Liberal German Prostitution Laws under attack by Press

Repeal liberal German prostitution laws, apply the Swedish model???? NOT!!!

Famous news magazine "Der Spiegel" 1 as well as rainbow press "Bild" agree: the liberal German prostitution law causes trafficking and thus ought to be replaced by the wonderful Swedish model that arrests the clients but allows women to offer sex.

der-spiegel-whorehouse-germanyDer Spiegel devoted an entire cover "Whorehouse Germany" saying that the government promotes sex slavery. The authors shame liberal female politicians that signed the liberalization into law in 2002 .

The German Press, the propaganda machine of prudish feminists?

Prostitution prices dropped in Germany

It is amazing how legalization has dropped prostitution pricing in Germany. In Berlin, all you can drink and all you can fuck deals can be had for Euro 99. And if you can not afford that, you can partake in a gangbang of 3 girls for Euro 79 or choose a one hour trial for 49 Euros.

Yes, these girls are not the top of the top. Men have to settle for third rate women if they want to get unlimited sex for 99 Euro.

But there are plenty of cheap men, who want to fuck third rate women for low money, and plenty of over the hill women who want to make easy money.

Those who want sex with top quality women, have to settle for Artemis or Oase FKK. There they pay around 70 euro for unlimited food and drinks, and about 50 to 70 Euro per basic girl session. Plus 50 to 100 Euro per extra service.

As one "all you can fuck" brothel owner stated: At these prices, it is it not worth for organized crime to exploit the girls.

The Swedish model

The Swedish Model suggests to Criminalize Only the Buying of Sex. The exact opposite of our drug laws that criminalize only selling, not consumption. It is based on feminist disinformation, feminist manipulative Language (debunked here) and faulty feminist logic. There is continuing political and public debate in Sweden.


Imprison buyers of Nike Sneakers and of iPhones!? The Swedish Model?

Did we ever consider to outlaw sneakers, when it turned out that slave labor was used in the production of sneakers? Did we ever consider banning iPhones, when it turned out that there was exploitation in the production of iPhones?

Aren’t there better solutions?

How to prevent trafficking of girls for prostitution?

Most of the trafficking paranoia is a lie. There is not much trafficking g going on. Prostitution pays so well, there are plenty of takers who love easy money and/or sex. (Belle de Jour), It is actually sexist and unjust that men do not have the option to earn money by engaging in highly paid prostitution.

  1. Trafficking is mostly a myth: 1, 2 3 Fight feminist misinformation. To further reduce any possible trafficking, we suggest:
  2. Legalize prostitution completely.

    1. remove the stigma: even in liberal Germany, prostitution is stigmatized. A realtor friend of mine told me about the plight of a high income prostitute who wanted to rent a luxury apartment and was shy to prove her source of income
    2. A brothel owner requested that the German government employment office send him prostitutes to work in his brothel.  The employment office refused. There is a high demand for prostitutes, and a high percentage of jobless young people. If we leave recruiting of sex workers to criminal gangs, no wonder they take advantage of the girls.  Have government or reputable private firms recruit sex workers.  If the mafia were the only ones to recruit household helpers or construction workers, we might get similar trafficking results.
    3. After a certain time of unemployment, Germans have to accept ANY employment if they want to continue receiving government handouts. That means that an engineer has to accept a job as a toilet cleaner or lose his unemployment benefits. When a brothel owner demanded that unemployed German secretaries accept employment in his brothel, German officials backpedalled and declared that prostitution is not a profession like all others. While we have sympathy for the position that women not be obliged to work as prostitutes, we strongly disagree that unemployed women are not even told about sex work job openings.Let women choose if they prefer 400 Euro unemployment benefits or 10 000 Euro per month as a prostitute. Her body, her choice!
  1. "We know your family We will attack members of your family in Romania if you don’t comply and give us money" is the main threat criminal gangs have against Romanian prostitutes.  So we need to fix lawlessness in the girl’s home country. Not arrest the buyers.
  • Nowadays most girls are not deceived to think they travel to Germany to be baby sitters. They happily go to Germany after being told they can earn 900 Euro per month in prostitution.  As a matter of fact, even in the "all you can fuck" brothels, girls make much more then 900 Euro a month. They can charge for extras and probably make closer to 5000 Euros per month. Pretty young girls can make 10 000 Euro a month in better brothels. Compared to 200 Euros at a decent job in Romania, and 600 Euros for a simple job in Germany. Solution: Have German brothels, and the German labor offices recruit in Romania. They will outbid any Mafia trafficker.

    No mercy with male suffering

    A certain Kajsa Ekis Ekman writes books and is active against prostitution: In Sweden, only losers pay for sex. Zeta males, the losers that can not get laid, suffer loneliness, sexlessness, and discrimination. We plan to write about the plight of the 40 year old male virgin. It is ok to blame the victims, as long as they are male.

    So these men, who can not get laid, are free to be criticized? it is ok if they get depressed, suicidal, or tempted to rape a woman they can not get through seduction, or money? Feminist laws increase violent rape and child abuse, as Professor Milton Diamond has aptly proven.

    In Human history, most men had no offspring and probably never had sex. So indifference with male frustration has a long history. Other historical plights, hunger, disease, poverty are being eased by social policy. But the sexlessness male loser only gets ridicule. It is time that men’s rights activists cast light on such depressing male suffering.


    More links

    The New York Times about prostitution

    In a New York Times discussion you can convince yourself that the arguments of the proponents of the Swedish model don’t hold water. Unlike the biased reports in the recent German media, the New York Times gives some space to the proponents of liberalization.

    Is prostitution Safer When It’s Legal? | New York TImes

    Can legalized prostitution ever be safe and free of exploitation? Or should laws against prostitution remain? Read More »


    Prostitution prohibition campaigns often associate legal prostitution with increased trafficking. But academics, journalists and activists have debunked these claims as manipulative, inaccurate and unscientific. Contemporary prohibitionists prescribe the “Swedish model,” which criminalizes clients of sex workers. Although such laws are promoted as a solution to violence against prostitutes in Sweden, well-documented and independent studies have shown that these laws expose them to greater danger as they drive sex workers underground.

    Contrary to popular stereotypes, sex workers are valuable members of our communities who contribute a great deal to their families, and to the economy of their countries. Accepting this would create a practical and fair approach to sex worker safety, and let us reject antique moralism that protected women from sex itself and used public order laws to control the poor.

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    Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

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    1. I liked this article and I look forward to a piece on the sexual oppression of omega/zeta men. The sexual oppression such men endure really is evil and exposes gender feminists as the immoral misandrists they are. How many addictions to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs by these men could have been avoided by legalized prostitution? How many desperation rapes, suicides, and George Sodini style homicides could have been avoided through legalized prostitution? The feminists, who claim to love women so much, essentially see to it that so many women will be sacrificed like the Greek youths of myth who were sacrificed to the minotaur in order keep the corrupt status quo in power.

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