How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls’ Licence to Kill) .

Australian court affirms licence to kill as Susan Falls, another "battered woman" walks free after execution-style murder of her husband

On 4th March 2006, Claire Margaret McDonald gasped and burst into tears as a Victorian Supreme Court jury found her not guilty of the execution style murder of her husband, Warren John McDonald.

The court was told that McDonald had donned camouflage gear and lay in wait with a high-powered rifle for her husband to approach. She fired six shots, mortally wounding her husband.

McDonald successfully used the "battered woman syndrome" defence, claiming she had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband.

Within days, Queensland woman, Susan Falls, having probably read the media reports of Heather McDonald’s stunning acquittal, decided to execute her allegedly abusive husband in the same fashion, in what prosecutors would describe as a cunning, calculated murder.


Women need to know how to exercise their rights to kill their husbands.


1) Inform yourself through case studies.

Learn from others. How did others kill their husbands? What did they do to get away with it?  

  • Rita Graveline, Susan Falls, Mary Winkler. See also Nicole Ryan.
  • [Defending Battered Women on Trial] by theorist Elizabeth Sheehy
  • Go ahead, shoot your sleeping husband! It’s not murder!
  • A Century of Husband-Killing (149)

    Make sure you do your killing in the right jurisdiction. Australia is excellent. You might consider murder tourism: Travel to a country that is most favorable to husband execution.

    Women can learn from other successful murderesses. A certain amount of intelligence and cunningness is needed to pull it off. Like everywhere in life, low IQ people get discriminated against and might actually have to do do time in prison.


    2) Think up stories how your husband abused you.

    Absolutely no proof is needed, You may invent anything you wish. Read journals, books, crime stories to fertilize your fantasy.

    The press, the jury they will lap it up. No matter how trivial (husband was unfaithful, in the case of Lorena Bobbitt) or absurd (Susan Fall’s Husband held a raffle to decide who he would kill). Your dead husband will not be around to contradict you. If he is still around (Nicole Ryan), the court  will not call the husband to ask him

    Of course, if you can provoke your husband enough so witnesses see him lose his temper, or if you can file an unfounded police report accusing him of domestic violence, that would make an even better defense.


    3) Kill your husband

    Kill your husband ten-fold. Stab him dozens of times with a butcher knife, shoot him many times point blank in the head. Hours later, shoot again. Don’t worry. Shooting your groggy, drugged, half dead husband once more is self defense.

    Only males are subject to normal self defense laws that require you to be in instant danger, with no other way out.

    As a woman you have the right to pre-meditate, plan, buy murder weapons, get accomplices, even invite the kids to watch you shooting dad.

    You can choose if you call police and tell the truth, of if you first dump the corpse and keep police busy trying to find a lost husband. Be creative!


    4) Cry tears. Keep repeating the abuse stories. Get a good lawyer

    You may never ever fail and falter for a second to be sure to avoid conviction. Crying tears of fear is the key.

    Here it is useful if you are really crazy and paranoid, if you really believe in the serious threat to your life.  If not, you must be  a good actress.

    Nobody will ask you why you did not simply walk out, take the kids, go to a woman’s shelter.  Not even after you drugged him into profound sleep. Or why you could not put up a camera to record the constant violence and then put him in jail. Battered woman syndrome theory did this all for you: It postulates that women (and only women) don’t see the simple non-violent exit, rather they see no other way out then to kill.


    5) Keep his money, all family assets, children.

    Your hard work will be rewarded. If you picked a good, hard working husband, your killing him will be rewarded with all his worldly goods.

    Courts also know that it for the good of the children to stay with the murderess of their father. Even if they were witnesses to the murder. The girls will be prepared to imitate their mother, once they get married.

    More women would kill their husbands, if they knew about the financial rewards.

    If your husband does not have many assets, get a divorce with life long alimony, enforced by debtor’s prison and thus avail yourself of a life long slave labor. A dead husband has no more income that courts can hand over to you. So instead of killing, you may be better off to accuse your of domestic violence and child abuse, get a restraining order and subsequent divorce.


    6) Earn further money through interviews and books.

    Other killers have to give the proceeds to relatives of their victims. Spouse killing gives you all his property, and you may keep the proceeds of any book deals. Make sure you always cry tears, repeat abuse stories over and over. Do not show glee and happiness about your successful crime.


    7) Repeat with your next husband (?)


    Susan Falls "self defense" case details

    Falls paid a friend, Anthony Cummings-Creed $5,000 to buy a 22.calibre pistol with silencer on the black market.  Source

    Illegal procurement of a weapon. A crime. Forgiven

    On May 26, 2006 while her husband Rodney Falls was drinking at his pub, she made him a dish of curried prawns for his dinner, knowing that their children would not eat any of the dish. Falls crushed up a number of sleeping tablets  and laced the prawns with the mixture, assuming that the curry would mask the taste of the sleeping tablets.

    Following the meal, her husband became drowsy and fell asleep in his recliner.

    Don’t worry. Nobody will ask you why, at this point, you did not just pack your things and leave. But, of course, you had no other choice. You suffered from battered women syndrome and saw no other way out, were afraid he would follow you into women’s shelters to kill you.  Remember: no need to prove he battered you, no need to prove he ever was dangerous or violent. Australian juries get instructed that the prosecution has to prove he was not dangerous.

    Falls  walked up to her husband, and in front of her two girls, placed the pistol against his temple and fired.

    A clear case of child abuse. Committing a violent crime in front of minors. A crime in itself. And an obvious reason to never allow this monstrous woman to get near any children. For the good and the welfare of the children

    She told the court she could see the burn mark and smoke coming from the hole in his head. She waited two hours, and not sure her husband was dead, placed the pistol under his jaw and fired another shot.

    A more classical case of premeditated cold blooded murder. A drugged, groggy, sleeping, twice shot unmoving man shot again after 2 hours. Vicious. Deserving of death penalty.

    If she had no wife’s license to kill, there would be no way to excuse this as only manslaughter.

    • Female killer Katherine Knight was a violent dangerous nutcase. If it is proven that the murderous woman has a history of committing violence, that can poke holes into the victim sob story. If it is too clear that violence always parted from the murderess, then she forfeits the license to kill.
    • Nowhere to hide: spousal abuse under the microscope: an absurd apology to female "self defense" by pre-meditated murder. A must read, so you can use the same warped logic

    After leaving the body in the house for three days, Falls called on Cummings-Creed and two other accomplices, Bradley James Coupe, 25 and Anthony James Hoare, 42, to help her clean the crime scene and dispose of the body. Rodney Falls body was dumped in the Mapleton State Forest.

    She could have called police right away. But, women killers have options, and still are innocent

    Mr Falls, 41, who worked from the couple’s Caloundra home buying and selling on the internet, was the focus of an intense police search after his wife first reported him missing on June 2 then made a tearful public plea for information.

    Was she charged with lying to police? Wasting public money on a search? No.

    Mr Falls’s body was later retrieved from dense bushland in Mapleton State Forest on June 25.

    His family said after the trial that Mr Falls’s death appeared to be "senseless . . . and a complete waste of an . . . all-round good person". […]

    see: Killed man’s family ‘disgusted with legal system’

    In an amazing summing up, the judge appeared to be instructing the jury that it was OK for Susan Falls to murder her allegedly abusive husband. Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth said that while some witnesses had given evidence that they had not seen bruises on Mrs Falls in recent years, victims of domestic violence did not normally parade their injuries.

    Amazing. Self inflicting some injuries and parade them in front of witnesses would be an unnecessary overkill.

    Justice Applegarth told jurors Mrs Falls’ defence lawyers did not have to prove she was acting in self defence when she shot and killed Rodney Falls, but rather the prosecution must prove she wasn’t acting in self defence at the time.

    Alleging that a man had used violence a few times, decades ago is enough for his death sentence.  But, long sob stories are most efficient. Just make sure you learn them well and always tell the same stories.

    Justice Applegarth appeared to instruct the jury that notwithstanding Rodney Falls may have ceased abusing his wife after a separation in 2000, Susan Falls had a licence to kill him for his previous abuse.


    A legal License to kill your husband


    Capital punishment has long been abolished in Australia, but recent court decisions have set a legal precedent overturning this law, replacing it with a licence for "battered wives" to execute alleged abusive husbands.

    Message to battered wives: open season on abusive husbands

    Just claim he is abusive, no matter how nice he is, no matter if you were never battered. You will be believed.

    Forget about refuges, AVO’s, the police, the Family Court and other resources. There is a simpler and more permanent solution to your problem.

    Just arm yourself with a gun,  sharp knife or bottle of poison. Wait until your abusive husband is asleep or defenceless, then shoot, stab or poison him as the case may be.

    No need to hide the body, just call the police and claim self-defence.

    Get yourself a good defence lawyer who can bring a tear to the eyes of the jurors and you are home-free. You get the family assets and a new life.

    You simply claim self-defence, you do not have to prove it. Australian law places the burden on the prosecution to disprove self-defence, an almost impossible task considering that the concept of self-defence is in the mind of the defendant. You only have to have a sincerely held belief that your life is in danger to claim self-defence.

    And the recent cases of McDonald and Falls have shown that the perceived threat to your life does not have to be immediate, it can be at some time in the future. Falls’ drugged husband obviously posed no threat at the time he was killed.

    The self-defence law provides that if self-defence is accepted, you are to be acquitted not only of murder but also the lesser charge of manslaughter.  Source




    Susan Falls, once again

    A woman who drugged her husband and then shot him in the head after suffering years of abuse has been acquitted of murder and manslaughter.

    Three men who helped her dispose of the body have also been cleared by a jury which took less than 90 minutes to reach its verdicts.

    Totally amazing. Hiding and dumping a cadaver, even if it is the corpse of your grandpa after a natural death, is a crime. Hiding a cadaver killed in (real) self defense is a crime.

    Susan Falls had testified during her trial in Brisbane, Australia, that she had been abused and threatened by her violent husband Rodney.  Source

    See. This is the trick.

    You must testify that you have been abused and threatened. This is your license to kill

    You can tell the weirdest story. You will be believed. "Women never lie about abuse and rape". So you can lie at will, and you will be believed.  This is the key. You need to study, in all detail, what story to tell.

    She admitted lacing a meal of curried prawns with crushed sleeping tablets, and then shooting him when he was asleep.

    Heinous, premeditated, cold blooded murder, using the trust of the victim. Poisoning food. Does not matter. All is forgiven, when you TESTIFY that you were afraid of abuse

    Two of her teenage daughters watched her do it, then all three waited for him to die.

    Taking minors onto a crime scene, exposing minors to killing, murder, mayhem, poisoning, bloody shooting, is child abuse. No punishment.

    Two hours later, unsure if he was dead, she shot him in the head for a second time.

    A drugged, twice shot, unmoving person, shot again after two hours. There is no more classic case of pre-meditated cold blooded murder. Except when you TESTIFY you were abused. No proof needed.

    Mrs Falls left his body in their house for three days, having not given any thought to how she would remove it.

    She then paid three men to take it away and dump it in a forest. Source

    Amazing: accessory to a crime. Failure to report a crime. Does not matter. After that, she lied to police. Made false declarations. Wasted huge amounts of government money on a search.

    No fine, no punishment. 

    Well, all is fair when you testify you were AFRAID of ABUSE.




    Aftermath 1

    Susan Falls: My son doesn’t know I killed his dad: Shocking. At least the kid should be taken out of the hands of a mother who is a vicious premeditated killer into the hands of parents of the murdered father.

    When Jackson is old enough to understand, Susan will tell him the tragic truth – that 20 years of torment left her with “no option” but to kill Rodney Falls. But for now,

    Sure, she had so few options that after a period of separation, she actually moved BACK together with her husband.

    With a new man by her side, 39-year-old carpenter Matt Barlow,

    What a courageous man. How can he be sure not to be the next victim?  There a plenty of Black widows, multiple husband killers in history. Index: Female Serial Killers



    Aftermath 2: Susan Falls, confessed Welfare-Fraudster  4


    The court heard that Mrs Falls had told Centrelink she was a single mother and accordingly received $78,284 in overpayments over five years, from 2001.

    To get rent assistance, she also claimed the home she and her husband owned was a rental property.

    In 2003, when her fourth child was born, to maintain the charade Mrs Falls told Centrelink she was unsure who the child’s father was.

    But the court heard Mr Falls had fathered that child and she was not a single mother as the couple were sharing a home in the time.

    A habitual liar, when it suits her and brings her advantage. And the lies were not due to dire poverty and hunger.

    She is a selfish, criminal person.

    They had developed properties and built an ice cream and an air conditioning businesses. They even took a holiday to Hawaii in 2005.

    Mrs Falls yesterday pleaded guilty to fraud, but barrister Jeff Hunter, SC, said the crime had been committed at Mr Falls’ demands.

    Is it not convenient. The murder victim made her do it. Of course

    “Every aspect of her life was dominated by her husband,” he said. “There is no reason to believe what occurred here was any different.”


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    1. Adrienne, I was actually worried that some women would use my article as blueprint to murder their husband.

      But enough of them learn, through newspapers, and through feminist literature about battered wife syndrome, that killing husbands and boyfriends is almost inevitable, and totally excusable, for women who feel slighted, offended, and abused by their partners.

      And “battered wife syndrome” made a pseudo-scientific theory out of the “fact” that such women don’t have the maturity and intelligence to just walk out of the door to seek the nearest police station, women’s shelter, or just mom’s house.

      Feminists came up with these theories. Men would never defend Jack the Ripper with “rejected loser’s syndrome”.

    2. Adrienne, you are so stupid it hurts. You miss the entire point of his post. Women get away with murder all the time because of their pussypass.

    3. This is disgusting. This is abuse of the police and justice systems, COLD HEARTED MURDER AND CHILD ABUSE. GO fuck yourself, cause obviously, nobody wants to fuck you, you cold hearted asshole! Didn’t your father or mother teach you that murder is wrong? didn’t they tell you that child abuse and lying to the police are heinous crimes? Don’t you have the common sense to realize that this is one of the worst most despicable things you, regardless of gender, could ever do? IF your husband or boyfriend is abusing you or raping you, contact the police and go to a shelter, don’t kill them! Otherwise you could possibly end up with YEARS of prison and you’ll have to live with the guilt of murdering someone! If your husband or boyfriend has never wronged you in any way except forgetting to say happy birthday or forgetting to open a door, killing them and dishonoring their name and yours is NOT the way to go! It is the worst of all crimes anyone could ever do. And once word goes out that you lied, you will be scorned and mocked as a ‘bitch’ and possibly get more time!

      Don’t kill ANYONE!!

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