Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich forced to resign for opposing gay marriage

Brandan Eich donated US$ 1000 to proposition 8 that won the majority of the votes! That un-PC action was his undoing. 

Brendan Eich’s Resignation: Did Mozilla CEO Step Down Because Of A ‘Gay Mafia’?

A number of political pundits have expressed their disapproval over the surprise resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich after news of his support of a 2008 anti-gay marriage campaign came to light.

Last week, Bill Maher stirred the pot even more, suggesting that Eich’s resignation was the result of pressure from a "gay mafia." Not surprisingly, Maher’s remarks have since sparked heated social media debate — and some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates say his words are ripe for misinterpretation.


"What happened in the Brendan Eich situation was actually not as a result of pressure that came from within the LGBT movement," said Freedom to Marry‘s John Becker, who’s also a HuffPost Gay Voices blogger. Noting that Maher has been an outspoken ally to the LGBT community in the past, he added, "This is all about internal pressure from within the Mozilla community itself."

Brendan supported the majority opinion, the proposition that won the popular vote. For this he got mobbed. PC is so pervasive, the gay lobby did not need to act, the political correctness crown acted on their own.

"Inequality: California’s Proposition 8 essentially banned same-sex couples from getting married until it was deemed unconstitutional2

Activist and political consultant Scott Wooledge echoed those sentiments, saying that Eich’s resignation was partly due to "pre-existing opposition" from within the Mozilla group, as evidenced by the fact that three board members stepped down ahead of the CEO’s appointment.


Human-Stupidity Analysis:

Though shalt not oppose gay marriage


The slightest opposition to the complete full unabridged gay agenda gets punished. Teachers get dismissed for opposing teaching homosexuality

Putin’s Olympics almost got boycotted for his opposition to indoctrinate minors with homosexual propaganda.  Political correctness always goes a slippery slope. Protect gays from violence was the noble initial motivation. Preventing free speech of people who want to restrict any privilege of gays is the end result. And hate speech laws that formally punish free speech and thought crimes, under the guise of preventing true hate speech that calls for violent action.

PC is amazing: in the 1970’s there were two movements. One to legalize homosexuality and sodomy, and the other to legalize adolescent/child sex.  Homosexuality became a protected activity, so much that any doubt is a thought crime. Pedophilia became the worst of all crimes, so everything even remotely connected to it is totally taboo (child porn, teenage sexuality) and a thought crime. The age of consent goes upwards, world wide, so even harmless natural post-pubertal sex of 17 year old "children" and their photos become more and more criminalized.

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Though shalt not dispute or oppose teaching of homosexuality in schools

Homosexuality is not a problem to us.

Mandatory homosexuality education, and repression of free speech discussion any restriction on homosexuality, its teaching, and its exercise bothers us a little.

Disciplinary action, dismissal, hostility for discussing or opposing mandatory homosexuality teaching in school, this we consider serious violation of civil liberties and free speech.

The slippery slope of political correctness

Political correctness and hate speech laws have been sliding a 50 year long slippery slope. About 60 years ago, homosexuality was a felony, punished with long prison sentences In many Western countries and US states,

Heterosexual men less equal then homosexuals

Political correctness started innocuously, punishing hate crimes like physical gay bashing or verbal calls to violence.   And ended with repressive speech codes (see below) and "equal rights" for gays. At the same time, heterosexual male’s rights became, well, less equal.

A prime example is Rio de Janeiro. Brazil  fights  "sex tourism" by heterosexual men, while at the same time proudly displaying its title as the #1 gay friendly travel destination. 7 8 Guess what many gays will do when in Brazil? Sex with Brazilian gays, of course, including gay prostitutes in gay bath houses.

Heterosexual males are less equal, because they are repressed more and more, be it their sexuality (age of consent laws, prostitution, prohibition of pornography and the child porn hysteria. Yes, even in Germany with an age of consent of 14/16, photos of nude 17 year old children are a heinous crime. In Germany, you can have sex with 16 year olds, but you can not photograph them  (child porn) nor give them money (prostitution)

Heterosexual men suffer from unjust divorce law, alimony, child support, domestic violence, loss of due process in rape prosecution. I am not sure if Germany is much better then the US or Britain.  See the German Jörg Kachelmann rape case and the criminalization of men for DNA testing ones putative offspring {1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Hidden Homophobia: Is Germany Really as Liberal as It Seems?

This parallelism comes closer to the German reality. Another element to consider is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s strict opposition to adoption rights for homosexual couples. How great really is the cause for celebration in Germany?

It started out with freedom for gays in their private home. And ended up as mandatory totally equal public rights for gays, and moving towards privileges for gays compared to heterosexual men.

Secondary school teacher Gabriel Stängle is likewise concerned about public school students in Baden-Württemberg. The 41-year-old, lives in the Black Forest and launched an online petition in November of last year that had been signed some 90,000 times by last Friday evening. His campaign is entitled: "Future — Responsibility — Learning: No Curriculum 2015 under the Ideology of the Rainbow." Stängle’s primary concern is what he describes as sexual "reeducation."

Stängle is angry with the state government — a coalition of the center-left Social Democrats and the Green Party — which is currently developing an educational program for public schools which will include the "acceptance of sexual diversity." Students are to learn the "differences between the genders, sexual identities and sexual orientations." The goal is to enable students to "be able to defend equality and justice."

Stängle sees this as being in "direct opposition to health education as it has been practiced thus far." Completely missing, he writes, is an "ethical reflection on the negative potential by-products of LSBTTIQ (which stands for "lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgender, intersexual and queer people) lifestyles, such as the increased danger of suicide among homosexual youth, the increased susceptibility to alcohol and drugs, the conspicuously high rate of HIV infection among homosexual men, the substantially lower life-expectancy among homo- and bisexual men, the pronounced risk of psychological illness among men and women living as homosexuals."

Elsewhere, "Der Spiegel" tells us the teacher is suffering disciplinary action for his activity. In other words, it is a thought crime to oppose any favoritism for gays.

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Brazil votes to criminalize homophobia. Political correctness threatens freedom of expression & research

The Brazilian congress is about to vote the criminalization of homophobia.("O Globo" newspaper Friday May 13th).  Religious parties and churches oppose the law, because priests preaching against homosexuality would face arrest for the crime of homophobia. The proposed law was amended to exempt priests preaching while inside churches. In other words, anyone outside a church can not voice any negative opinion about homosexuality.

Brazil already has anti-discrimination laws favoring gays (in addition laws against racism, religious discrimination, etc.).  Business owners, or building managers, who disallowed public display gay deep French kissing face arrest and fines, except if they could prove they also had a history of disallowing heterosexual kissing. Hotels must not discriminate against gay couples. This law would further strengthen existing anti-discrimination laws and impose stiff jail sentences.

This attempt at passing laws criminalizing homophobia comes right after the Brazilian Supreme Court, in a rare unanimous vote, decided to take lawmaking it its own hand and declared that homosexual couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples on all issues.  For example, inheritance, joint tax declarations, joint health insurance, common law marriage, right to property acquired during cohabitation, etc. Some minor doubts remain if this includes the right for gay couples to adopt children.

No free speech, nor free academic research

Historically, for anti-discrimination laws, even science is not a valid  excuse: the book "The Bell Curve" was prohibited in Brazil because of the crime of racism, due to long existing laws against racism. The US is not much better, then president Clinton condemned the book, admittedly without having read it. But in the US nobody will be arrested and jailed for research on racial differences (they will just be harassed).

It is interesting to note that Brazil’s and Rio’s officials fought to win the title "best gay destination in the world" but are vigorously opposed to "sexual tourism", meaning heterosexual males in search of sex with Brazilian women.

The slippery slope from protecting against violence to policing words, thoughts and research

Political correctness started as a well meant attempt to correct legitimate grievances, like violence against homosexuals or other races (especially Blacks) and religion (especially Muslim), and gender discrimination (harassment). The next step, still defensible, punishes hate speech meant to directly and immediately incite violence.

So the initial intent was to outlaw "Kill blacks", "exterminate Jews", "beat faggots" speech. But that soon led to stifling thoughts and speech that hurts the sensitive of protected minorities.

It is a serious restriction to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of research to extend these anti-violence codes to

  • people who tell their kids not to become homosexual or
  • scholarly researcher’s writings about racial differences in IQ and criminality.
  • people who warn to avoid parts of town because they are more dangerous (and predominantly black)

Homophobic jokes, Racist speech, racist jokes, can get people arrested and jailed.

Geert Wilders in court for offending Muslims (who threaten his life and already killed Theo van Gogh)

Almost everything that can be said is offensive to some protected group, or actually constitutes a crime: our society suffers from overcriminalization.

Public speech, commercial advertising, is very difficult, because it is easy to offend some group, be it Blacks, Indians, women, obese, handicapped, nurses, any group whatsoever. Maybe with the exception of white males that can be bashed at will for allegedly not pertaining to a protected disadvantaged minority.