Nordic Countries to criminalize antifeminist speech.

Criminalize anti-feminist statements in the public debate, just as hate speech is criminalized today. A tax-funded Nordic expert group of 35 experts on anti-feminism and right-wing extremism proposed this in a report to the Norwegian government.. N1

make-criticism-of-feminism-a-hate-crime-25.3.2013Opposing feminism will soon be a crime?

  1. Feminism already falsifies academic research, even with violence
  2. abolished  due process in legal proceedings against men
  3. re-introduced debtor’s prison.
  4. Feminism is now planning the final solution of the male question.

Soon all opponents of feminism  can be persecuted by the feminist grand inquisitor?

– We believe that the legislation is too weak to counter the wave of anti-feminist threats, says CEO Reforms Are Saastad to  Nyheter

Norway secretary of state is looking at the proposal favorably:

State Secretary Ahmad Ghani Zadeh believes that it is appropriate to punish threats and harassment based on sex, as proposed by the committee. […]

It is necessary to look at. I think it is a very good initiative that comes from expert committee, commenting Ghani Zadeh.

Though some utterances are gender neutral, we know that feminist threats and violence against men, are never opposed by courts and governments. On the contrary, women can avail themselves of proxy violence through police and common men.  With impunity they can engage in false rape accusations, defend Lorena Bobbitt, put men in debtor’s prison etc.

The proponents of the anti-anti-feminism laws honestly state that they fight ANTIFEMINISM

What is anti-feminism?

Reforms leader admits that the definition is difficult, but in the report they write the following:

Anti Feminism is:

  • attitude, behavior and action.
  • opposition to feminism and equality.
  • a desire to recreate a hierarchical social order in which heterosexual men are privileged.
  • resistance to challenge gender, sexuality and race categories. Nyheter

With such laws, University of Toronto feminists would not need to resort to violent blockades. Rather they could get Warren Farrell arrested, so he can not speak about male suicide and feminist repression. After all, he is against "equality", against quotas for less qualified women and against equal pay for unequal work. He also wants privilege for heterosexual men who choose more relevant career in STEM fields and work harder.

Men who harass, bully and threaten female debaters and feminists over the internet belong Into the category of "anti-feminists" . We can also include men debating equality through unfair and aggressive statements. NRK.NO

Women who harass, bully and threaten Erin Pizzey, of course, belong into the category of state sanctioned feminists. This is why feminist extremists  SCUM writers and "all men are rapists" hate authors are never mentioned nor prosecuted.

Antifeminism Might Become Illegal in the Nordic Countries

By Henry Laasanen 03.29.2013

The Nordic Council has received recommendations from the expert panel to forbid antifeminist speech in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway).

The “Expert panel” was full of radical feminists and profeminist men.

The report is written in the Nordic languages (except Finnish) and some parts in English.

In the report antifeminist speech and right-wing extremist hate speech towards immigrants are treated as a part of the same movement.

MRM is labeled as part of right-wing extremism.

The report has an English summary (page 35).

  1. Antifeminist Threats and Harassment must be made Illegal (We recommend that the Nordic governments ensure that threats and harassment on the basis of gender are made illegal. Hate speech online must be prosecuted similarly to hate speech in other public spheres.)
  2. Low threshold services for reporting threats and Harassment must be established (We recommend that the Nordic governments establish a low threshold service for reporting antifeminist and extremist threats and harassment. )
  3. Annual national surveys of anti-feminism must be implemented.
  4. Research on anti feminism must be prioritized.
  5. Increasing equality and anti-discrimination requires the change to Masculinist standards
  6. Measures to aid marginalized men and boys should be implemented.
  7. Anti-feminism should be part of the Equality officers’ activity area.
  8. The press must take care of their responsibilities against antifeminism (The media must ensure that it has the competence to meet extreme actors without legitimizing them or their opinions. Editors of online comments’ fields have a special responsibility to ensure that their users are not made targets of threats and harassment, and that xenophobic and antifeminist sentiments are not fuelled or legitimized.)
  9. Cooperation on antifeminism between countries and groups must continue.
  10. Interdisciplinary Nordic anti-feminist conference should be conducted.  […]

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7 thoughts on “Nordic Countries to criminalize antifeminist speech.”

  1. Feminists can’t stand the logics by anti-feminists and now they are trying to silent the group speaking the truth. Because this is the only way the irrational movement ( feminism ) would continue. Pathetic. If anti-feminism is hate-speech, then feminism is worse than it, demonizing all men as rapists, deadbeat dads, wife beaters, women haters and so on. So feminism should be banned first before anti-feminism. Truth hurts, feminists. If you can’t stand the truth, dont shout out loud that you are standing for equality.

  2. Anti-Feminism isn’t about opposition of equal rights, it’s about EQUAL RIGHTS. Feminists push things to far and act as though women are superior to men, are always right, are always innocent, and are above reproach.

    This is what we are against. My gf is very pro equal rights, and even SHE thinks feminists are fascists

  3. 3. Annual national surveys of anti-feminism must be implemented.

    and if it comes back that more than 50% hate feminists by now, what does that mean in a democracy? Hypothetically speaking, ofcourse..

    1. @Eric: very true.

      The fraud is pervasive, supported by unscientific academics like “women’s studies” and part (not all) of anthropology and sociology.

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