Sex trafficking: An US American problem too?

Feminists and others that are opposed to prostitution puposefully confuse issues like:

  • voluntary vs. forced prostitution,
  • adult vs adolescent vs child prostitution.

Here is an analysis of such a confusing article that allows  for an adolescent to be a “trafficked child” even when there is no trafficker.

But the human traffickers who ensnared her had a different vision for Lena, shipping her to America and exploiting her in the sex industry for profit. They met her at the airport with news that her study abroad placement had been changed. She was given new bus tickets and sent off to Detroit, Michigan. Once there they took her passport and her freedom.

After almost a year of enslavement, Lena risked her life to make a daring escape.


Now lots of questions arise. How can a girl be kept imprisioned for a year, while in constant contact with customers? Are there any details that were omitted? did Lena really come with an I-5 Student visa? How come her schoold did not miss her? Or was she smuggled into the US, consensually?

Now, in the US, prostitution is illegal. This might be a good reason for girls to claim being a trafficing victim when caught. But, let us suppose the story is true. I believe such stories exist, but they are probably very rare.

The “Human Trafficking Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School […] works to identify solutions to combat human trafficking“.  I am here to help to identify such solutions:

How can such tragedies be avoided? Well, this is similar to the drug industry: legalizing lighter drugs would solve a lot of the crime connected to drug trading. Equally, the problems of true human trafficing can be solved by methods that Mrs. Carr probably would not endorse:

  1. legalizing prostitution and
  2. legalizing prostitution by foreigners by emitting work visa to sex workers

would make most human trafficers jobless.  Easy availability of 18 year old legal prostitutes would probably reduce the desire for 16 year old illegal jail bait.

Now Mrs. Carr somehow changes topic. Lena was seemingly not underage, but she mixes these things up with child prostitution.  Children are under 12 or under 14 years old, but prostitution of adolescents does not sound as catchy as child prostitution, so conveniently, Mrs. Carr introduces some more confusion.

Children who are selling sex in the United States are then, by definition, victims of human trafficking. Despite this, child victims of sex trafficking are frequently viewed as criminals rather than as victims.

Here it is. A 17 year old runaway, a 17 year old drug addict who prostitutes herself, is called a victim of human trafficing.  It is nice that Bridgette Carr honestly admits to using purposeful misleading language. There is no trafficer, the girl is on her own, but there is a victim of human trafficing.This skillfully manipulative perversion of  language would make Josef Goebbels proud.

Victims should not be described as entering into prostitution; they are being exploited and should be described as victims of human trafficking.

This unusual language use is meant to foster the purposes of feminist and religious zealots by confusing the general populace who does not profoundly analyze what is being said.

To foster their agenda of reducing male and young female sexual choices, they create utterl confusion about very diverse issues such as

  1. 5 year old children who get raped by use of violence and force (an obvious crime by all standards, independent of age of victim, but aggravated further by age of victim which is physiologically and psychologically not ready, and by bodily harm inflicted)an
  2. consensual exchange of sex for money between an adult sex worker (prostitute) and a client, which is legal in many countries.
  3. This confuses all of course all intermediate steps such as:
    1. consensual sex of teenagers between 14 and 17  (falsely and manipulatively called “children”)
    2. non-violent fondling of minors
    3. voluntary prostitution by teenagers almost 18 years old
    4. rape of adults
    5. rape of males: interestingly none of these people are concerned about prison rape. This is a deadly danger due to violence and HIV, and an issue so dangerous that even Mike Tyson had reason to be concerned about being raped in jail. Raping Mike Tyson would have been the ultimate trophy for a macho jail gang boss.

The data on human trafficking is sparse, but what is known is terrifying. It’s already the second largest criminal industry in the world — behind only the trade in illegal drugs — and it’s growing fast. The global commercial sex trade exploits one million children annually. At least 100,000 and perhaps as many as 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year.

Is there any proof? 300 000 children in America victims of sex trafficing? Even with such definition that lone youngsters prowling the street looking for customers?

There are about 300 Million people in the US, a quarter of which are under 20.

So maybe 60 Million are under 17.  300 000 of these, half a percent, one of 200 of children, one of 800 inhabitants are victims of sex trafficing? Where are they? In a city of 8 000, we would expect 10 such underage prostitutes, in a city of 8 million, Mrs. Carr would expect to find 10 000 such victims. And how many customers would each such victim have? A prostitute can easily have 100 customers, and they are overwhelmingly male.  So one in 8 inhabitants, or one in 4 male US citizens would be customers of these underage kids? Ok, there might be repeat customers, so maybe only one in 30 US citizens is a regular customer of underage prostitutes?

Human-Stupidity is in favor of honestly and squarely facing and discussing issues and solving problems. In favor of research, science, honesty. Against confusing issues to foster hidden agendas and dogmas. Disagreements about issues and policies should be discussed honestly and openly, not hidden behind manipulative language.

In this content the daring theory of the rings true

In a sense then, my thesis that feminism is an aggressive response to technology that widens the sexual choices for men, is indeed a scientific theory.

Obviously, as learned readers of this blog will know by now, as well as anybody with an ounce of common sense, Valenti and her fellow feminists want to ban sex dolls because such things, increasingly realistic, threaten to give men sexual independence from women.

Now I learn that feminists in Canada are already drawing up legislation that would limit the sale and ownership of sexbots – realistic androids created for the sexual gratification of men.

When sex toys were mainly vibrators that gave women sexual independence from men, feminists avidly endorsed sex toys. This relates to the initial topic: feminist and religious zealots use manipulative language to foster their personal agenda.

Author: Human-Stupidy (Admin)

Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

3 thoughts on “Sex trafficking: An US American problem too?”

  1. It is commonly accepted in the United States that when minors consent to have sex with an adult they are being exploited. This is based on the understanding that minors have not yet developed sufficient judgment to make responsible decisions of that sort, and adults who exploit their limited capacity to judge are committing a crime. Parents of teenagers can attest to the wisdom of that approach whether or not they are part of the feminist movement.

  2. This article is as inaccurate as the ones that it attacks. Please visit or and organizations aligned with them to get accurate information. Legalizing prostitution is NOT the answer and that’s been proven. There is no such thing as “sexual liberation” that puts a price on sex and intimacy. Sex should not under any circumstances be for sale.

    1. Jonathan wants to “protect” “Belle de Jour”, a PhD researcher who financed her postgraduate studies with prostitution.

      Also he wants to deny men who feel a strong biological need for sex and do not get enough (or do not get any at all) a chance to legally buy some happiness.

      The site commentator quotes is actually more liberal and open minded then commentator herself. I am quoting the site. See an example:

      Most abolitionists vehemently argue that legalizing prostitution engenders a broader social acceptance of brothels for sexual entertainment. That kind of cultural environment, in turn, leads to a greater demand for young girls that will be filled by sex traffickers. Ongoing research should be able to determine whether prohibition or legalization does spawn higher levels of sex trafficking into a country.

      I Agree. Research is always good. Of course, if the researcher is a feminist with a political agenda, the result will be skewed.

      I also think that there should be research into the positive emotional effects of prostitution for the client. Desperate young people with no chance of legal sex might actually become violence prone, unhappy, unproductive. Low ranking poor unattractive unintelligent males have difficulty getting sex, even more if the sex ratio is skewed against them. I have heard, but not confirmed, that authorities in Denmark pay one prostitute visit per half year to social aid recipients.

      Most abolitionists vehemently argue that legalizing prostitution engenders a broader social acceptance of brothels for sexual entertainment. That kind of cultural environment, in turn, leads to a greater demand for young girls that will be filled by sex traffickers. Ongoing research should be able to determine whether prohibition or legalization does spawn higher levels of sex trafficking into a country.

      Prohibiting production of sneakers and pants has the same effect. If producing clothes were illegal, it would be easier to prosecute slavery sweat shops. But this is probably not a good solution.

      The Netherlands, for example, has historically maintained an open tolerance for the commercial sale of sex. In October 2000 it went a step farther and officially legalized prostitution. The German government followed suit two months later.

      The lawmakers of these nations were persuaded that exploitation thrives in environments of illegality. If prostitution will always be with us–and lawmakers in Germany and the Netherlands presume that to be the case–then criminalizing it will create a black market where the mob underworld makes the rules. The fact that 70 percent of prostitution in the United States is linked to organized crime would seem to support that argument.

      In Germany and the Netherlands, sex workers are offered legal protection from commercial exploitation and receive social service benefits. But these laws do not apply to individuals who are not residents of the European Union. To the chagrin of law-makers, a booming underground sex trade has emerged in both countries. A 2003 survey found that foreign-born women make up 65 percent of the sex market in the Netherlands and 50 percent of the market in Germany.

      I go beyond what your article says: Illegal aliens are easier victims of enslavement then legal visa bearing workers.
      So foreign sex workers should get work visas. As part of their visa requirements, they should have to work in legalized brothels and report regularly to health and social authorities to make sure they work voluntarily and for themselves, they keep their own money, the do not become addicted to drugs and alcohol, etc.

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