Over 40% of rape accusations are false

10 Reasons False Rape Accusations are Common by AVoiceForMaleStudents is a very detailed analysis that lists most evidence, be it scientific data or statements by unbiased experts in the field.

police will occasionally show off-the-cuff candor. After investigating a woman’s claim that turned out to be false, Captain Randy Lewis of Rexburg PD told reporters that “we run into that all the time” [2]. After a similar investigation Captain Lynn Mitchell of the U Police said “Rape is a very ugly, violent crime which law enforcement and the community take very seriously. However, there are many fraudulent reports of rape each year” [3].

After a woman falsely accused a man of rape in Orlando, FL, police told local news reporters that false reporting “has reached an epidemic level” [4]. They then made a point to ask the community stop making so many false rape claims because it was draining precious resources from the criminal justice system [5].

Sgt. Sandra Tomeo of Plano PD told reporters for the Plano Star Courier that false rape accusations were “a common occurrence,” citing numbers indicating that ~47% of rape accusations made to Plano, TX police were demonstrably false [6].

Rarely do we discuss the large number of men that are in prison because they could NOT prove their innocence against a false rape accusation. There is no due process in rape accusations, so many men are in prison because they were not lucky enough to videotape the sex act, or to get a loving kiss by the lying victim right in front of a surveillance camera.

Add to this the men that are in prison due to absurd feminist re-definition of *rape. Regret is not rape: lessons from an old-school Feminist

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, detective Dougie Shaw said:

We have anything up to four or five reports of rape every weekend but a large number of complaints turn out to be something else with some not thinking about the consequences of false allegations. But we always take allegations of rape seriously and do everything we can to gather evidence.

Most weekends we also have a report from somebody saying their drink has been spiked with rohypnol – while we have had cases where women have been drugged these are extremely rare. We actually have significantly less genuine rape cases than those reported so it is important to consider the percentage of bona fide reports when looking at conviction statistics, which appear low because they encompass all reports  [7].

Barbara C. Johnson, a former attorney with ~20 years experience and an advisor to the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Bicentennial Committee, also describes the rate of false rape accusations as being excessively high in her book Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice [10].

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2 thoughts on “Over 40% of rape accusations are false”

  1. And women ask themselves “where have all the good men gone?” as a predatory legal system with scarcely more credibility than a mideval witch hunt presents women with a large financial incentive to falsely accusing men of everything from rape to domestic violence. Not to mention the fact that the women who do this are hurting other women who really are the victims of violence by consuming the resources that would have otherwise been available to them, but which were instead decoyed and thus wasted on the false accuser. Maybe we need to start putting rape accusers under oath so they face perjury charges if/when their lie is discovered. Weeding out the false accusers can only help female victims of violence.

  2. Rape is a very unusual crime in that it can only be committed by men; it is also a crime that can only be committed against women, specifically against their chastity.

    Personally (and professionally) I have come across a fair number of women who claim that they were raped. Perhaps my experience is atypical but none of those cases, when I look at the alleged facts calmly and rationally, are even faintly plausible as Rape.

    Women (and usually less attractive women) have copious and varied reasons why they are motivated to claim that they have been Raped, aside from the prospect of Financial Compensation. As Rape is an offence against Chastity, rejecting your lovers advances or changing your mind whilst engaging in sexual intercourse are respectively neither Attempted Rape nor Rape. I also take the view (a view which until twenty years ago no one had ever doubted) that the concept of Marital Rape is as incoherent as the concept of the Married Bachelor.

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