage: The obedience issue can be settled in a kind of a pre-nup. If a feminist does not want to sign this, it is ok, as long as she finds a husband (like Prince Williams) who does not demand obedience as a condition for marriage.


“The Obedient Wives Club – Malaysia”


Club to coach wives to be ‘whores in bed’

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“The Obedient Wives Club – Malaysia” ‘ Say…
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Radical masculist manifesto: on equal terms with radical feminists

Radical masculism: a necessity to fight back against radical feminists on level playing field

Radical masculists are needed as the male self defense army against radical feminism’s onslaught

powerful feminists overpower meek chivalrous menA few scattered men’s rights activists  meekly voice protest against a few isolated examples of feminist injustice.,  Insufficient to  neutralize a 100 year long world wide concerted organized feminist press and policy drive has used lies, manipulation, repression, police power to ruthlessly roll back constitutional rights, the Magna Carta, due process. Feminism has changed the world into a medieval nightmare of laws stacked against men.

A level playing field is a concept about fairness, not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules Level Playing Field | Wikipedia

A radical masculist manifesto

We need radical masculists who, like radical feminists, are not shy to make preposterous demands

  1. Paternity fraud and birth control lies should be felonies.  Hard to prove? Invert the burden of proof:  "Men never lie about birth control".
  2. Drinking, smoking, overeating during pregnancy should be felony reckless endangerment of a fetus.
  3. Gender quotas in prison are urgently needed to get 51% female prisoners. We recommend stricter punishment for female felons and special mercy for male criminals. Gender is socially constructed: if there are 7 times more men in jail then women, then this clear gender discrimination needs to be remedied.
  4. Domestic violence against men is 98 % underreported (Tiger WoodsBill Clinton): "Has a women ever slapped you, shoved you, thrown an object at you"?
  5. Raise men’s awareness of rape: "Have you ever said ‘Stop, I am tired", or "Not now" and the woman did not stop that exact second"? Then you are a rape victim! 3 out of 5 men have been raped and are not even aware that they were victims of a crime.
  6. An infant can not consent to eating unhealthy food. Feeding health damaging food to an overweight non-consenting infant thus is felony "child poisoning".
  7. Sexual innuendo, bantering should be protected free speech
  8. Disdainful female rejections and typical put-downs ("loser", "nerd", "small dick") create a hostile work environment and are harassment.
  9. Freedom to buy and sell sexual services should be a universal human right
  10. Like priests and psychologists, prostitutes should have the professional duty to keep their clients secret. Spilling the beans about infidelity destroys families and thus is bad for the children. The press should be held to the same secrecy standards, as it was common during President J. F. Kennedy and still is customary in France. .
  11. Find an equally offensive motto equivalent to the feminist war cry: "all men are rapists". "All women are gold diggers" is not good enough, gold digging is not a felony. Maybe "all women are bank robbers". Just re-define "bank robbery" like feminists re-defined "rape", "consent", "child", and "pedophilia".

If all this looks absurd, read below how women not only demanded but actually enacted similarly absurd laws to control, punish and financially exploit men.

Once feminists totally and terminally disavow and ban lunatics like Andrea Dworkin and Valerie Solanas, rescind all unjust anti-male laws, then radical masculism can be put on the back burner. Until then, the bad cop radical masculist is needed to support and inspire the good cop pussyfooted men’s rights movement.  You can not fight a rabid terrorist hate group with flower power or reasoned moderate argument alone. You need a counter-force using methods as forceful as the perpetrator. Another example of failure of peaceful moderation was Neville Chamberlain’s attempt to appease Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany

"Man’s rights activists": chivalrous, respectfully striving for equality and justice

Men are friendly lap-dogs who love women and don't want to hurt or imprison women.  No match for rabid radical feminists attack dogsChivalrous men, who love women, deeply concerned with women’s well being, worried about justice, fairness, and honesty, desirous of equality and harmony, verbally voice concerns about inequalities.

  1. Men’s righters are a small group of scattered men who discuss issues and don’t do political activism.
  2. Men fighting for true equality (while the feminist side unabashedly wants perks, advantages, special protection)
  3. Men complaining about serious injustice and pain like prison terms, crippling financial family court verdicts, while feminist side cannot tolerate anything and whines about minute disturbances like objectifying gaze
  4. Men are scared to be called misogynist
  5. Men are chivalrous white knights who willingly yield to women. Willing to die in the Titanic letting women take life boats first.
  6. Men are forgiving towards women, hard against men. Many men have maimed or killed other men who unjustly were accused of rape

These men’s rights pussies are no match for feminists.

A bunch of friendly lap-dogs against an organized army of vicious man hating feminist attack dogs that fight unfair. No match.

Radical feminists successfully annul constitutional rights, due process, free speech

Feminist are powerful, ruthless, deadly like dangerous murderous dogsWomen (51% of the population) fighting as a cohesive group, led by extremist man hating radical feminists. These don’t just spout lunatic fringe theories.

Rather they successfully manipulate and brainwash women and men world wide to get sexist biased man-hating laws enacted in all nations. They garner support of the UN and the mainstream press. Radical feminist success is mind boggling.

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Radical masculist manifesto: on equal terms with radical feminists
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Sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder. No fright, no distress.

"Harassment" perceived as non-threatening isn’t distressing

 For women, sexual harassment was distressing when they saw it as frightening, but not when they saw it as bothersome. "We were surprised by this finding," Settles said. "We thought women would be negatively impacted if they saw their harassment as frightening or bothersome."[…]
Study Finds Surprising Gender Differences Related to Sexual Harassment |Science Daily

The same come-on perceived as non-threatening and thus non-threatening and non-traumaticSurprise. Open-minded researcher Isis H. Settles from Michigan State University and colleagues get unexpected results that don’t fit the feminist mold.

All depends on how the victim perceives the harassment. The enclosed two cartoons depicts how the same harassing behavior can elicit either shock and terror, or, in the second  picture, below, mild amusement.

This of course makes us wonder if the feminist hysteria is not self-fulfilling. Women in "macho" cultures, who were never indoctrinated in feminist hysteria and never knew that cat calls or invitation to sex were something frightening, don’t get distressed by such action.  So the solution to the harassment problem would be to empower women, not to get frightened easily.

Of course, undue influence using violence or strong coercion is something different.  Feminists tend to confound clearly violent illegal criminal rape and harassment with normal or slightly disturbing but non-violent and non-abusive behavior.

Definition of Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted gender-based comments or behaviors (Fitzgerald, 1996) with three subtypes. Gender harassment refers to behaviors that disparage an individual on the basis of her or his gender (e.g., comments that insult women s intelligence; comments regarding behaviors a real man would do). Unwanted sexual attention refers to unwanted touching or attempts to establish a sexual relationship (e.g., repeated requests for dates). Finally, sexual coercion refers to attempts to coerce a sexual relationship in exchange for job-related threats or benefits (e.g., promising a promotion if the target engages in sexual activities). Frightened or Bothered: Two Types of Sexual Harassment Appraisals

Maybe we are ill informed. It seems that mere looks (See Gervais’ "objectifying gaze"), compliments, innuendo, bantering is enough to qualify as sexual harassment.

Great unexpected results! Teasing and "harassing" in non-threatening environment is not frightening. Probably because Dr. Isis Settles’ subjects were not distraught feminist-indoctrinated damsels in college freshmen experiments but empowered women in the armed forces.

In other words: a creepy guy in a deserted forest coming on strong, that is frightening. Or your boss threatening to immediately fire you if you don’t yield to his/her advances. Workplace bantering mostly is not frightening but just bothersome. Like so many things in life. If a person gets frightened by workplace innuendo, then Human-Stupidity suggests to that  the problem is in the mind of the perceiver who feels frightened by harmless non-dangerous situations. 

Our feminist laws repress men and protect women like defenseless victims

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Sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder. No fright, no dis…
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Generation Y, raised on nothing but feminism, will be a nightmare for men.

“watch out for generation y, they will be a nightmare for men”.  Those feminist women who indicated Generation Y as being a nightmare for men are correct. Things have hit a tipping point in our culture by that time. Children from that generation onwards have been raised on nothing but feminism. By the time of Generation Y, feminists have taken over academia, media and the law, they control public discourse. Feminism by the time of Generation Y is more than a revolutionary movement; it is the culture itself. It is Western culture.

I repost this comment, because it is very scary and very shocking. The consequences of feminism are scary and shocking enough. It is very scary to imagine that this is just the beginning!  An entire generation grown up with feminist indoctrination from kindergarten to university. Feminist dogma, feminist thinking, feminist warped logic became part of their mind.

A scary article. Feminism has barely begun! It will take over completely. Due process will disappear even further for men.  Women will get even more power to get men evicted from their home and jailed for unproven accusations of rape and child abuse, jailed for non-payment of child support even if the child is not theirs, and worse.

Feminists think about these things. They plan generations ahead. I have heard many feminist women tell me “watch out for generation y, they will be a nightmare for men”.

Yes they do, well said. Radical feminism – the basis and instinct of all feminism – is based upon this sophisticated, long-term thinking approach. (Radical) feminism is about progressively eliminating all male power – oops, “the patriarchy”. Eliminating anything which could possibly lead to male power in any and all forms.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach per se – it’s necessary. What wrong is the group exercising this approach – feminist females – and that they are allowed free reign to do so. In the absence of masculinist men adopting a long term revolutionary radical mindset (to empower men and keep females in check), feminist females will instead adopt that approach. Life is zero sum; the battle of the sexes is real. (Christian/Enlightenment liberal philosophy about the possibility of universal equality and liberty is bunk.)

Likewise there’s nothing wrong with “social engineering” – the negative connotion it has among men’s rights types is unfounded.

Those feminist women who indicated Generation Y as being a nightmare for men are correct. Things have hit a tipping point in our culture by that time. Children from that generation onwards have been raised on nothing but feminism. By the time of Generation Y, feminists have taken over academia, media and the law, they control public discourse. Feminism by the time of Generation Y is more than a revolutionary movement; it is the culture itself. It is Western culture.

(Note that this phenomenon of feminism taking over the culture is exclusive to regions based on Liberal Democratic Capitalism.)

This comment was on Spearhead, and even on this men’s right site was voted down into invisible oblivion.  I am not sure how much I support the rest of the comment. I reposted the most interesting part.  So please go on reading the rest of the article on Analysis has shown that feminism and its laws are a prime example of warped thinking, unconscious distortions and manipulative speech. The fact that an entire generation grew up conditioned by feminist thinking is extremely scary to everybody who thinks that feminism has already gone overboard.

The effects can already be observed. Moderate men’s rights writers get kicked out of websites and, amazingly, even get kicked off men’s rights websites. Speaking against feminism might soon be included in hate laws and totally banned. Nowadays research on issues like adolescent and child sexuality is even more taboo than research about gender and race differences.

Hollywood movies glorify criminal heroes: how romantic!

Romantic Hollywood movies are full of illegal (criminal) actions, perpetrated by movie heroes, our role models!  Interestingly, most of these illegalities are considered highly romantic (when perpetrated by a heartthrob movie star)

When done in real life, many of the tricks used by onscreen singletons to successfully woo potential lovers can get you put away for a long time.

  1. Pranking a Rival by Doctoring His Drink
  2. Defending Her Honor – With Your FISTS
  3. Watching Your True Love From the Bushes (stalking)
  4. Just Tie The Guy Up (rape committed by females is romantic)
  5. “Oh, It Was You I Was Having Sex With!” (sex by deception)
  6. Dashing Through Airport Security to Declare Your Love
    Source: Romantic Movie Gestures That Can Get You Prison Time

It is fun to read all the details and examples:
Romantic Movie Gestures That Can Get You Prison Time

If a man tied up a woman, with no explicit consent: 10 years jail time
Man tied up to be raped by a woman (in mainstream movie)

Do these movies send us wrong messages? Do they mis-educate us and our kids? Should they be prohibited for minors? Or are our laws wrong and the movies are right? Tough questions!

Hollywood glorifies ILLEGAL violent actions perpetrated by handsome role models …. but photos and movies of LEGAL acts are child pornography

Hollywood glorifies ILLEGAL violent actions perpetrated by handsome role models …

Our inborn insticts are not acceptable in laws of the modern world. This has good reasons. Genocide and ethnical cleansing can be found not only in the holy Bible, but even in chimpanzee colonies in the wild. Overreacting in self defense is a deterrent to thugs, but nowadays gets victims of bullying and robbery into jail. Of course, occasionally, the old illegal method would work as well or better. Vigilanteism and lynching, in the past, helped to maintain order.

In Hollywood movie clearly illegal and dangerous actions are perpetrated by the hero! Not just by the villains, but by the beloved and adored hero that serves as model for adults and children alike. I always wondered why the hero never makes a police report, but rather solves his problems with his fists and guns. What a role model for our gullible children!

Wait, there is more! This article continues! Continue reading “Hollywood movies glorify criminal heroes: how romantic!” »
Hollywood movies glorify criminal heroes: how romantic!
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Lorena Bobbit forgives her husband (she cut off his manhood 16 years ago)

The woman that mutilated her husband,  cut off her husband’s dick and threw it out of the car window, forgave her husband, after the husband expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness .  And poor Lorena stressed how much her husband had hurt her.  No remorse. Yes. You are reading right! The mutilator did not ask forgiveness, no, she forgave!  Must see the video.

The back story: In June of 1993 after having a fight, Lorena cut off her husband’s manhood with a knife while he was asleep, then fled and threw it out of her car window. Later, Lorena’s trial was carried live, and after the stunning testimony, she was ultimately found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity.

This is how far feminist inequality attitudes and laws got us.  Can you imagine a man that mutilates his wife, cuts off her breasts, gets acquitted.  And then shows no remorse but demands and gets an excuse from his victim? The final proof for gender inequality in our days. Men can be castrated, arrested. And women who cut off her husband’s dick get no punishment and demand excuse for his insensitivity!

“[At] our own wedding reception, he left me alone,” says Lorena. “We didn’t have a honeymoon, so to speak, because you left me at our own wedding to flirt with girls.”

“Basically I learned to be a pick-up artist when I was married,” says John, “and that’s something I shouldn’t have done.”

“I’m really sorry,” adds John in a bombshell apology. “There was a lot of neglect there; I wasn’t there for you. You needed me to be there. I wasn’t emotionally, physically — it was a very confusing hard time you went through.”

“That means a lot to me,” says Lorena. “I forgive you, but I never forget. I’m not angry anymore. I’m free. I remember the things, that past hurt, and obviously it hurts you too.”

This is why men get repressed by women. No man says anything. No man’s movement!  If it were the other way around, the entire world press would be up in arms. Headlines all over. Feminists calling news rooms, making demonstration, heads of government making statements. But a man getting mutilated by a women? Serves him right, he deserves it. Womanizer. Hurt her feelings.

Does this need a Human-Stupidity analysis?

Feminists managed to totally pervert laws, and the general human undersanding of law, order and justice.  As I said in other posts, female capacities to subvert press, organisations and public opinion is nothing more then awe inspiring.  Men are stupid victims of the common unconscious manipulation.

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  1. When a “Rape” is not a Rape! The Abuse of the word “Rape”. & the Perversion of Language
  2. Supreme Court oks indefinite detention for possession of photos. But violent robbers get freed.
  3. Teenage Sexuality
  4. Years of Jail for “clicking on child porn link”. But cutting off her husband’s dick entitles to an excuse
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