Rio de Janeiro School Gunman Serial Killer Blames Bullying, Praises Casey Hines’ Bully Body Slam


Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, gunman killer that killed 12 students last week in Rio de Janeiro, left videos where he says he is taking revenge for having been bullied and for all other bullying victims.

Human-Stupidity does not defend serial killers. But, everyone should have a right to physical safety. Physical abuse like being dumped into garbage cans, dunked into toilets, or getting tripped, punched, glasses broken clearly needs to be prevented.

These behaviors are clearly criminal and would carry jail sentences if perpetrated among adults and tried in court. Of course, they are another example that violent crime, and crime against males, does not get the same legal and press attention as sex crimes (or criminalized normal consensual sexual behavior).

In My 12 year old daughter brutally attacked by refugee boys at school. we quoted specialists saying that an essential element in bullying prevention is the interference of the silent majority, who should stop and discourage bully behavior.

Photo and Video Gallery with Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, gunman school killer talking about himself having been bullied.

"The fight that many brothers in the past have died for and that I will die for is not exclusively because of what is known as bullying. Our fight is against cruel, cowardly people who take advantage of kindness, innocence and weakness of people unable to defend themselves," he said.

gunman-school-killer-wellington-menezesHe praises some other serial killers, but also a just slightly violent Casey Hines, a boy that violently body-slammed a school mate after getting punched the fourth time in a row and whose video went viral (see below).

A Brazilian gunman who shot dead 12 children at his former school in Rio de Janeiro last week before killing himself was motivated by bullying, letters he wrote have revealed.

The messages left by Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 23, were released by police along with videos and photos.

In them, he praises a US student who killed 32 people in 2007, calling him his "brother".

The school massacre in Rio was the first of its kind in Brazil.

"I hope this serves as a lesson, especially to those school officials who stood by with their arms crossed as students were being attacked, humiliated, ridiculed," Menezes de Oliveira says in one video.

"I want to leave very clear that I am not responsible for the deaths that will occur, even though my fingers will be on the trigger," he adds, blaming the murders he went on to commit on bullies.

The rambling messages also mention God and quote from the Bible.

Menezes de Oliveira mentions that others did not help when bullied.

Menezes de Oliveira’s classmates and former teachers said he was routinely bullied at school, rejected and taunted by girls in class, and forced to endure "constant humiliation," including being thrown into a school garbage can, according to Brazilian media.

Fellow students gave him the nasty nickname "Swing," because he walked with a limp, said former classmate Bruno Linhares, who lamented that "the class fool turned into a criminal."

"They called him all kinds of names," said Linhares, 23, who studied with Menezes at Rio’s Tasso da Silveira school where the bloodbath took place.

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Interestingly, he expressly praised Casey Heynes, the boy that body slammed his bully.

Casey HInes, admired by school serial killer Wellington Menezes de Oliveira

Below, the bully claims himself having been a victim of bullying. 

Interview with the Bully of Casey Hines. The bully himself claims to be a bullying victim.

For every school serial killer there are millions of mistreated, physically and emotionally abused children and adolescents. Our society has miserably failed in its duty to provide a safe environment devoid of physical and emotional harassment.  In a normal safe society where physical violence is prevented, Casey Hines’ behavior would be considered criminal excessive force in self defense.  Casey Hines is lucky he did not suffer criminal prosecution, like a German man who got years in jail for using a knife on an attacker who had already criminally knocked down his friend and had the backup of a group.

Truly civilized society starts in school and must not tolerate systematical repeated long term physical threats and violence.

P.S. Human-Stupidity does not condone serial killing (in case someone misunderstands).

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2 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro School Gunman Serial Killer Blames Bullying, Praises Casey Hines’ Bully Body Slam”

  1. There is far more to this story than a simple case of bullying.
    This person was raised in a cult and not allowed normal social activities.
    He was unable to learn normal human interactions.
    Having been given no social skills and taught that everyone that was not part of his cult group was going to die on God’s day. He had no problem taking their lives acting on God’s behalf.

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