Sex Offenders one third of prisoners, suffer bullying


HM Inspectorate of Prisons found evidence of bullying at HMP Moorland, and “limited provision for the third of prisoners who were sex offenders” antifeminist citing BBC


Too many "sex offenders" in prison

33%, approximately, of prison inmates in a British prison are sex offenders!!!? I do hope this is an atypical prison and sex offenders do not yet constitute a third of all British prisoners.

The THIRD of prisoners who were sex offenders are likely to disproportionally suffer from bullying. In Brazil it is a known fact that true gangsters hate rapists and make them into their "women", give them a taste of their own medicine.

Too much inhumane prison bullying towards sex offenders.

Be they true forcible sex offenders or consensual offenders with no real victims, sex offenders tend to be singled out.

"Bullying" by groups of hard core prison gangs is unlike your high school bullying experience, or unlike sexual harassment or date rape. 

And possibly, the bullies are of the majority prison race that hates you for your race too.


What percentage of imprisoned sex offenders are REAL FORCIBLE non-consensual sex offenders in the classic sense?

Who were proven, beyond reasonable doubt, with due process, to have raped a resisting woman?

The majority of sex offenders probably committed victimless crimes. Crimes that were crimes only by the \voodoo theory  derived from feminist falsified science. Crimes that were invented recently, in the last half century. Crimes against *consenting victims

For example, crimes against willing post-pubertal adolescents, teen sex  with consenting 15 year olds. Or crimes against binge drinking women who later blame men for their own sexual choices. Or men who, in the privacy of their home, looked at illegal pictures.

So let us say, one in 4 British prisoners (at least in that one prison) is there for a victimless sex crime. In the midst of ?? percent of victimless drug offenders, drug consumers and non-violent small drug runners who at least enjoy due process.

And the remainder are 50% hard core violent criminals, gang bangers, murderers, people you would not want to meet in a subway train, much less be locked together with.

And these people hate "rapists" even more then MHRA do. And like MHRA, they don’t quite understand the difference between rape rapists and *consensual rapist. Feminist language manipulation causes such confusion on purpose

Andrew Neilson from the Howard League for Penal Reform said: "Moorland is still a dangerous and intimidating place. Almost a fifth of prisoners feel unsafe and there are high levels of victimization and bullying.  BBC

True violent gangsters bully and rape non-violent victimless "sex offenders"

The problem with bullying is that it goes the wrong way. Pretty adolescent boys who had consensual sex with the girl friend, or shy nerdy child porn consumers will not bully hard core robber gangs.

Rather the shy, non-violent a-social loners will be victimized by the violent anti-social gangs.

An acquaintance of mine, accused of abusing a 15 year old girl, was in a prison cell with career criminal gang members. At that very moment, a famous anti-crime TV program railed against him. And yes, there was a TV in the cell, or nearby. One of the gang bangers in my acquaintance’s’ prison cell said "I have a 15 year old daughter". After some serious beating the alleged sex criminal was saved by the guards.

"Perhaps most concerning is the fact that, although one in three prisoners at Moorland has been convicted of a sexual offence, the prison failed to offer a single course designed to tackle that behaviour." BBC

We can argue the necessity and usefulness of such indoctrination in the case of non-violent "sex offenders" who victimized  consenting adolescents. Maybe forcible true sex offenders can be helped. It is sad that feminist language manipulation blurred our capacity to differentiate between such totally different crimes as forcible rape of young children and *consensual sex with willing 17 year old children.

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