J. Philippe Rushton RIP. Controversial Researcher on Racial Differences in Personality and IQ

The world’s foremost academic researcher on Race and IQ, J. Philippe Rushton died on October 3, 2012 of Addison’s disease.  He was a prolific researcher who published a huge number of peer reviewed research papers in spite of fierce resistance by the political correctness "race does not exist" crowd. rushton Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic

the peer-reviewed psychology journal Personality and Individual Differences has an upcoming special edition dedicated to John Philippe Rushton and his scientific contributions. Preprint versions of many of the articles have already been made available online in PDF format.  22

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  4. Migratory selection for inversely related covariate T- and IQ- nexus traits: Testing the IQ/T-Geo-Climatic-Origin theory by the General Trait Covariance model:
  5. The measurement of Human Life History strategy:
  6. The Flynn effect, group differences, and g loadings:
  7. Remembering J. Philippe Rushton: December 3, 1943–October 2, 2012: Greg Johnson pays tribute to Phil Rushton over at Counter-Currents.

As much as the mass media would like to portray Rushton as some kind of lone crank, this simply isn’t true. Anyone looking over his lengthy Curriculum Vitae can see he consistently published his research on racial differences in a diverse assortment of respected peer-reviewed journals. He could not of done this if his peers in the scientific community didn’t think that his work was of merit. It should also be noted that the peer-reviewed journal Personality and Individual Differences has planned an upcoming special issue dedicated to J. P. Rushton and his scientific research.  22

In today’s climate of political correctness, of anti hate and anti racism laws, one has to be very strong to keep on fighting for the truth of one’s findings.

Human-Stupidity is very interested in repression of research, of speech, and how false and ridiculous theories about "race does not exist" can be defended and taught, against all evidence to the contrary. We have written extensively

Police decided no charges were warranted and Ontario attorney-general Ian Scott concurred, saying Rushton’s theories on racial superiority were “loony but not criminal.”

Still, premier David Peterson called for Rushton’s dismissal.

Another racial theory by Rushton — that Asians were less susceptible to AIDS than blacks and whites — drew him an invitation from the government of China to speak at conferences.

Western took disciplinary action against Rushton, throwing the university into the centre of an international debate over academic freedom.

In an annual performance review, the university branded Rushton’s work as “unsatisfactory” and denied him a routine pay increase. They warned another poor rating could justify dismissal proceedings.

Firing back, Rushton’s London lawyer, John Judson, accused Western of buckling in the face of a witch hunt and out of fear of losing financial backing. George Pedersen, Western president at the time, called Judson’s comments “strictly rubbish.”

Rushton was stripped of his right to use Western students as research subjects after distributing unauthorized questionnaires about sexual performance, penis size and how far subjects could ejaculate.

He was reprimanded again for distributing a questionnaire at the Eaton Centre in Toronto. Rushton had paid 50 Asians, 50 whites and 50 blacks $5 each to answer a questionnaire on their sexual habits.

Rushton’s theories caught the attention of U.S. TV networks. He appeared on the Geraldo show in 1989 and was booed. In 1990 he was a guest on the Phil Donahue show, where the audience also lashed out at his conclusions.

But he stuck by his conclusions.   Controversial Prof. Philippe Rushton dead | London Free Press


J. Philippe Rushton has died With a video compilation of a entertaining lecture in 2006

Race and IQ: A Theory-Based Review of the Research in Richard Nisbett’s Intelligence and How to Get It

The rise and fall of the Flynn Effect as a reason to expect a narrowing of the Black–White IQ gap

Phil Rushton Has Died | American Renaissance

Thugs disrupted Phil’s classes, and shouted abuse at him whenever he walked by. Once he found “Racists pig live here” [sic] scrawled on the door of his office. In March 1989, the Attorney General of Ontario began a police investigation to see whether Phil had broken laws banning the promotion of “hatred against any identifiable group.” A finding of guilt coud have meant up to two years in prison, but eight months later, the Attorney General announced that Phil’s theories were “loony but not criminal.”

The University of Western Ontario could find no legal way to fire Phil, so it barred him from the classroom and ordered him to record lectures on video tape for students to watch in private. Phil managed to persuade a faculty grievance committee that this was absurd. When he resumed classroom teaching—amid much media whooping and student protest—thugs repeatedly disrupted his courses and even assaulted him. Through it all, Phil never lost his temper, never threw a punch—and, most importantly, never backed down. Over the years, his enemies gradually retreated to a baffled state of relative silence, while Phil continued to publish top-flight research on race differences.

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  1. “[J. Philippe Rushton] He’s the end of an era of academic racists of his style and notoriety,” Barry Mehler, professor of history and director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism at Ferris State University in Michigan, said today. “I don’t think we’ll see that again.’’

    Terrible article about J. Philippe Rushton. Summarizes all the false stereotypes and distortions

    Unfortunately, he may be right. After Rushton and Jensen’s death, in the current ant-scientific PC climate, who will dare to continue their research? Only aging emeritus Richard Lynn is left. We need an Institute for the Study of Black Racism and Politically correct repression of science.

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