Nelson Mandela – worse than Apartheid?


Nelson Mandela is universally revered.

So much that joking about him leads to arrest in Britain.

Arrested Because He Joked About Mandela: Police Hold Shopkeeper for Eight Hours, Take His DNA and Seize His Computer | Daily Mail

South Africa has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world.

Better off Under Apartheid
60% of South Africans: ‘Country Better run under Apartheid!’; ANC

Dec 12, 2009 – Most South Africans, both black and white, believe the country was better run of "apartheid nostalgia" as South Africa grapples with high crime rates, …. HRC statistics, 21,000 people died in political violence in South Africa

Video A media blackout, world wide, hides black on white murder in South Africa. The same happens in the USA:

Mandela’s radicalism often ignored by Western admirers Aljazeera America December 6, 2013

"If you talk to many American liberals, they think Mandela was Martin Luther King," Ellis said. "If you say, ‘No, Mandela started a guerrilla army, he was a communist, he did this, he did that,’ they just don’t get it. They don’t know what you’re talking about."

Yet even later, as South African president from 1994 to 1999, Mandela would irk his friends in the West by expressing solidarity with leaders such as Cuba’s Castro and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, as well as finding common cause with the Palestinians in their struggle for statehood.


Our falsified politically correct science and policy do not even help the disadvantaged. Blacks are in full control of Detroit, have the major, police chief. And Detroit is one of the most corrupt and inept cities in the USA. 

Crime and poverty in Africa on the rise

(Reuters) – In a country cursed by one of the world’s highest murder rates, being a white farmer makes a violent death an even higher risk.

Whether attacks have been motivated by race or robbery, a rising death rate from rural homicides is drawing attention to the lack of change on South Africa’s farms nearly two decades after the end of apartheid – and to the tensions burgeoning over enduring racial inequality.

Some of South Africa’s predominantly white commercial farmers go as far as to brand the farm killings a genocide.

On the other side of the divide, populists are seizing on the discontent among the black majority to demand a forced redistribution of white-owned farms along the lines of neighbouring Zimbabwe. Reuters

Zimbabwe was a grain exporting bread basket before the land distribution to Blacks


From Bread Basket

As Rhodesia, Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa, exporting wheat, tobacco, and corn to the rest of the continent and beyond. Zimbabwe contains the most …  Breadbasket – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To famine

According to the United Nations (FAO/World Food Program), more than 6 million people are now at risk of hunger in Zimbabwe, and imports of 1.9 million tons of grain will be needed in the current marketing year to prevent starvation.  The main reason for the current food shortage is severe drought during the spring of 2002, aggravated by an overall economic crisis.  The Government of Zimbabwe’s (GOZ) decision to take thousands of successful farms out of commercial production has made the situation worse.  Zimbabwe and the entire southern Africa region will feel the economic, political, and social consequences of the land-redistribution policy will be felt for years..  Although the Government’s goal of putting Zimbabwe’s farmland into the hands of indigenous black farmers may have long-term benefits, food production will suffer in the interim. USDA

All this famine due to land distribution. Not only does it injustice to the original owners, the poor uneducated people who receive the land don’t know how to feed themselves off the formerly rich agricultural land.

  • as Brazil has noted, distributing land to unintelligent, uneducated, and undisciplined people will not have glorious results.
  • African Countries have a huge population growth. If population grows 10 fold in a few decades, we do have serious problems. The population growth is due to farming technology, medicine, welfare donations.  It is politically very incorrect to say that these were created by the white man.

Life is getting more uncomfortable for the white farmers too, however. Their number is down a third, to some 40,000, in the past 15 years. Headlines about the farm killings are another incentive to sell up.

For while South Africa’s overall annual murder rate has more than halved since the end of apartheid to around 32 people per 100,000, figures for commercial farmers show a near 50 percent rise to an average rate of some 290 per 100,000 a year in the five years to 2011.  Reuters


Race and IQ, academia, crime

One of the biggest taboos is the fact that

  • a) Blacks (mean IQ 70 to 85) are clearly less intelligent then Whites (mean IQ =100). This is absolutely uncontested and the result of tens of millions IQ tests of the US military, over an entire century
  • b) South Asians like Chinese have an IQ of around 105
  • c) White Jews (Ashkenazi Jews) have an IQ of 108 to 115.

Research by J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur Jensen have clearly showed that these differences are heritable and genetic.

African Poverty is due to low intelliegence, high criminality, low self control of Blacks
and not to white repression.

And to White technology and donations that help populations grow at enormous rates.

Nobody dares to interpret the PISA scores in this light.


Is the Sun Rising in the East?

Looking again at those PISA test scores, other than East Asia—China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam—hardly any other nation of Southeast or South Asia, the Arab or Muslim world, Africa or Latin America, is in the top forty in academic performance.

Maybe because Chinese are more intelligent and disciplined, and Blacks less so

And, in these test scores from a diverse world, we can see mirrored the academic performance within our own diverse nation.

Just as East Asians and Europeans excel in the PISA tests, so, too, do Americans of East Asian and European descent dominate test scores and excel in educational achievement, while our Hispanic and African-American students trail.

At top universities like Berkeley, Stanford and in the Ivy League, too, Asian and white Americans are overrepresented in the student bodies.

Yet, Hispanic and African-Americans are more than 30 percent of the U.S. population and 35 percent of those in our public schools.

Increasingly, these minorities will represent the nation in international academic competitions.


I mean South Africa is a country lead by politicians (e.g. Charles Nqakula) who tell the hard working white farmers to stop whinging or leave rather than taking action to stop the thousands murdered and terrorised each year and you think things are better:


Feel free to scour the Race and IQ sections at


Genocide on Whites in South Africa

South African Farm Attacks | Wikipedia

The South African farming community has suffered from attacks for many years. According to interviews by apprehended suspects these attacks are a way for black people to express their anger for the many years they were oppressed by the whites.[1] The majority of the attackers have been young blacks, and the majority of the victims have been white Afrikaner farmers, with claims of death tolls of more than 4,000 cited in the national and international media.[2][3] While the government describes the attacks as simply part of the bigger picture of crime in South Africa, white campaigners point to brutal attacks and incidents involving self-declared anti-white motivations as evidence of a campaign to drive them off their land.[4]

The ANC government has responded to the farm murders by disbanding the Commandos, a rural self-defence network which protected against and responded to attacks. The disbandment of the Commandos has been linked to the escalating level of farm attacks.[5] In 2010, the issue garnered greater international attention in light of the murder of the far-right political figure Eugène Terre’Blanche on his farm.[6]

UN Asked To Stop Boer Genocide

Since South Africa was turned over to ANC rule, Dr. Lets notes the number of White-Afrikaner-Boer farmers has plumeted from 85,000 in 1994 to less than 12,000 today, having either been killed or driven out of the country.

2-year old Willemien Potgieter was killed execution style with her parents in a December 2010 plaasmorde attack.

South Africa risks driving headlong into famine and destitution, ala Zimbabwe, as the country’s only food producers are being driven off the land they have lived on for nearly 400 years.

“The Boer farmers now occupy less than one-percent of the total surface-area of the country,” Dr. Lets noted.

“Our people are being murdered with great ferocity, Boer victims often are found with many dozens of stab- and gunshot wounds and grossly mutilated, indicating that these were acts of hatred towards us as a people,” Dr. Lets said, quoting information found on a website established to monitor the attacks in real time,

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  1. Whites have been all but eradicated in Zimbabwe, they’re victims of genocide in South Africa, and they cannot even have citizenship in Liberia. According to the media and world governments, all this is perfectly fine. NEVER do they raise any protest about discrimination against whites.

    1. Jewamongyou:
      A few years ago, the government of Gabon made it illegal to give children ‘non-African’ names and adults had to change their names to indigenous African ones. Not a squawk in the press about ‘ethnic cleansing’—that only applies in places like Yugoslavia (where it never really happened), ruled by white guys with resources to plunder.

  2. It’s interesting that the media is also very quiet about the state of Zimbabwe (the former white-ruled Rhodesia). Mugabwe was good buddies with Mandela, they were part of the ANC together. The situation is actually worse there than in South Africa.

    It’s not widely known but in most parts of southern Africa, it’s illegal for whites even to own property. Unless the laws have changed recently, that’s the case in Zambia and Tanzania, and I think also Malawi.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the grammar error: Mandela worse THAN apartheid. I looked up some grammar lessons, I hope to avoid this stupid mistake in the future

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