Prominent Victim of False Rape Accusations and Biased Court System Becomes Activist, Writes Book (Jörg Kachelmann in Germany)

A famous and highly popular TV weather anchor man languished in jail for months, suffered over year in court, spent a fortune in legal cost, lost his TV job and reputation. Because of a rape accusation that was unfounded. And now Jörg Kachelmann becomes an activist to fight unjust convictions due to false accusations.

Slander is a popular weapon, these days

"Verleumdungen sind heute eine beliebte Waffe"

– Joerg Kachelmann and Miriam are getting even – with "ill-trained" police officers, prosecutors, judges and expert witnesses, and a "habitual men sentencing justice". At the same time, they expect to establish "an informal network". Their goal: "That in the future is less innocent people are convicted because of false accusations." This they announce  in an interview with SPIEGEL.

"In the area of ​​abuse and rape false accusations have become a mass phenomenon," said Kachelmann ("tile man") who was acquitted about a year ago after a spectacular marathon process  charged with raping a former girlfriend.

Human-Stupidity covered the scandalous Jörg Kachelmann rape case . It was the German court case of 2011. The prominent TV weatherman, had been accused by his ex girl friend to have raped her, exactly on the day they split up because of her discovering his infidelity. A famous man, not only TV weather anchor but owner of the company that produced the weather reports. Attractive, well off, with several lovers and millions of women swooning after him.

Video: Lupine the cat comes into the weather forecast


Kachelmann would "really want every rapist behind bars". But for women, slander has become a popular and effective weapon." Kachelmann’s wife Miriam added: with abuse allegations women today can "very easily take revenge on bosses and life partners" and "easily obtain custody of children." There  a "victim industry, which in this sick form must definitely go," said the 26-year-old psychology student.

In the interview she also attacked [famous feminist icon] Alice Schwarzer, then a court reporter for the "Bild" newspaper, and thus "from the very beginning a partial propaganda machine". Jörg Kachelmann said: "Mrs. Schwarzer and her followers ,in my view have, since long time ago, not been grounded in our free democratically based society order:  because they are no longer fighting for gender equality, but for the privilege of one gender and the criminalization of the other. "

Together, the two Kachelmanns have now drawn their conclusions in a book ("Law and Justice", Heyne), which will be released this week. The summary of the former German weather presenter in the SPIEGEL interview is very bitter: The Mannheim prosecutors  and court had "jointly tried  to make a monster out of me.  I’ve never been violent and had certainly never raped anyone. "

Miriam Kachelmann, who had then appear as a witness, attacked the judiciary sharply : her own cross examination was "terrible", "because I was questioned minute details like my period and my sexual fantasies At some point there was no more restraint for these judges. "

The entire interview with Jörg Kachelmann Miriam and read in the new SPIEGEL. Here you can buy the new issue directly or take out a subscription [Der Spiegel has IPad and Android versions]


Human-Stupidity Analysis

This is a great beginning. A victim of feminist injustice, of warped rape and abuse laws, and of a vengeful woman goes public and becomes an activist. If all victims came forward, men’s rights would progress speedily.  Kachelmann has a cleaner past then Mike Tyson or Strauss-Kahn. Nevertheless it would be great if the Strauss Kahn spoke up against the biased court system. There are well founded suspicions that Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton were silent victims of domestic violence.

If you add the millions of men getting routinely accused of child abuse by lying ex wives, victims of false rape accusations, indentured wage slaves paying life long alimony to lazy wives, locked into debt prison like Mr. Emerson. If a small number of these men would start fighting back, maybe feminist injustice could be rolled back and men’s human rights and due process rights could be reclaimed. 

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4 thoughts on “Prominent Victim of False Rape Accusations and Biased Court System Becomes Activist, Writes Book (Jörg Kachelmann in Germany)”

  1. Remember the late Michael Jackson?

    Life and reputation completely ruined even AFTER he was proven innocent. Completely ruined, he was branded a child molester for the rest of his life no matter what the jury claimed.

    More than that, he was abused by the police and media, going through years of hardship… and was finally proven innocent. But not everyone has the money he did.

    Thinking about it again after a while, Michael Jackson was the perfect victim for parents who wants to cash in. Michael’s definitely rich and famous, but the most important of all, he looked like a freak, everyone will definitely believe that Michael molested a little boy if he jumps out and accuses him in tears.

    I seriously think they need to do something about all these false charges… Maybe a little taste of their own medicine? Charged with false report carrying the same possible sentence as the ones they’re falsely charing others with.

    Using the law and it’s enforcing officers as thugs to fuel your own desire for greed and destroying other people’s life and reputation should be treated with no tolerance.

  2. So let me get this straight. Kachelmann was married to his wife Miriam, yet his girlfriend (NOT Miriam) accused him of rape on the day she discovered his infidelity.
    So his GF was unaware that he was married?

    1. He married after he got out of jail. Miriam was probably one of the numerous girl friends he had.

      To get up to date you would have to read the numerous links to my reports of the Joerg Kachelmann case last year in Germany. The court interviewed various girl friends in the hope to get incriminating evidence for Kachelmann’s propensity for violence and rape. They even travelled to Switzerland to interview an ex girl friend who refused to say much (after all the German court could not enforce the witch hunt in Switzerland).

      Seems the gf accuser was unaware he had others. You know Kachelmann was the usual sleazeball man that tells women what they want to hear, that they are the only one. That was his main guilt. But if you watch the story, the accuser found out months before, kept it secret, befriended other gfs on facebook and then lied to court that she found out that very day.

      The main problem is that whacko accusers have been given too much power, by special rape laws, to imprison men and ruin their lives. And that is what Kachelmann now attacks.

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