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George Zimmermann is almost forgotten by the press. It is hard to find recent info about the case of Trayvon Martin’s killing. The case is very important because it shows a strong divergence of opinions of whites versus blacks (and certain liberal whites). 

George Zimmermann | Human-Stupidity. Many more links can be found in these articles.

    1. 72% of blacks, 31% non-blacks believe George Zimmermann is guilty(Gallup). Why the racial differences? 
    2. Trayvon Martin & George Zimmermann: was it self defense? 
    3. Trayvon Martin, racial profiling, political correctness    `
    4. Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness  
    5. George Zimmermann’s defense wins right to Trayvon Martin’s school records and social network data
  1. George Zimmermann legal case blog by his lawyer. Very strictly focusing on the legal case. They won a court ruling George Zimmerman’s lawyer can keep blogging about the Trayvon Martin case./ Says the judge.
  2. "Wild About Trial" Trayvon Martin case teaser For only 99 cents, access to all court documents, interviews, links to press publications. A great site to get all the details about famous court cases, for just a little money. We see bias, though, as it depicts Trayvon Martin as good student without mentioning his 10 day suspension, and talks about the "murder" of Trayvon Martin. You can find their videos, for free, on YouTube.dozens of YouTube Videos of court hearings and more in George Zimmermann case
  3. Videos of George Zimmermann hearings
  4. George Zimmermann hearing part 1. to 10  
  5. Zimmerman May Sue NBC for Libel // Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against Al Sharpton, NBC, and the Martin Family Attorneys
  6. Black on Black, or Black on White crime does not deserve the same attention.
  7.  Trayvon’s potentially lawless attitudes get ignored completely
  1. Did Trayvon get suspended for punching a bus driver?
  2. Was Trayvon a burglar? 
  3. We would not be surprised if the jewelry confiscated from Trayvon Martin stemmed from one of the frequent burglaries at George Zimmermann‘s gated community. That, of course, would be the perfect closure of the case. It would explain Trayvon behaving in suspicious ways, well, like a burglar checking out houses. I would explain Trayvon Martin getting concerned, angry, and violent when followed.  It would explain why he did not want to go home, to be identified.
  4. Yes, our theory is a little far fetched and not very likely.
  5. We will have a chance to find out because George Zimmermann’s defense wins right to Trayvon Martin’s school records and social network data This is relevant to ascertain if Trayvon Martin is the type of person who would throw the first punch.

If there was any indication that Zimmermann physically attacked Trayvon, we would agree that George Zimmermann should be tried for murder or manslaughter.

We are on Zimmermann’s side, because all indicates that George is telling the truth, that he was attacked by Martin. (is it not interesting that everyone calls Trayvon Martin by his first name (sounds back) and George Zimmermann by his last name (sounds white or Jewish)?

George Zimmermann is being threatened by vigilantes, has to go in hiding. He has huge legal costs to defend himself against the power of the state and of the entire civil rights movement . The threat of riots and government intervention are strong enough to intimidate judges and jurors.

Donate to the George Zimmermann defense fund


george-zimmermann-wanted-dead-or-alive-new-black-panther-paryt[6]Black entitlement

Human Stupidity has focused on the pervasive attitude of Black entitlement 1 2. Zimmermann is considered guilty because

  • George Zimmermann dared to leave his car,
  • George dared to suspect that Trayvon might be up to no good, and
  • Trayvon Martin is entitled to attack him,
  • Blacks are entitled to riot in protest
  • the New Black Panther Party is entitled to take the law into their own hands and to put up a bounty on Zimmermann, dead and alive. We think this is shocking

Defending our Friend; the Most Hated Man in America

A well intended book, No Kindle version. To get an idea of the content, check out the authors getting taken apart at Dr. Phil, in the video below.

Dr. Phil and Mark Osterman

Mark Osterman was too dry a guy, too honest. He let himself clobber by Dr. Phil and Trayvon Martin’s step mother.

  1. they showed photos of a 10 -13 year old boy. Once he even looks 8 years old. They might as well show George’s baby photos. This is manipulation to suggest that Martin was a little kid. Mark and Sondra let this manipulation slip by, unopposed.
  2. "If George had not gotten out of his car, this would not have happened".
    What a stupid comment.
    If Trayvon Martin had gone home directly, nothing would have happened. Trayvon could have arrived home in 45 seconds, and minutes later there was the fight with George Zimmermann. Yes, Trayvon has the right to walk about in the drizzle, even to back up instead of going home, but exactly that makes him look suspicious.

    We are in a free country and are free to leave our car. We are free to check out, from afar, what a strange person is doing in our neighborhood and what he is is up to.

    Stupid Mark agreed with that logic, that nothing would have happened had George Zimmermann stayed in his r. Mark Osterman failed to defend Zimmermann’s constitutional civil rights to leave his car when he sees it fit. Of course, if Martin had not bought skittles this would not have happened. Even more, had Martin used the time to get to his nearby home, this would not have happened. Had Martin not used dope and gotten a 10 day school suspension, he would have been in school and nothing would have happened.  Had George stayed at home this would not have happened.

Enter video caption here

Strange behavior of Trayvon’s attorney Crump

Strange behavior of Trayvon’s attorney Crump

Short official police re-enactment


Lies the media told me

If you prefer watching a video instead of reading texts, here it is.


Trayvon Martin’s girl friend interviewed by State Prosecutor

Pay attention from the 8:40 mark to the 10:10 mark. She said Trayvon lost Zimmerman for "a couple of minutes". She also said Trayvon was "going back", and "not going to run". Trayvon was also the first to speak before the altercation.
All the evidence, press releases and stuff, in more or less chronological order up till this point.
Call Log:

  • NOTE: This was 5 weeks after the incident. I believe Trayvon’s girl friend was first interviewed (and maybe primed) by Trayvon’s lawyer. And now she is being interviewed by the prosecutor. So she might be telling the truth, or she might be biased to favor Trayvon. Listen yourself, the tone of the voice sounds suspicious to me at some crucial places.
  • Note 2: no explanation why Trayvon did not go home, though there was plenty of time to get home.
  • The call records should be able to establish if the call lasted to almost the moment of the shot


Obama said: If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin

So Trayvon Martin has been adopted by the president of the USA.

So we have this mythical narrative that a white man killed the son of the first black president of the United States.

by Reverend Manning 



Trayvon- Zimmerman tragedy shows labels don’t fit when it comes to race, ethnicity




Jared Taylor: The Trayvon Shooting: Fact Versus Fantasy


The following timeline is extremely speculative, trying to prove Zimmermann’s guilt.

The same YouTube poster has many more videos ………

Typical misleading TV report:

Nancy cited, as absolute truth, what Trayvon’s girlfriend had said, weeks after the incident, primed by Trayvon’s lawyer. While, at the same time, showing a photo gallery of Trayvon Martin, mostly ages 4 years to 12 years.



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