Kachelmann trial: Jörg Kachelmann’s court verdict May 31. Not guilty?

The verdict in the Jörg Kachelmann rape trial in Germany will be out on May 31. Human Stupidity plans to report as soon as possible.

132 days in jail, 43 days in court, starting September 6, 10 expert witnesses, several ex-girlfriends as witnesses. Only vague circumstantial evidence. No proof. Jörg Kachelmann rape trial without evidence but with clear prosecutor misconduct, victim’s lies.  Unfortumately, the public was excluded from major parts of the trial, thus nobody really knows all the relevant details of the case.

The world press reported the beginning of the trial and then just shut up and ignored it. Certainly they will report on the verdict.The German press reports in detail about Kachelmann.

The prosecution demands 4 years and 3 months, the defense wants an acquittal.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

All this messy court case, career destruction, jail time, ruinous cost for defense and expert witnesses is due only to

  1. removal of due process from our court system in rape and child abuse accusations.
  2. the lie that "all men are rapists". If it were not for the feminine myth that all men are rapists, the burden of proof would be really high to think that such a man would, out of a sudden, violently rape a woman at knife point:  A famous, well known, civilized and non-violent man that has a dozen girl friends and millions of female fans he could pick sex partners from.

German press reports about the Kachelmann rape case.

  1. Joerg Kachelmann | Die Zeit

  2. Topic Kachelmann | Der Spiegel

  3. Bild.de, about Kachelmann: the rainbow press paper hired arch-feminist Alice Schwarzer and tends to be anti-Kachelmann.

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