Successful Silicon Valley Business Model under attack by feminist women

Very intelligent people arguing about women needing to force their way into Google, facebook, etc. Is it not disgusting how women are prevented from making inventions, from changing the world. /sarcasm

Occam’s razor fell out of fashion. If white heterosexual men create the most innovative companies in the world, create untold wealth, and change the world: maybe they just have a special talent.   Maybe the richest companies in the world became rich because they did things right, not because they did everything wrong.

The following video is so appalling, it is worth watching, to understand the dangerous, deceptive, warped logic that is taking over the world.


Is Silicon Valley Toxic to Women?

A former executive Tinder has sued the dating app, claiming she was sexually harassed and discriminated against before being forced out. Vivek Wadhwa, Stanford University fellow and author of the forthcoming book "Innovating Women," discusses Silicon Valley’s frat culture on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: iStock

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The case comes at a particularly sensitive time for the booming technology industry, which has been criticized for being insensitive or hostile to women.

Seems men can take the insensitivity, and the most competitive still thrive and make world changing inventions. A few women also can make it, without quota.

Others want to demand that men change to fit those in that otherwise could not make it on their own

Weakness is a mighty weapon for fragile feminist crybaby girls: The Sexual Harassment Industry


Ellen Pao, a former partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, in 2012 accused her former employer of gender harassment and discrimination, describing it as a boys club where women couldn’t succeed. Kleiner Perkins denied the allegations. Earlier this year, a female employee of GitHub, a San Francisco-based startup, also lobbed serious allegations of gender harassment, prompting an internal inquiry. The company said it found no evidence of gender-based harassment but that there was “evidence of mistakes and errors of judgment.”

If women can not succeed, well then, maybe, most women can not, or don’t care to succeed. See

Wikipedia discriminates against women? Or gender differences are real?

And last month, the CEO of Snapchat, a messaging app, apologized for explicit emails that he sent as a Stanford University college student which were demeaning to women. In a statement, Mr. Spiegel apologized for the emails, calling them “idiotic.”

Of course, you can only be demeaning to men. White men. Women are too weak to hear cat calls or to read explicit emails. That is about as damaging to their frail egos as a objectifying gaze.  When will feminists accept women as empowered, strong, equal self determined beings?

The events have stoked intense debate, prodding industry insiders to ask whether there is something inherently broken in the tech sector today, pushing women to feel marginalized or unsafe.

Obviously something is broken in the chess sector today, pushing women to feel marginalized or unsafe. Human Stupidity has argued that we should stop to bestow chess grandmaster titles until we have 50 % female representation.  We could do so by giving women a special edge, maybe female pawns could get special rights over male pawns. /sarcasm

This is a joke. Women are unsafe on college campus, and in Silicon valley workplaces?? I wish someone checked out inner city ghettos for safety for women (and men alike).

Certainly there must be something broken in institutions like Google and Facebook,  that bring about world changing inventions. Maybe they did it BECAUSE there were no women around to stifle their free speech, their jokes and thoughts, to complain about harassment.

I myself was not among the inventors, am not among the top echelon in Silicon valley. I also demand to be favored by quotas! /sarcasm

Women are the overwhelming minority in the industry, almost always outnumbered by male executives and programmers in startups.

Of course, by Occam’s razor, it could be that women just are not represented in the most extreme performance echelons, like in chess, snooker, tennis, and yes, cooking. Distribution of female talent has a smaller standard deviation, making women less represented among total failures and extreme talent.

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2 thoughts on “Successful Silicon Valley Business Model under attack by feminist women”

  1. If you scratch the surface of this I think you will find that feminists are (finally) quietly acknowledging that men are just plain better at tech stuff and that, in the 21st century, this poses a serious barrier to female hegemony.

    Here we have economically vital skills that they, as a group, are seriously lacking in due to biology.

    That men are physically stronger than women is something that they know they would appear foolish to deny.

    But they aren’t about to admit they suck at tech stuff.

    So instead they cry foul with the usual fem boilerplate.

    If they could and would be honest about this situation this is what they’d say:

    “We can’t duplicate men’s skill in tech in sufficient quantities to eliminate our dependence on men in this area so we are going to bully them with fem boilerplate until they set us up in positions where they (the men) do all the work in tech and we (the females) take all the credit.
    But we’re scarred because tech guys are a sharp bunch and so it might not be very easy to pull the wool over their eyes this way.
    But we would never consider just sharing power with men because we’re too selfish for that!”

  2. Well, those Japanese are just too darned good at making cars. Get rid of them all and fill Japanese car companies with Eskimos!

    AND the NBA has WAY too many black players. Where is the outrage? Get over it.

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