George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC dismissed


Judge throws out George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC

A Sanford judge today put an end to George Zimmerman‘s libel suit against NBC Universal.

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson ruled that the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer is entitled to no money from the media giant.

George Zimmerman was ruined by undue and unjust persecution due to the perverse manipulation of public opinion by the press and the justice department. Like most PC (political correctness) lies [3] , this also remains unpunished.

She issued a summary judgment in the network’s favor, meaning that unless an appeals court reverses her, the case is now dead.

Zimmerman had filed suit two years ago, accusing NBC of falsely portraying him as a racist in a series of broadcasts shortly after he killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, in Sanford.

Editors shortened audio from a 911 call Zimmerman made to a police dispatcher the night of the shooting, making it sound as if Zimmerman volunteered that Trayvon was black and that he racially profiled the Miami Gardens teenager.

PDF of decision

Human-Stupidity has reported totally biased press reporting and travesty of justice in the George Zimmerman case. One of the worst being the omission of the following photos

1) This


usa-george-zimmerman-trial-bloodied-face2) and George Zimmerman, his face bloodied, immediately after his fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin.

Please read our lengthy writings about the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin self defense case.

Especially here we show more photo manipulation by the press:

Exaggerated version of media bias in George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin case

George Zimmerman verdict: guilty in public opinion. Lawyer Mark O’Mara’s toothless defense is the culprit

The blatant misrepresentation of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin‘s picture was only surpassed by biased media reporting, undue interference by none less president Obama, illegal action by the prosecution (hiding of evidence), unpunished death treats and lots of serious beatings to innocent’s under the guise of "This is for Trayvon".

They even lied about the ice tea: Articles: What the Media Choose Not to Know about Trayvon// Press Perpetuates ‘Iced Tea’ Myth in Coverage of Zimmerman Verdict and Trayvon Martin Demonstrations // Was Trayvon Martin using a street drug called “Lean?”

Also compare the vigor with which cruel violent hoodlums were defended, declared innocent, and recompensed, just because they were Black and Hispanic, and the victim was white: "The Central Park Five": Hoodlum robber rapists unjustly rewarded with US$ 40 million | Human Stupidity 

Wanted dead or alive george zimmerman

Judge Dismisses Part Of NBC, George Zimmerman Lawsuit

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — Part of a lawsuit against NBC Universal that claims the television network defamed George Zimmerman in a 2012 broadcast was thrown out by a Florida judge Thursday, putting the entire litigation in jeopardy.

Zimmerman’s attorneys waited too long under Florida statute to ask NBC to retract statements in a March 19, 2012, broadcast that they said made their client sound like a racist, Seminole County Circuit Judge Debra Nelson ruled. Zimmerman was not at the hearing.

The statute requires five days written notice identifying potentially libelous statements. A letter claiming the network edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to police to make it sound like he was a racist was sent to network executives on Dec. 4, 2012.

This is quite outrageous. At that time George Zimmerman was not yet a public figure and probably had other things to do then to hire well paid media lawyers versed in this kind of law.

Court rules for NBC in George Zimmerman defamation case

A Florida judge on Monday rejected George Zimmerman’s suit seeking damages from NBC for allegedly portraying the neighborhood watch volunteer as racist in a series of news reports about the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

4 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC dismissed”

  1. Hi, HS:

    Unlike the Central Park Jogger case (which I really don’t have time to debate with you) I fully agree with you on George Zimmerman.
    See, not only did I watch every day of the trial (I doubt Linda could say that)
    but I followed the trial (and read lots of the actual court documents including the evidence dumps by the Prosecution)at Talkleft (web site of famous defense lawyer Jeralyn Merrit), The Conservative Treehouse (despite being almost totally ideologically opposed in every other way to talkleft, they shared information ), Legal Insurrection (where Zimmerman has been followed by famous ‘self-defense’ attorney Andrew Branca, and of course I read stuff from Alan Dershowitz.

    I bet even you haven’t picked up on the fact that the Judge trying the ‘civil suit’ is the same corrupt or incompetent (probably corrupt) bitch that handled his criminal trial -Debra Nelson. She was reversed twice on appeal (and they could have done alot more appealing but you know, time is $ when it comes to law) during the trial. She will almost certainly be reversed on appeal here as well. They really should try to recuse her ass from the case, as I’m convinced she has it in for GZ.

    Idiots like Linda aren’t aware of the past details of GZ’s life or how minor most of his prior run-ins with ‘the law’ were: mutual restraining orders with a former gf, and a shove of an undercover cop (disguised and it was a single shove) who bothering a friend of GZ’s. He also hadn’t had any trouble at all for nearly 5 years before he ran into Mr. Lean Drinking, stealing, suspended from school, troubled (bounced between two parents and a foster mom) thug-wanna-be Trayvon.

    And for defending himself (and when the prosecutions OWN WITNESSES make the defense case for them, you know it never should have been brought to trial) this man became (in part because of NBC’s LIES)the most hated man in America.


    1. @Clarence, it occurred to me that Debra was the same judge as in the Zimmerman criminal case. Shockingly the press hardly mentioned that fact at all. Well, she is qualified by already knowing the details, but disqualified by having a history of bias against George Zimmerman.

      I also did not notice any mention of an appeal. I very much hope they appeal because there could be big money in winning an appeal against NBC. They ought to sue the entire world press for biased reporting, but guess less blatant misrepresentations are hard to sue against.

  2. He doesn’t deserve millions no matter what. He was a total jerk. Look what he has done since then. He was, and is a killer. The kid was fighting for his life. George was wrong in carrying a gun. He could have called for back up first. This is nonsense no matter which way you put it.

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