"The Problems of the Black Race" by Black Reverend Dr. James David Manning

"South Africa has become the world’s biggest ghetto, because wherever Black people are in charge, they turn it into a Ghetto.". "Covering up the truth does not cure the problem: Black people are the problem". […] Wherever they are the mayor, in Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, in Washington, they turn them into Ghettoes" bemoans Reverend Dr. James David Manning at 38 min.

If a white man said such things there would be black riots

Reverend Dr.James David Manning tells the  naked truth. He says what no white man could ever say. He speaks the truth,  with profound sadness. He is a well meaning black man who wants the best for his fellow Blacks, He bemoans Black attitudes of crime, lack of industriousness, abandonment of wives and children, and attitudes of blaming whites and slavery, instead of blaming themselves. He wants to fix Blacks, he wants them to thrive, to be productive and successful.


Reverend Dr. James David Manning uses tough love. He wishes the Best. But he thinks truth is the way.

This is so refreshingly different from political correctness that creates speech codes (like the press hiding the race of criminals) and hides or outright falsifies data and prevents academic researchers from telling the truth and silence even eminent Nobel Prize Laureate geneticist James Watson.

He wants them to take care of family, raising healthy moral kids with a full family, improve the lot of Blacks. He wants them to do more then request government handouts and blame slavery for Black poverty, Black crime, and failure.


Reverend Dr.James David Manning thinks responsibility, and God, are the solutions. He focuses on black behavior, black attitude and black culture. Studiousness, correct behavior and honor, of course, will improve the situation of Blacks. He probably does not agree with our additional issues regarding race and iq.


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Honest Research, Truth, Sincerity is our maxim. We hate politally correct falsification, falsification, repression of the truth, academic dishonesty and censorship.

8 thoughts on “"The Problems of the Black Race" by Black Reverend Dr. James David Manning”

    1. No, not so. I mainly stick to scientific facts and statistics.

      Also, menis is using very strong language I would not dare to use.

  1. @menis me nis.
    I’ve read the wholesale mistreatment of blacks by whites is a sort of psychological defense mechanism. For whites to treat blacks as anything less than an abomination would be to concede their humanity and thus their inherent equality. And so to accept that fact in the face of the centuries of irrational hatred and unspeakable violence perpetrated by whites against people of color would be to confront their own obscenity to the degree that would shatter their collective psychic identity. In effect, their souls couldn’t bear it. Hence, the charade endures.

    1. What about the wholesale mistreatment of blacks by blacks? Be it crime in black inner city neighborhood, genocide and constant war in Africa. Be it the participation of black slave vendors in the sale of slave to North and South American slavers, the sale of slaves to Arabs, or the use of black slaves by Blacks, which was very frequent in Africa and still endures to a smaller extent.

      About irrational hatred and unspeakable violence of people of color against Whites, I recommend to read about the killings of Black farmers in South Africa, Zimbabwe etc.

      Finally, don’t forget 50 years of affirmative action, where Blacks easily get admitted to Universities, and jobs with SAT and other test scores a White would have no chance of being admitted.

      You repeat all the cliche stories the politically correct press feeds us. The truth is quite different.

  2. @nope

    I think that perhaps you’re a white troll. If not…

    Come again? ‘Trying to win the approval of white people’… What White people exactly? The White/Jewish liberals that completely and utterly dominate the western media who espouse nothing but praise, sympathy and a complete distortion of facts in favour of ‘minorities’, especially blacks, whilst attacking and ruining the lives of any white person who says anything negative on the actions or behaviour of any race? Or is it the White liberals (Democrats)/Jews ( Jews who control 33% of seats by the way and are only 2% of the population) in congress and the white house, who are the main instigators of racial ‘reform’, i.e. to constantly promote the idea that race is nothing but a social construct brought about by ‘white privilege’, and massive immigration ‘reform’, i.e. opening the doors of the U.S. and all other White countries to any and all peoples and allowing them benefits and rights which further displaces White communities and their workers? The same liberals and Jews who force companies and institutes to accept less qualified blacks and migrants. The same liberals and Jews who slam the words ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobe’ on anybody that publicly tries to speak on the destruction of the white race and it’s culture. The same liberals who are in power. Total power that is. He wants the favour of these ‘white’ people, the ones who have the power, who espouse an entirely different view and would arrest this man if he was only White? Or is it the ‘White people’ who control the major lobbies that influence foreign affairs, because I have news for you… they are all Jewish lobbies. There are no more White lobbies. There are no more White power bases, in government, industry, the media, anywhere… unless you count those that, at the behest of the Jews, are selling their race down the drain. Which you can’t. So what White people exactly are you referring to? Tell me? What White people, other than those who share the ‘politically correct’ brainwashing phenomenon, have any power left in their own countries?

    As to your remark on ‘affirmative action’ I have two points: It isn’t about getting them a Job. It’s about displacing white people so they can take their job. It isn’t about creating a new market for hundreds of thousands of unemployed (and I’d argue largely unemployable) Blacks to enter. It’s about forcing them into government jobs so that White people are removed from the government at all basic stages. It’s a lie. So what you are stating is that although this is neither beneficial to Blacks as a whole or to White people individually or as a whole it’s ok. That even though it puts people who are unqualified into positions they do not deserve to be in, that’s ok by you? What you fail to see is that still you remain as nothing more than a parasite.

    No Black people don’t know their’s a problem with their culture at all. Their victimisation fantasies are indulged and they continue, just like yourself, to blame the White man for everything. At every turn you blame somebody else and expect a handout. That’s why no solutions can be offered because no one, is willing to sit down and work out what is best for Black people and their communities… which would be complete apartheid and allow white people to get on enjoy and live in the societies they constructed with their own two hands and God given wit… not on the backs of slaves who picked cotton in a field (as the liberals would have us believe). But the workers who lived a life closer to a piece of dirt than perhaps many black slaves did (A slave is valuable to a rich man, a worker is not, so you take care of your slaves) in order to build a society that the rest of the world can only mimic at best.

    Black people will always be undesirable… even in China they hate Black people. They think you’re ignorant savages with no regard for common decency, virtue and respect. Trust me. I’m living here. And I’ve never seen a people bare as much hatred for black people as these… who are only just encountering your race now, and are sickened to the core. The reason that there are black people (Africans mainly though there are many American and British blacks) here is that that they get free handouts (paid for by the taxes of white Europeans and Americans, as we are the biggest tax sources in our countries) to come and study at universities. Speaking to an Arabian fellow of my acquaintance, they rarely attend classes and are considered by staff to be completely idiotic and unmotivated. Now these are supposed to be the cream of the crop. The future lawyers and doctors of their countries.

    Face it. Black people are inferior to every other race on the planet. It is the scientific, statistically proven truth. You have not evolved to live in society. Society was introduced to you. You never created it or earned it. It’s a sad fact but the only way blacks are going to stop being so inferior is if they stop becoming black as they are now. If apartheid had been kept in place for maybe another hundred or two hundred years then through selective breeding and a slow introduction into the higher parts of societies in their own countries or lands the Black race could have adapted, on the genetic level, to fit the demands of civilised society. But as it was, it was decimated and within 300 years white societies have been stolen by a unsophisticated inferior race that I wish to God above would mature and advance so at last they may find a little peace and happiness without having to be ruled by another people instead of destroying the societies of those that brought them out of the darkness and taught them a language that actually had tenses.

  3. The reverand is stark wrong in his statement and all he is doing is trying to win the approval of white people. Everybody knows that whenever you need to gain brownie points from anybody in America you simple attack the black man and say as much negative things about him. Its general knowledge that slavery caused Africa to be where its at right now. On top of that total separation from its main source of possible income: diamonds.

    Reverand we already know that there is a problem with black culture. Why the hell do you think that complaining about it is helping. Lets start offering solutions!

    The one thing that white people can stop doing is complaining about programs that help black people. How can you say that black people have a problem and then when programs aimed to help improve their life like affirmative action (get them a job so that they can move out or improve the ghetto) or race based scholarschips (that will help them get a job so that they can move out or improve the ghetto).

    I as a black person really want to be from a culture that is atleast not hated on. I don’t need to be revered but to not be undesirable one day would be great!

    1. From your other comment I see you are a very reasonable man.

      I think the Reverend uses tough love. Blast blacks for their own faults, so they correct them. Explaining that black failure is not due to what white men (and other black men) did to their grand-grand-grand-fathers 150 years ago. Empowering them so they fix their own fate, by themselves.

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