Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich forced to resign for opposing gay marriage

Brandan Eich donated US$ 1000 to proposition 8 that won the majority of the votes! That un-PC action was his undoing. 

Brendan Eich’s Resignation: Did Mozilla CEO Step Down Because Of A ‘Gay Mafia’?

A number of political pundits have expressed their disapproval over the surprise resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich after news of his support of a 2008 anti-gay marriage campaign came to light.

Last week, Bill Maher stirred the pot even more, suggesting that Eich’s resignation was the result of pressure from a "gay mafia." Not surprisingly, Maher’s remarks have since sparked heated social media debate — and some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates say his words are ripe for misinterpretation.


"What happened in the Brendan Eich situation was actually not as a result of pressure that came from within the LGBT movement," said Freedom to Marry‘s John Becker, who’s also a HuffPost Gay Voices blogger. Noting that Maher has been an outspoken ally to the LGBT community in the past, he added, "This is all about internal pressure from within the Mozilla community itself."

Brendan supported the majority opinion, the proposition that won the popular vote. For this he got mobbed. PC is so pervasive, the gay lobby did not need to act, the political correctness crown acted on their own.

"Inequality: California’s Proposition 8 essentially banned same-sex couples from getting married until it was deemed unconstitutional2

Activist and political consultant Scott Wooledge echoed those sentiments, saying that Eich’s resignation was partly due to "pre-existing opposition" from within the Mozilla group, as evidenced by the fact that three board members stepped down ahead of the CEO’s appointment.


Human-Stupidity Analysis:

Though shalt not oppose gay marriage


The slightest opposition to the complete full unabridged gay agenda gets punished. Teachers get dismissed for opposing teaching homosexuality

Putin’s Olympics almost got boycotted for his opposition to indoctrinate minors with homosexual propaganda.  Political correctness always goes a slippery slope. Protect gays from violence was the noble initial motivation. Preventing free speech of people who want to restrict any privilege of gays is the end result. And hate speech laws that formally punish free speech and thought crimes, under the guise of preventing true hate speech that calls for violent action.

PC is amazing: in the 1970’s there were two movements. One to legalize homosexuality and sodomy, and the other to legalize adolescent/child sex.  Homosexuality became a protected activity, so much that any doubt is a thought crime. Pedophilia became the worst of all crimes, so everything even remotely connected to it is totally taboo (child porn, teenage sexuality) and a thought crime. The age of consent goes upwards, world wide, so even harmless natural post-pubertal sex of 17 year old "children" and their photos become more and more criminalized.



Hypocrisy – The LGBT activists held the belief that they would boycott Firefox if Eich was not fired for opposing same-sex marriage 6 years ago, yet have no problem to continue using another program in which he owns the rights.

namely JavaScript. Boycotting ubiquitous JavaScript would bring down almost all web sites.  Another comment suggests:

I wonder if all those complaining will also give up using JavaScript which was built by this supposedly "bad, hateful" man. If not then once again the hypocrisy of the LGBT fascists is exposed along with their bigotry.

Sure, he was fired for a thought crime. For opposing a change ten thousand year old policy about what constitutes marriage.

Fascism – The LGBT activists have shown disdain for human rights, intellectualism and individuality of Eich 



Mozilla names interim CEO in wake of Eich controversy

Forbes is politically correct and supports that Eich was bullied out of the job for which he was highly qualified.


Eich, who created JavaScript and also co-founded the Mozilla Corporation, was named CEO March 24. Soon after, controversy erupted over his $1,000 donation to support Proposition 8, which was passed by California voters in November 2008. Some Mozilla employees publicly called for his resignation, as did the dating site OKCupid.

Eich refused to discuss his personal views and said that he would not resign in an interview published Wednesday by the Guardian newspaper. “So I don’t want to talk about my personal beliefs because I kept them out of Mozilla all these 15 years we’ve been going,” he was quoted as saying. “I don’t believe they’re relevant.”

Mozilla appoints new CEO after gay marriage controversy

Mozilla has appointed former marketing man Chris Beard as interim CEO following the controversial resignation of his newly-appointed predecessor over his donation to an anti-gay marriage campaign

The open source advocacy group and creator of the Firefox browser, Mozilla, has appointed former marketing man Chris Beard as interim chief executive after a newly-promoted boss was forced to resign over his controversial donation to an anti-gay marriage campaign.

Brendan Eich was promoted to the top job from chief technology officer and had a long history with Mozilla dating back to before its formation from Netscape, having worked on the Navigator browser in the 90s and creating JavaScript in a marathon, ten-day programming session in 1995.

But controversy erupted over a $1,000 donation he made in 2008 to support California’s Proposition 8, which opposed gay marriage. The donation was listed in a public database with Mozilla appearing next to Eich’s name as his employer.

Despite a blog post by Eich in which he said he wanted to "express my sorrow at having caused pain" and promised an "active commitment to equality" at Mozilla, employees were unconvinced. Chris McAvoy, who leads Mozilla’s Open Badges project, took to Twitter to call for the new chief executive to stand down and said that he had been "disappointed" by his promotion. The tweet was soon echoed by other Mozilla staff.

Independent developer Hampton Catlin also wrote a blog post announcing that the company founded by him and his husband would no longer support Mozilla: "As a gay couple who were unable to get married in California until recently, we morally cannot support a Foundation that would not only leave someone with hateful views in power, but will give them a promotion and put them in charge of the entire organization.


  1. Caution Warranted on a Mozilla Boycott

    American Thinker (blog) ‎- 3 days ago

    After the recent resignation of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, many high-profile conservative commentators (such as Charles Krauthammer and Dennis Prager) have called for a boycott of Mozilla products, especially the Firefox browser.  Twitter also has an active #BoycottFirefox hashtag thread. 

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OkCupid urges boycott of Mozilla over CEO’s gay marriage views

Dating website OKCupid tells users to boycott Mozilla search engine over hiring of CEO who supported California’s ban on gay marriage




Mozilla CEO’s Resignation Sparks Debate In Silicon Valley

(Reuters) – Tech workers in Silicon Valley debated on Friday whether Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich got the comeuppance he deserved or was himself a victim of intolerance when he resigned under pressure this week amid outrage over his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Some, especially a dating website that had urged its users to boycott Mozilla’s popular Firefox web browser, cheered Eich’s resignation after less than two weeks as CEO of the nonprofit software company. Others viewed him as a victim and called his critics intolerant of people with different views.

Mozilla co-founder Eich, who invented the programming language JavaScript, donated $1,000 in 2008 to support Proposition 8, which sought to ban same-sex marriage in California. Voters approved the measure, but it was struck down in U.S. federal court.

Eich did not respond to requests for comment on Friday, but he had posted an apology on his blog before he resigned for the pain his stance had caused. His views about gay marriage had been known within Mozilla for nearly two years, but controversy erupted after he was appointed CEO in late March.

Rarebit founders Hampton and Michael Catlin, a gay developer couple, pulled their software apps from Mozilla after Eich’s appointment., the online dating site, called for a boycott of Firefox. Some on Twitter who identified themselves as Mozilla employees called for Eich to resign.

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

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6 thoughts on “Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich forced to resign for opposing gay marriage”

  1. Here in the US, this so-called ‘gay rights’ issue is turning into a new witch hunt. Opposing or supporting it has become like a socio-political litmus test.

  2. “PC is amazing: in the 1970′s there were two movements. One to legalize homosexuality and sodomy, and the other to legalize adolescent/child sex.”

    The two movements weren’t actually altogether seperate – many, or even most, homosexual advocates took it for granted that legalalizing adolescent/adult (gay) sex was part of what it meant to legalize homosexuality.

    Until homosexuality was de-criminalized, it’s arguable that there was no such thing as homosexuality, but rather pederastry. I doubt very much if the early gay rights campaigners saw themselves as fighting for the right to spend an entire life married to another gay man the same age as themselves.

    And the obvious reason why ‘PC is amazing’ is because feminists needed to validate (adult) homosexuality in order to pursue a brutal war against adolescent sexuality (and which homosexuals arguably suffer from as co-lateral damage more than even heterosexaul men).

  3. “PC is amazing: in the 1970′s there were two movements. One to legalize homosexuality and sodomy, and the other to legalize adolescent/child sex. Homosexuality became a protected activity, so much that any doubt is a thought crime. Pedophilia became the worst of all crimes, so everything even remotely connected to it is totally taboo (child porn, teenage sexuality) and a thought crime.”

    Doubting homosexuality isn’t a thoughtcrime yet like viewing CP or doubting the holocaust in which you can actually go to prison for it. Right now it’s a unpopular non-pc view that can cause you to be socially ostracized and lose your job. But it might become a full-blown thoughtcrime yet, the way things are going.

    During the 1970’s the movement to legalize adolescent/child sex was mostly composed of gay men with NAMBLA in North America and PIE in Britain. Perhaps this is because in the 70’s the pedo-hysteria wasn’t what it is today and it wasn’t as taboo for men to like adolescent girls but it was an opportunity for cops to imprison gay men who liked adolescent boys. Perhaps this is why the alliance between the two movements started out so strong and then weakened as the anti-pedo hysteria became stronger and targeted more straight men.

    Homosexual history is deeply rooted in pederasty; in fact, without pederasty homosexuals virtually have no history left at all, a fact that the gay lobby conveniently ignores. They will pay lip-service to people like Oscar Wilde and what a great homosexual he was without ever mentioning the fact that he liked boys because they can’t dare be associated with pedos anymore so they have to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

    Same can be said about heterosexuals today, and if anything they are worse. They will demand a man who sleeps with a 14 year old girl be hanged despite the fact that their own God impregnated a 14 year old.

  4. And do we know the chairmen resignation had anything to do prop. 8. Did anyone even know about that before his elevation to CEO?

    Remember, He was eminently qualified, and had been working at Mozilla since before they had Firefox. He co-founded the company and worked with pretty much every single employee there over the years, and no complaints were ever filed. He was liked by pretty much everyone, including Mozilla’s large homosexual community.

  5. “This is all about internal pressure from within the Mozilla community itself.”

    Which goes contrary to all official and unofficial statements from people actually in the know I have heard. People like Mr. Takai called for his resignation, while everyone who every worked with the man supported him and blogged about how he was always an ally.

    “support for his leadership was expressed by [the majority] of [Mozilla] employees.” – (Corporate Counsel’s Marlisse Silver Sweeney)

    This has absolutely nothing to do with what people inside Mozilla thought about his opinions on homosexuality.

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