Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep?


Greyhounds are racing dogs. Sausage dogs (Dachshund) are labeled bad runners. Of course, this prejudice is socially constructed and has no foundation in rality. Race is only skin deep. From birth on, parents and dog owners are indoctrinated that they can not run well.. Remedial running classes and  sausage quotas in races are needed to right past discriminatory wrongs.


In reality, Sausage dogs are born with the same running capacity as greyhounds. Saying otherwise is racist.


Sausage dogs discriminated in dog racing

The following video shows a a Sausage dog (Dachshund) race

Once sausage dogs overcome social prejudice, they will be able to compete in the Greyhound Race. As there are many more sausage dogs then greyhounds, a 50% quote for sausage dogs in dog races is only fair to remedy centuries of discriminatory practices.

Pigmy quotas needed in Olympic races



Similarly, pigmies grow up being indoctrinated they can not win Olympic marathons or 100 m dashes. Of course, with affirmative action and special remedial running classes, this can be remedied.

Race is only skin deep and all people are born equal.  Kenyan and Jamaican runners are socially expected to excel in running


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  1. Admin,

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    This is the problem with you people. You latch on to facile and superficial explanations which feed your laughably misplaced superiority complex. Doesn’t what I wrote make more sense than the notion that Africans were dumb brutes lacking in curiosity? All humans are curious.

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