Not guilty verdict in Jörg Kachelmann (false?) rape accusation trial

The Mannheim District Court acquitted Jörg Kachelmann from the rape charge due to lack of evidence – but there is no peace in sight: Kachelmann’s defending lawyer, Schwenn, harshly criticized the court, women’s rights activists also criticize the trial and Alice Schwarzer demands respect for the moderator’s ex-girlfriend.

The verdict is not yet final, the criminal investigation department will decide whether to appeal the verdict within the week (Der Spiegel)

Die Zeit speaks of a second-class acquittal, saying the 5th criminal division of Mannheim’s District Court […]

‘spared no efforts in trying to support the accusation of rape made by the (moderator’s) ex-girlfriend. However, it failed to do so, on the contrary, the further into the case hearing, the suspicious facts dissipated. And finally, after hearing all witnesses and questioning all experts, the judge only had one option: an acquittal.’

The verdict is "Not guilty" for Jörg Kachelmann

If in doubt, decide for the accused. Jörg Kachelmann was acquitted of the charges of having raped his ex-girl friend. According to the Mannheim court, there was not enough evidence to convict. It was not proven that the 52 year old Kachelmann had threatened the woman with a knife and raped her, in February 2010, after a relationship argument.

Presiding judge Michael Seidling said, the judgment is not based on the court being convinced of Kachelmann’s innocence, nor convinced of a false rape accusation by the accuser. A man could not be convicted by mere suspicion. That suspicion was diminished during the trial, but not totally disproved.

Kachelmann will be indemnified for his time in jail, and the court cost will be paid by the government.

Finally, the international press starts reporting. But no major details

The German press report in great detail. Even rainbow press has valuable information

Kachelmann ACQUITTED of rape charge

Kachelmann pensive, his lawyer smiling
Court: in dubio pro reo – star lawyer criticized

The Mannheim District Court has acquitted Jörg Kachelmann of the rape charges placed against him by his ex-girlfriend. It was, however an acquittal due to want of evidence, and this was clearly reflected in the verdict summary: “Today’s acquittal is not based on the fact that the court is convinced of Mr Kachelmann’s innocence and, conversely, of the joint plaintiff having made a false accusation. However, after recording the evidence there is reasonable doubt about Mr Kachelmann’s guilt. He is hence to be acquitted in accordance with the ‘in dubio pro reo’ principle.“ […]

The court also said that the suspicious facts had lost in strength, but not disappeared” during the trial. […]

Kachelmann is to be indemnified for the time he was held in remand. The legal cost will be borne by the state. The 52-eyar old seemed petrified before the verdict was announced. […]

The victims‘ support organisation Weißer Ring now fear that victims will chose not to report a rape, said its spokesman.

Depite the acquittal, Kachelmann will not return to the ARD. “As long as the case has not been closed and verdict is not final, we see no reason to decide on this” an ARD spokesperson said.

The joint plaintiff is considering appealing against the verdict. […]

Chief Judge Michael Seidling said: “We are convinced of having made the correct decision from a judicial point of view. But we are not satisfied by it. We are releasing the accused and the joint plaintiff with a potentially permanent suspicion; him of being a potential rapist, and her of being a potentially vengeful liar. (…)” […]

[Feminist} Alice Schwarzer: One must continue respecting the potential victim. Maybe she said the truth, maybe she did not. One can not know.

Justice  has NOT been done yet

Justice has not been done yet.  A strange accusation ruined the life of a successful prominent man. In typical fashion, as it exists only in rape accusations, he was jailed for 4 months, on the mere accusation of a single woman, with not a shred of proof.  His girl friend of over 10 years was allegedly raped exactly on the day she allegedly found out he was unfaithful and they split, after an argument. 

In typical fashion, where an accuser’s prior history is taboo, his entire prior love and sex life was discussed publicly before the eyes of an entire nation. His other ex-girlfriends were interviewed by the court, and by the press, for pay.

Even though these women had absolutely no knowledge about that fateful night when this normal though womanizing man suddenly became a criminal animal, lost all control and violently raped a woman under the threat of a knife (or maybe he didn’t?). We see such alleged sudden criminal loss of self control in a powerful man in the Strauss-Kahn rape accusations.  

Kachelmann’s ex girl friends could not have any first hand knowledge of what happened on that night of the alleged rape.

In a case where all depended on the accuser’s word, the fact that she was called blatantly insistently lying did not reduce her credibility in the eyes of the prosecution., On the contrary, the prosecution added a few lies of their own, claiming that expert witnesses gravely implicated Kachelmann, when in reality their testimony provided exculpatory evidence, pointing to self inflicted injuries. Strangely, photos with bruises in the same location as the rape-evidence-bruises were found on her computer, raising suspicion that she "trained" applying the same bruises long before the alleged rape.

In spite of all the lack of evidence, the accused spent a few more moths in jail. Then the trial continued, draining the accused’s financial and psychological resources.

Human-Stupidity Analysis

All this messy court case, career destruction, jail time, ruinous cost for defense and expert witnesses is due only to

  1. removal of due process from our court system in rape and child abuse accusations.
  2. the lie that "all men are rapists". If it were not for the feminine myth that all men are rapists, the burden of proof would be really high to think that such a man would, out of a sudden, violently rape a woman at knife point:  A famous, well known, civilized and non-violent man that has a dozen girl friends and millions of female fans he could pick sex partners from. The Strauss-Kahn rape accusations follow similar patterns. More about men’s rights.

German press reports about the Kachelmann rape case.

  1. Joerg Kachelmann | Die Zeit

  2. Topic Kachelmann | Der Spiegel

  3., about Kachelmann: the rainbow press paper hired arch-feminist Alice Schwarzer and tends to be anti-Kachelmann.

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7 thoughts on “Not guilty verdict in Jörg Kachelmann (false?) rape accusation trial”

  1. Was this a jury trial or one of those 3 judge tribunals?
    And apparently even after finding him not guilty the judge couldn’t help saying that he could still be guilty and he’s also implying that the false accuser is not totally to blame! Read it carefully.

  2. Lots of interesting links, unfortunately all in German

    Pro-Kachelmann Blog that delivers amazing details why Kachelmann has been treated unfairly and there is clear evidence that the accuser made false accusations. If she is right, then he has a good case to sue her for false accusations

    Kachelmanns treueste Bloggerin Der Spiegel writing an article about the above blogger.

    Unschuldig in Stammheim a proven false child rape case. The man spent 77 days in a hard prison (made for terrorists) for a rape accusation that was obviously false. In his store there was no chair, no curtain, nor a latch at the door, all items prominent in the description by the alleged victim with an IQ of 51.

    Und das wollen Journalisten sein? | FAZ an article very critical of the attitude of the press regarding the Kachelmann trial


    Die Angst der Richter vor dem klaren Wort Der Spiegel was always partial to the accused. FAZ accuses them of partiality. But the case was so absurd, the accuser lied and was proven wrong by the experts, over and over,  that partiality is justice. Der Spiegel says that the court was afraid to say the truth, that the accusation was false

    From a commentator at InMalaFide

    The ultra-feminist Sueddeutschezeitung in Munich makes it very clear that they are deeply disappointed in today’s events:

    First article: “Set Free – And lots of Questions” with a photo of what looks like a guilty man, instead of a proper photo of the innocent man looking happy or relieved after an unfair ordeal.

    Second article: “With this the worst fears of women are confirmed” with a text that says that women will be less likely to report rape now.

    It says that *all* German rape victims are now insecure and bitter because of today’s decision which “puts into question whether a woman might be telling the truth or not about a rape that happened to her.”

    Yes, the SZ was really writing that it is somehow shameful that anyone might ponder on whether a rape accuser might have a reason to lie.

    Try your own translation. Any way you slice it, this newspaper is a Marxist rag.

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