Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked

I have been converted by the arguments of the antifeminists, that

the feminist movement’s main goal is to reduce male choice in female partners, to force men to dedicate their lives to unattractive, high spending, ruinously expensive feminist sex partners.

I add to this my hypothesis

The balance of power between men and women tilted in favor of women because

  • Men mostly stopped using physical & economical power,
  • women maintained their superior social manipulation power and thus,
  • world-wide, women are biasing laws totally in their favor in clear detriment of men

In evolutionary times (EEA, environment of evolutionary adaptedness), males had superior physical strength, fighting skills, and economical power as meat providing hunters.

Females, to defend their interest, had to use social skills, social manipulation, shaming, intrigue, cunningness trying to counter male physical superiority (anyone got research links on that?)

Now males surrendered the advantages of physical strength, even of economic strength. Suddenly, in the last half century, in the male-female conflicts of interest, all the female agendas win in politics. Feminists hide their agenda behind absurd warped arguments, shaming, willful misuse of language,

Feminists argue that prostitution is dangerous, unhealty, unpleasant, demeaning, not a free choice. These arguments that can be brought against menial jobs, professional boxing, military service. Personally, I think that spending one’s life fixing up people’s teeth, staring into smelly mouths all day long, is demeaning. And going to a war that one is opposed to, this is like a year long repeated rape.

It is amazing with what kind of dis-information feminists get away with. I will analyze a frminists views about prostitution from a Wikipedia text http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminist_views_on_prostitution#Coercion_and_poverty

Feminist argument

Absurdity of feminist argumentation

Many feminists are strongly opposed to prostitution, as they see the practice as a form of violence against women, which should not be tolerated by society […] Many men are strongly opposed to military service, as they see this practice as a form of violence against men, which should not be tolerated by society.

Military service often is involuntary, and desertion punished by execution.

These feminists argue that, in most cases, prostitution is not a conscious and calculated choice. {Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing, panhandling, begging, robbing, military service} in most cases, are not a conscious and calculated choice.
Getting a husband that pays spousal support for the rest of his life is a much better choice.
Most women who become prostitutes do so because they were forced or coerced by a pimp or by human trafficking, or, when it is an independent decision, it is generally the result of extreme poverty and lack of opportunity, or of serious underlying problems, such as drug addiction, past trauma (especially child sexual abuse) and other unfortunate circumstances. {Panhandling and begging,robbing} may be caused by childhood traumas, abuse, drug addiction. {Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing} are usually the result of extreme poverty or caused by unfortunate circumstances.

Furthermore, feminists simply deny the existence of cases of rich well off prostitutes. See

“Belle de Jour”: Cancer Scientist financed Doctorate with Prostitution Work
These feminists point out that women from the lowest socioeconomic classes—impoverished women, women with a low level of education, women from the most disadvantaged racial and ethnic minorities—are overrepresented in prostitution all over the world. Let us point out that women/men from the lowest socioeconomic classes—impoverished women/men, women/men with a low level of education, women/men from the most disadvantaged racial and ethnic minorities—are overrepresented in {Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing, military service, panhandling, begging, robbing} all over the world.
“If prostitution is a free choice, why are the women with the fewest choices the ones most often found doing it?” (MacKinnon, 1993)[9 “If {Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing, military service, panhandling, begging, robbing} is a free choice, why are the women/men with the fewest choices the ones most often found doing it?” (MacKinnon, 1993)[9

why do feminists get away with such drivel and even get academic recognition? Even men kind of buy this ridiculous feminist BS.

Most prostitutes are in a very difficult period of their lives and most want to leave this occupation. Most {Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing, panhandling, begging, robbing} professionals are in a very difficult period of their lives and most want to leave this occupation. Except highly successful professional boxers, and highly successful prostitutes, whose existence the feminists duly ignore.
Catharine MacKinnon argues that “In prostitution, women have sex with men they would never otherwise have sex with. We  argue that “In {Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing, panhandling, begging, robbing} , women/men clean streets they otherwise never would clean, fight men they otherwise would not fight.
The money thus acts as a form of force, not as a measure of consent. It acts like physical force does in rape.” [11] The money thus acts as a form of force, not as a measure of consent. It acts like physical force does in slavery.”
Anti-prostitution feminists argue that prostitution is a practice which leads to serious negative long term effects for the prostitutes, such as severe trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, self medication through alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and a greater risk for self harm and suicide Prize fighting, boxing, heading a ball in soccer leads to serious long term health effects, potential brain damage.
Being a high executive, manager, causes severe long term consequences like stress, heart attack, obesity.

It is amazing how feminist women get away with manipulating language, distorting facts, and got their agenda all the way up to the United Nations. And thanks to their deceitful language most men somehow get swayed  by their warped arguments.


common definition

feminist extension & re-definition

provocative re-definition

victim somebody or something harmed; somebody duped $ 400 an hour luxury prostitute “victims”,  that earn much more then most of their customers the prostitute’s customer is the victim of his raging hormones that make him spend too much money
selling a body sale is a final one time transaction that changes ownership. Like selling into slavery. “sale” is a one hour “rental” to provide an hour of sexual services. A construction helper sells his body for money in exchange for often unhealthy work; a fire fighter, a soldier, a full contact figher sells his body, risiking his health and his life.

A journalist, physician,  engineer sells his brain to provide services to people.

violence against women an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists); princeton.edu/perl/webwn

Violence is the expression of physical or verbal force against self or other, compelling action against one’s will on pain of being hurt. …

exchanging sex for money by mutual agreement (is violence against women).

A woman that pays money to put up an ad offering sexual services. If you answer the ad you are violent against the woman.

obviously, drafting a non-volunteer soldier for war is violence against men;

obviously, a firefighter who sells his body to pull people out of burning houses is violence against men;

by feminist definition, even a construction worker who sells his body to lug wood and cement, is suffering violence, because he would rather be at the beach or receive welfare.

Am I the only one that is lost why people buy this BS, why they have offer academic carreers to such manipulative, cunning, deceiving, misleading and totally illogical people?

Why they influence even United Nation Policy?

Why are men stupid enough to let themselves be lead astray by such arguments? Seems women really have more verbal intelligence then men.

I rest my case.

48 thoughts on “Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked”

  1. Have argued with some feminists about prostitution not long ago. My conclusion is that feminists are completely brainless fanatics. The last time i’ve met similar fanatical attitude was when i tried to prove to religious people that there is no god, lol.

    Low educated unskilled men have to work on a low paid job.
    Low educated unskilled women have to work on a low paid job. But if they have good body they can make much more money selling sex. Or still work on a low paid job. It’s up to them to decide. But feminists of course know better. The only way they can implement their ideas and rid of low paid jobs is via huge social infusions. I.e. i think that modern feminism cannot exist outside of socialism at all. Huge welfare, free higher education, etc. Do not think that many countries except Sweden are ready to give it to population. And even then there will be women who are lazy enough to learn anything and would prefer to sell sex.

  2. This has been a long while since anyone has posted on it, but I feel my opinion is just as valid, even if belated. I work construction, everyday, I am subjected to the wims of my boss, and those whom we are employed by. I am subjected to numerous things that will harm me later in life. I breathe in toxic elements, and I am subject to the dangerous situations that come with the job. I did not chose this willingly, It was my last source of money. My boss is my pimp, the homeowners are my clients. I am repeatedley fucked by both. I am worn out each day, bellittled by those in power. And you know what, I would rather suck dick then deal with them sometimes. And I am a hetero male..

  3. Did you ever stop to think that all ugly bitches will be exterminated literally if prostitution and women trafficking are legal?

    There is no way those fat ugly hag can compete with cheaper hot babes that just want money.

    Of course they sabotage their extermination process, namely free trade.

  4. How dare you compare being repeteadly raped with Street sweeping, toilet cleaning, professional boxing, panhandling, begging, robbing, military service ??
    This is all about the feelings of this women.
    Have you ever heard one of them talking about what she has to deal with before you write this full of ignorance piece of sh*t ?
    Write about what you know. Not about what you think you know.

    1. "Belle de Jour": Cancer Scientist financed Doctorate with Prostitution Work. A highly educated woman chooses prostitution because it gives her much easier money then any other work. And because she enjoys the work of a luxury prostitute.

      It is very condescending of you if you tell a woman that she is being raped repeatedly, when she enjoys the power she has to command high pay from men, and willingly has sex with them.

      It is very offensive to women that are truly forcibly raped, to equate their suffering to women that willingly and intentionally choose a highly paid job as a luxury prostitute to finance their doctoral study. Of course, I know, by feminist demagoguery, both “rapes” are the same.

      "Rape is rape is rape" is a lie, Joe Biden! 20 different types of rape!

      Forced sex and consensual sex for money are considered exactly the same. Exactly this language confusion is what our articles assail.

      1. There are women who loves that job and this is their problem.

        I’m talking about those who were actually raped when they were young and who suffer because of the prostitution but have to pay school fees that they could not afford with a regular job.
        You think you know their feeling better that they do and I’m the one who is condescending ??
        It feels like rape. Repeatedly. Write about what you know, especially about such painful subjects.

  5. The proove how we women are seeing like commodities…rarely i see someone discussing about our “natural power to rule”,or any other thing involving our capacity,not vinculed to sex services,It seems that we are in the world to serve men sexually,because i have never seen anyone defending prostitution as a right for men!!

    This is very disgusting and anti-women,you don´t need to be afeminist to see that we are reduced to holes to be fucked.I am not surpriisng to sse so many men defending it,once to pay to rape women is a privilege for them.

    To say we like to sell our body is like saying black people loved to be slaves!!

    1. Prostitutes RENT their services, they don’t sell themselves. Slaves were not paid. Much less paid much better then most other professions. Nor did slaveshave the option to work or not. Prostitutes are paid and have free choice if they want to stop working or change profession. That is, if women like you don’t deny them their free choice. If repressive laws don’t jail prostitutes for wanting to exert their free choice to work as prostitute. Your argumentation is exactly the warped feminist logic I talked about.

  6. This simplistic argument does take into account the broader context of the feminist arguments, nor the fact that by definition, feminists are concerned with women’s issues, just as pacifists are against war, etc. Repetitive, simplistic and totally unoriginal

  7. I think most feminists who are against prostitution and against women staying home while their husbands or boyfriends work are just unattractive and not feminine. I say this from personal experience. All my boyfriends, since I was around 21, have supported me to some extent. Does it make me a prostitute that I choose to enter relationships with men who are able and willing to help me financially, as well as pay for dates and gifts? No. But that is what prostitution is essentially – sex in exchange for material gain. Historically, practically all romantic male-female relationships were like this: the female provided sex, the male provided some sort of financial support or other material compensation, EVEN if it was just dinner. If a man pays for a dinner, and the woman has sex with him, on a certain level, that is prostitution too. I’m not trying to equate normal relationships with prostitution, but I am making the point that this dynamic will always be present in romantic male-female relationships – even if the man and woman are madly in love with each other. So for feminists to be up in arms against non-coerced prostitution is illogical on their part, unless they are suggesting that in conventional relationships the woman should support the man as well as having sex with him. Or that the man should support the woman without them having sex. Or the woman and man should always pay for their respective parts only, and still have sex with each other. The last example would mean that if there is a married couple where the man makes a million a year and the woman 36,000, the woman should pay rent to the man, pay for half of all utility, grocery, and household bills, pay for her clothes, cosmetics, etc. with her money. Accepting anything from the man would be prostitution. But of course, the types of people who fall into feminism these days aren’t usually the logical types. Nor are they particularly feminine, soft, or attractive. The feminist types often are the ones getting drunk on cheap wine whilst watching sex and the city reruns, after which they plot with other feminists on how to strong-arm their broke, pothead, cheating boyfriends into committing to long-term monogamous relationships with them. Some female empowerment, huh? Sometimes, you just can’t fight nature.

  8. Most men do not want their daughters to become cleaning ladies, but they want them to become prostitutes even less. I agree with the gist of the argument, but there is still a reason why most fathers do no want their daughters to become prostitutes. That has not yet been addressed here, and it has more substance than an irrational taboo.

    1. You are welcome to address this. Write about it here.

      I have seen mothers in Asia who were satisfied with their daughters being prostitutes and making huge amounts of money.

      Part of the reason is social ostracism and taboo. If prostitution were legalized, clean, devoid of abuse, exploitation, drugs and other problems, it could well be a quite accepted profession. Also, part time prostitution, like college girls, Japanese school girls etc could be fairly acceptable.

      Of course, there are biological evolutionary aspects to revulsion to extramarital sex in general. Most of them have to do with pregnancy, out of wedlock children, and lack of paternal certainty. All valid 2000 years ago, but no under technological control.

      1. Though I am 100$ for legalization and would love to see women be able to do what they deem fit for there OWN BODIES… I don’t think it would ever completely be accepted even if legalized.
        I was watching a 20/20 thing with Diane Sawyer on prostitution and they visited a brothel in Australia.. a few of the girls there agreed to an interview as long as they would remain anonymous as their families did not know what they actually did for a living.

        Like wise even a few porn stars are ‘disowned’ by their families… selling sex (on or off film) will always be at some level a taboo.

        However.. I wouldn’t necessarily want my daughter to be a porn actress, but that is completely legal… what *I* want for my child and what SHE wants is completely up to her when she is an adult… I can put in my notes of “dis-satisfactory” but in the end it is her choice if she is of age.

  9. whoops, sorry DriverBy, Copied-and-pasted the wrong name. I meant that “spineless poster” comment to go to Stu. X-(~

  10. Oh, and DriverBy is one of the most spineless posters I’ve ever read.
    You look like fools, guys. Except, of course, to all the losers-at-life giving you fist pumps for making them feel better about themselves. Even if it’s delusion.

  11. so by arguing that prostitution is similar to panhandling (i don’t see much of a similarity, panhandlers are rarely forced into their occupation at a young age with threats of violence) and citing people who have financed education though prostituting, perhaps panhandling should be allowed (its also illegal in many states) and maybe even encouraged as a way to make money. let’s try eliminating both of these ways of life, and promote healthy occupations that children today can aspire to grow to be proud of.

    1. So harvesting, and working in clothing factories is something children are forced to doing at a young age, with threats of getting spanked. So we should shut down clothing factories and scrap agriculture.

      That is what you say about prostitution. This is the feminist dishonesty. Make sure no children and no forced people are in prostitution.

      Open it up for volunteers. Support all those who do prostitution willingly. Give 2 year visa to foreign young women who want to engage in legal prostitution.

      Panhandling is a bad example, because they are leeches, who produce nothing. Prostitutes produce happiness in their clients, sexual satisfaction, a wholesome outlet for sexual urges that otherwise could go into violent rape.

    2. Whether or not something is “healthy” or not should not be a reason for something to be illegal.

      If we wanted that lifestyle we would outlaw all sorts of things… like Drinking (wait.. we tried that right?) smoking, Fast Food, etc.

      As for “forced into it at a young age”… we should go after those people that are doing the forcing… not going after the people that are consenting.

      If the girls really are the victims here, why do they jail and fine the “would-be” victims then… could you imagine a girl going into a precinct and reporting sexual assault and then getting booked for being raped?

      I thought we were more civil then that.

  12. A lot of strawman arguments espoused here. Very spineless. As to your “reasoning”: I think perhaps if you were to imagine having to sexually service multiple men a night to pay your rent, if you were honest with yourself, you would find that significantly different from other “menial” jobs you mentioned. Oh, but that is rather inconvenient for you to think about, isn’t it? it spoils your easy “answers” (i.e. self-centered braying) to the issue of prostitution, and your satisfying misogyny. Better not to make that mental leap. I.E. as long as you are on the “demand” side instead of the “supply”side, you don’t have to worry about all the messy ethics involved, and you can keep justifying your bitterness. Somehow I don’t think that will give you the satisfaction you really want in life.

    1. can’t you leave that to the person?

      If she prefers to service several men, or if she prefers to clean several toilets.

      Who are you think that you jail women to protect them from their own decisions?

      Or if she is a luxury prostitute who serves only one man per week? Why would you want to jail her for her own protection.

      1. Exactly this.

        This mentality “I think it is wrong, so I am going to force you to live by MY standards by law and fine you or jail you if need be” is retarded.

  13. This article is very well presented. And it succinctly puts forward the major arguements of the day for proponents of the “violence against women” bandwagon.

    What I really find manipulative is how women can cry foul about prostitution and yet their own nature seems to want to sexualise themselves once reaching legal age. This duality in womens fuzzy logic is what muddy’s the waters so to speak. On the one hand women want to feel empowered and toy with a mans basic instinct to desire them. They are aware of their power to manipulate men and also understand that they alone can curb prostitution at least where 1st world and 2nd world prostitution exists..all it takes is for them to stop participating in the sex trade.

    However they will later argue that a woman can choose how she sees fit to earn a living. Come on now, you either side with prostitution in all its unflattering colors or you don’t. If feminists are going to pick and choose hypocrisies then the debate will never end.

    An enlightened woman or society would never allow prostitution. Because it would never allow money to be the enslaver of whole societies. Things in a progressive society would be free. There would be alot of participation across the globe for science to be at the forefront. And many mundane jobs would be automated out of existence. Therefore freeing people to take to the arts or science with much gusto. Because everyone would be provided with the essentials (food, health, shelter, education) there would be no need to pursue a materialistic lifestyle. Things would just happen for the betterment of all. And so if prostitution were to survive under these new conditions. It would not be prostitution anymore, but rather just recreational sex. And for that there would be no real pressure to participate in.

    Unfortunately society as it stands today, will continually struggle with this problem of what came 1st, the chicken or the egg (as in prostitutes creating a service which in part allowed men to follow them in droves, or that mens craving for women began or forced women into considering this poor choice in profession) The jury may be still out for this one. But in my mind its quite simple… women as any opportunistic individual, made lemonade out of lemons and are more often than not complicit in their own game.

    1. there are many men that simply never get laid. Unless if you make women much much more sexually liberal and make women have mercy on loners, misfits, geeks etc. So will your society make sure these men at least get sex occasionally, so they will not remain eternal virgins, a fate that is very unpleasant for men.

      And then are all the other men that can get sex but that always want more sex. Will sex be available to them for free, so they can be happy?

      > mens craving for women began or forced women into considering this poor choice in profession

      a) what makes you think this is a poor choice? Let the woman choose

      b) women’s cravings for money, food, status might make them choose that profession. It seems that, like in other barters and exchange, buyer and seller are happy with the business. If no do good feminists interfere and arrest both.

      Some women choose the profession to meet high status men that can afford their high prices. Or to make money much more easily then toiling as a secretary for a tenth of the income.

  14. You guys (the writers) are really a bunch of pervs you know that! I am a proud Feminist/Marxist/Catholic and staunchly anti-Prositution as a result of all three beliefs (I’ll admit, it’s a dialectic mix), and those beliefs alone are not why I feel society should keep prostitution illegal: it’s a practical problem! Legalizing Prostitution is symbolically problematic because its just another way that people are commodified. Now as to the practical problem: When its legalized, it’s very rarely fairly enforced. In otherwords, illegal prostitution continues rampantly (as it has in Holland and Germany) and sex trafficking actually gets worse.

    1. Booo! No one wants to hear reasonable logic against prostitution! You’re spoiling everyone’s guilt-free rental of women!

      1. You guys just don’t get it at all… that isn’t reasonable or logical in what “Jim” said.

        Where is the proof in what he said and how does it get worse? what is Jim’s definition of “worse”?

        Nevada has a very well put together system for prostitution…
        STDs are down.
        Child Prostitution is completely non-existent with in the brothels.
        Rape/Sexual Assault is down and if it does happen the guy is quickly escorted out and could be prosecuted.

        I’m sorry you people have to press your moral values on other people that may not share that same concept.

        It’s two consenting adults. As long as all parties are of age and willing… Why do you care, just because something is legal doesn’t mean you have to participate.

  15. Anon :

    Actually there is a very large pro-prostitution element in feminism; indeed it’s becoming the standard position. You probably know this though and are misrepresenting for your own reasons.

    “Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked” makes little sense.

    there is a pro-prostitution argument in feminism. It is pretty powerless. Who makes the laws, who pickets beauty contests, who influences United Nations recommendations? Who fuels the “sex trafficing” craze with its enormous exaggerations? Any loud feminist voices counter-picketing? Crying loud to change back the laws? Defending prostitution customers in Sweden? They are a powerless, fairly quiet, minority.

    I wish you were right! Feel free to post 10 links to such feminist pro-prostitution sites. Post another 10 links showing such activists petitioning liberation of prostitution and scrapping anti-prostitution laws.

  16. “Prostitution in general is as much an exploitation of mans senses as it is a supposed exploitation of a woman’s body.”

    Yes. THIS is a sensical debunking of the feminist paradigm on prostitution. “Make it legal, the let market decide” is not (that argument is actually adopted BY the feminists).

  17. Actually there is a very large pro-prostitution element in feminism; indeed it’s becoming the standard position. You probably know this though and are misrepresenting for your own reasons.

    “Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked” makes little sense.

    1. Please put up 10 links to pro-prostitution feminist blogs or articles. Real pro-prostitution activists.

      Show me in the feminist blogs against prostitution, how a large portion of their readers contradict them forcibly, defending freedom of prostitution.

      Also please help how to evaluate the percentage of pro-prostitution proponents and opponents.

      1. As a long time (29 years) sex worker rights activist (and retired sex worker), I have seen the unfortunate swing to the radical feminist position on sex work- disallowing the voice of the non- victim sex worker because we are being duped by men. I’d LOVE to know that it is finally going back to the ‘my body, my choice’ philosophy in the feminist movement. Please do share the feminist websites (aside from the websites of us sex workers and sex worker rights activists) who are pro prostitution/ sex worker rights.

  18. You know, I really enjoyed the read, and I agree with it 100%.

    However, I’m torn in “Legalizing” prostitution, I totally agree that woman should have the right to do what they want with their bodies (As long as it is the woman herself that is pulling the strings and not a pimp/trafficker, etc)

    The down side I see to it would actually be on the Consumer’s side.

    Right now.. it’s very “hush hush” and woman legally cannot spell out a menu for the consumer so they have to work for “tips”.

    So if it became legal, woman can now just spell it out right “$40 for a BJ, $100 nudity, $200 for out right sex, etc..

    While it is “hush hush” the girls work as escorts and have an agency fee and the Johns are a little more in control saying “I think you were worth $X on top of the agency fee” and can pay what HE thinks she is worth in tips vs just paying for it up front and out right.

    I would much rather see it legalized, but I can see a benefit to it not being legalized as well.

    1. @Stephen Pratt:

      Illegality drives up prices. Pot is Grass and should cost $ 100 a truckload, if it were legal. Sex, if freely available, also should be cheaper then it is now, illegally. Of course, there could be partial legalization that keeps competition at bay (like mandatory registration of prostitutes).

      But most men would rather pay more then risk jail.

      But yes, of course it should be analyzed if there is a public health or men’s psychological intererst in having cheap sexual outlets available. Would not get much support, though ……

  19. There was a woman working where work…..in a warehouse….doing basic warehouse stuff. She found out I run sex parties and approached me and really really wanted to come and get gang banged. Our party is for 35yo or older only so I had to refuse her. A few months later she told me she was leaving work……to go and work in a brothel……and she sort of rubbed my nose in it that she couldn’t qualify for my……free parties……now she is going to be getting all the sex with all the men in the world and getting paid heaps for it as well…….she was over the moon. She is now making about 5 times as much as she was slaving away in the warehouse……and all while spending most of her time slobbing around in slutty attire waiting for the next punter……and then spending most of that time on her back. She thinks it an incredible joke that men come and pay her……for giving her pleasure…….laughs her head off about it.

    Moto of the story…..prostitution is easy money for women…….that is all it is. Most women maybe would rather work in an air con cushy office job getting paid 100kpa for doing sweat bugger all…….but if they had to work doing similair work to most men…….blue collar boring exhausting work…..they would take the hooker job. But even better would be to marry a high earning man…….then get paid for denying him sex…….all while he works around the clock leaving plenty of time for her to hook up with toy boys.

    1. Actually, you don’t and never will speak on behalf of women, or what prostitution is to women. As to your story… well, it’s quite telling. About you.

  20. Interesting post. Protistution is one of my favourite subjects. The only place where I might, just might give some credence is where women are incarcerated by force. In an ideal world the law would deal with this.

    But, this leads on to my differentiation analysis in the world of prostitution:

    Level 1: Glam – ‘High class Escorts’, independent, professional, openly defiant about independence (but also identity protective), ‘liberated’ indidviduals.

    Level 2: Middle class – students making a buck for study, most come from fairly well-to-do backgrounds, no real trauma, or are lazy, resigned from mundane 9-5 work and looking for immediate comsumerist gratification. Also amatuer porn-stars.

    Level 3: The ‘dark side’ – incarceration, drugs, hellholes, a layer of society you wished never existed. but not to forget women are also complicit in the gang construction of these affairs.

    You would think the ‘glam side’ is in no way related to the ‘dark side’, but it is. Remember, the glam side is educated women who know how to sell sex. They are adept sellers but more worringly so is how they use the darker strata as a marketing ploy to sell their wares, e.g., ‘Why have a brothel experience when you can have me’. They use their own disadvantaged sisters, to create repulsion, to attract custom. Sick. And you would have thought with all the privileges of education these professional women have received, the first thing they would have done out of college is help their own sisters. No chance, they let their incarcerated sisters rot and go straight for the money. The double standard of women.

    Women are also complicit in their own sexualisation but refuse to admit this, then cry sexual-harassment, etc, when it suits them. Er, wasn’t it you that contributed to the whole sexual imagery of women by exposing yourself as a submissive, accommodating creature? Men probably only showed you a bit of attention and now you get all angry? Tut, tut, don’t take out your prostituted frustrations on some unsuspecting dude.

    Finally, about this ‘we must stop the ‘demand’ for sex, etc’ political BS. for me, a ‘demand’ has to be ‘created’.

    Women shove sex in your face (that’s all they have to sell) therefore creating the demand, the same way they advertise sex. It is the glam side who advertise sex so cunningly and adeptly. The trickle down effect is men cannot afford $500 dollar hookers so they’ll go lower, and lower and end up somewhere. At the same time at this point men are duped into thinking a woman is safe and free from exploitation. Why the law refuses to recognise deception is baffling.

    Prostitution in general is as much an exploitation of mans senses as it is a supposed exploitation of a woman’s body.

    Don’t forget, women are active in the organisation of hellhole domains, exploiting their sisters via many channels, from up above, or down below. There is a link, either through exploitive advertising or deception and complicitness.

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