Jörg Kachelmann rape trial of the year (Germany): prosecutor misconduct, victim’s lies

kachelmann-bild.deThe Kachelmann case is in Germany almost like OJ Simpson case: a very famous person is accused of a heinous crime, and the population is split on their guilty-or-not verdict.  In the Kachelmann ("Tile man") case, of course, it is not even assured that a crime has happened. Feminists think he is guilty, of course.  "The criminal case of the year" in Germany is almost unknown in the English speaking Press. Only Human-Stupidity has reported com regularity on the Jörg Kachelmann rape case.

Jörg Kachelmann, handsome, attractive and famous weather anchor man of a main German TV channel, had a dozen girl friends he juggled skillfully so each one thought she was the only one. Even if he did not rape, such immorality makes him almost a criminal. Tens of Millions see him every day on TV. A famous, well known person.

In our world of feminist inspired laws, any man can be arrested at any time. Just one woman making an unproven accusation of rape is all that is needed. The Magna Carta, modern constitution and due process are not valid for males, Jörg Kachelmann spent several months in jail, upon the mere word of one woman, with no corroborating proof. End of career as weather man. No way to broadcast weather reports out of jail. Career destroyed.

It turns out that there was grave misconduct of the prosecutors, from the beginning. Inquired by prosecutors, the alleged victim consistently insisted on a lie. Prosecutors warned her she must not lie, and she insisted. "Der Spiegel" recently reported that the prosecution failed to video or audio-tape the audition of the alleged victim, even when they were trying to dig deeper into her lies. They even failed to completely transcribe the conversation with the victim, with a gap at a crucial point where prosecutors allegedly only drank water or coffee with the accuser, for 20 minutes. After that coffee break she changed her story.

Furthermore, prosecutors stated that the clearly repeated lies, proven wrong by evidence on the accuser’s computer, did not cause any doubt in them regarding the veracity of the accusations, nor made them even consider releasing the accused from prison. (Geliebte belog die Staatsanwälte // Lover lied to the prosecutors)

Cat Lupine managed to get into the transmission room in the midst of Kachelmann’s weather report. The video went viral in YouTube.

What happened? Rape accusations, lies, inconsistencies.

Reader comments at the intellectual News Magazine "Der Spiegel" are fairly outspoken about the fact that this trial should have never happened, and that it is time to try the accuser for perjury and false accusations. Human-Stupidity is not alone thinking this case is a clear farce and an example of "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned" revenge.

37 year old Simone D had testified before police, that she was raped by Jörg Kachelmann after an argument, with a kitchen knife at her throat and under death threats. The city attorney of Mannheim always gave the impression to the public, that there was clear evidence that the accused was the perpetrator.

When Kachelmann’s arrest was ordered, the judge said that "he assumes that a person accusing another person of a crime makes a truthful report". Furthermore, the amazingly credulous judge considered unlikely Mr. Kachelmann’s version, that he had consensual sex, then an argument, and then he left for good"

The district attorney office keeps siding with Simone D, even after she had to admit several lies, and that some condemning evidence was fabricated by herself. ( ZEIT- Dossier Schuldig auf Verdacht 24. June 2010).

The reason for the argument between Kachelmann and Simone D was an anonymous letter Simone D. told she had found that afternoon, with copies of airline tickets of Kachelmann and another woman, advising that they had an affair. Kachelmann ended up confessing, they argued, and then he attacked her viciously and raped her.

A few weeks later, Simone D. was forced to admit that she had fabricated that letter herself, and that she had approached the other woman on face book weeks before and gotten her to admit she had an affair with Jörg Kachelmann. She had repeatedly made the false statements in four different police interrogations.

[Human-Stupidity.com comment: so she had weeks during which she could have planned a revenge rape accusation!]

Expert witnesses called in by the prosecution itself declared that the story is implausible, for example it is hard to explain how Kachelmann could have held a knife at her throat and taken his clothes off at the same time. The injuries were caused by herself, said one expert, another one could not confirm that the injuries were caused by a person different from herself. He suggested that the injury at her throat was not caused by a knife, but by a fingernail. The bruises on her leg look like punches, not like pressure to keep legs open, like she described.

Freely translated from Kachelmann-Prozess | Die Zeit

Expert Brinkmann had, in an earlier case, saved 2 men that were convicted of rape, showed that the bruises were self-inflicted, aided by ingestion of Aspirin that thins the blood. Still he failed to save the men from their jail terms in that false rape conviction. Even more cruelly, the men had to stay in jail till the last day because the failed to repent. That has happened to other innocently convicted people.

Why we always thought TV weather anchor meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann’s rape charges were false?

A good looking, famous, TV weather anchorman (not of a small network but the main German TV station), playboy with 10 girl friends. After 11 years, his girl friend finds out he has others and they argue and split.
What is more likely:

  • The successful playboy with a dozen girl friends and millions of fans and no history of violence rapes her, at knife point, exactly the day when they part? After an affair of 15 years the woman was probably slightly past her prime.
  • The woman is angry and revenge-bent because she just found out the guy cheated and now split and lodges a false rape accusation

When one reads the false rape society, the second option does not look far fetched.

Add to this a few contradictions in the woman’s testimony, a computer with old photos of self inflicted blue hematomas seem to have been a training for the later rape hematomas.

Jörg Kachelmann trial in the German Press

  1. Please use translate.google.com for the German language links.
  2. Feminist icon Alice Schwarzer, of course, rails against Kachelmann,, in favor of the accuser. In the sensational newspaper Bild, in the feminist Magazine Emma, and her own blog.

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