South Africa, cultivated by Whites, taken over by Black population explosion


Bill R. writes:

I agree with Roger. Apartheid was not evil, unless you want to call it a “necessary evil” like police and government. As Laura said, what other choice did they have? Whites have been in South Africa for three and a half centuries. The first European settlers found most of the land almost entirely uninhabited, so it can’t even be said of South Africa what so many liberals and multiculturalists are so fond of saying of America, that white Europeans stole it from some other race that was already there. Most blacks came to South Africa later from other parts of Africa, and especially in recent times they came for the most obvious of reasons; because it was not only the continent’s only First World nation but, in fact, the only one that wasn’t an out-and-out stinking, festering hellhole.

I am not an expert on African history. So I just quote this interesting comment, without even being able to guarantee that it is right.

Certainly, the African Black population grew enormously, in the last 50 or 100 years,  probably much more then ten-fold. Just by large numbers of offspring, That population explosion was due to by white medicine and white agriculture technology. Thus  an unprecedented number of offspring survived and have offspring again.

And these Africans then demanded space in the land that had been cultured and developed by White settlers, over three centuries.

I admit, I myself fall prey to the PC fallacy that any Black from anywhere can lay claim on any African land as if it were his. But if it was settled and developed by White Boers over three centuries?

And then, in Europe, it will be the same. The African and Muslim immigrants will multiply in 60 years to form the majority (Thilo Sarrazin), Nobody will think that Whites have a special right in Europe. These populations will want to take over Europe , a rich paradise, created by White culture.

And, unfortunately, Black culture will not be able to maintain white living standards. Why? Read my 50 articls on race and iq!


Liberals never tire of pointing out the lower standard of living of South African blacks compared to South African whites during apartheid. But they never compare the black South African standard of living to that of blacks in other parts of Africa during the same time. In fact, already in South Africa, thanks to twenty years of black rule, even blacks there now experience what has been called “apartheid nostalgia.”

It is the same in the USA. Detroit is a hell hole, where no White discriminates against Blacks. Blacks do it to themselves.

They vote for a corrupt police chief, corrupt and incompetent city council, corrupt and incompetent major. And they themselves have low education, low discipline, high crime and destroy their own neighborhood.

They all are on welfare, and don’t create enough to have a tax base. They have corrupt Unions and government that spends too much, unproductively.

And then it is the White’s fault, because 200 years ago some white slavers bought Black slaves from Black African slavers.

Whites had every right and every good reason (as they do anywhere else in the world, for that matter; they may not have the will but they have the moral right) to keep themselves separate from blacks and to prevent, in the case of South Africa, their vastly greater numerical participation in the political process from promptly dispossessing whites of what they had built and what belonged to them.   Source

What do do: a population grows 10 fold over 60 years. [I did not verify the numbers] Your own population barely increases. How to keep the growing poor, low skill population from taking over?

And, as you can see from Zimbabwe, or Detroit: the Black population will NOT do better without Whites. On the contrary. Whites create a richer, more civilized environment and Blacks are the first to profit.

They had every right to permit themselves the means not only to prevent their own destruction but to preserve their way of life which they had built, and which, if left to the care of blacks, would surely be destroyed as it has been everywhere in the world where they are in large enough numbers, from Detroit to Johannesburg. The means whites used in South Africa to prevent their destruction was called apartheid. If apartheid was evil, then so must be the very notion of defending one’s own life and property, and one’s own race and culture. Apartheid may have been unfortunate, but only in the sense that a person might say it was unfortunate they ended up in a situation where they had to defend themselves. But given that that was precisely the situation South Africa found herself in with such a large population of blacks, apartheid was not only right and appropriate it was, as anyone can now see all too obviously from the condition of whites in South Africa, absolutely necessary to their physical survival as individuals and as a race, and also to the survival of what they had built over three and half centuries with their own hands, imagination, and will.

Doren writes:

Bill R. is, of course, precisely correct.  Apartheid was NOT evil.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Only when one invokes the toxic metric of equality über alles does apartheid acquire the false patina of evil.  If one accepts the patently ridiculous assumption that all men are created equal, that with which we have been indoctrinated since birth, then of course apartheid is evil.  Through the prism of equality, nearly all expressions of ordinary inequality are cast as evil.

But, all men are decidedly NOT equal, and thank a merciful God for that!  We are all unique and distinctive.  And as individuals differ so do racial stocks.  Now this may cause consternation among those who daily breath the noxious fumes of equality for a more toxic notion has never seized the hearts and minds of man.  The false ideology of equality is the perfect expression of serpent’s lie in Genesis: “No, God knows well that the moment you eat of the fruit your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods who know what is good and what is evil.”  Eat of the fruit of knowledge, presume to know that which only God can know, place yourself at the apex of the universe determining that which is good and evil, reject God’s world and reconstruct it in your own image!  These sins are as old as Man!

Equality!  Liberty!  Fraternity!  That’s the ticket.  We can create our own Utopia here on Earth.  No need for God.  We can reconstruct the moral universe in our own image and reject the constraints imposed by God’s reality.

Bill R. plainly states the reality of apartheid.  It was a necessary defensive measure to protect Europeans from African savagery.  Old Europe is the ultimate phenotypical expression of the collective European genotype.  Savagery and white genocide are the inevitable phenotypical expression of the collective African genotype.  Sure, there are outliers in both groups, positive and negative.  But make no mistake, what we witnessed in Haiti in the 1790′s, in South Africa, Rhodesia, Namibia, Kenya, the Congo and in all our major cities (typified by Detroit) today are expressions of the immutable collective African genotype.  Any effort to deny these facts can only end, as we are witnessing today, in catastrophe.  Source

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  1. It is interesting how the white European race is dying out worldwide and by 2060 will be half of 2010! The Orientals like the Japanese who for the last 6-7 years the death rate is higher than the birthrate! China with its one-child policy of the last 35 plus years! Other non-white races worldwide will hold steady in percentage of population by 2060! However the black population will be as follows-25% by 2060-black African, add another 10-12% outside Africa&this makes blacks over 35% of the worlds population, while whites will be only 8% or 750 million out of a possible 10 billion! % blacks for every white by 2060! These is something “evil” with this massive black population explosion&the white&Oriental dying off fast!!! Just like in the Bible over 5000 years ago a man named Nimrod ruled the world! He was a black man&an evil man!!! He was a socio-psychopath&had God not confused the languages, we would have had only 5000 years of “human black history” Nimrod was going to wipe out the decendents of Japeth(Europeans), Shem(Asiatic whites)& the yellow/red/brown&some aspects of the black race as well!!!It has been Satan’s plan since the beginning of man to wipe out the human gene-pool, yet 2 out of 3 sons of Noah(Japeth&Shem)were white!! Just like invasive plants and animals, the bad elements of the black race are in a human sense “invasive”!!! Cush Nimrod’s grandfather had him killed and his body cut apart in 3 places!!!

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