Our need for paedos: why society obsesses over child abuse

Britain has been in the grips of pedophile hysteria for 30 years. The Satanic Abuse panic caused many innocent victims until it was proven a hoax by Elisabeth Loftus’ research.  Interestingly, instead of giving up, pedohysterics went on digging. Operation Yewtree failed to convict most of the alleged perpetrators, but finally snagged a few octogenarians who will die in prison for groping adolescents, with scantly any proof that would pass due process rules.

Recent obsession about alleged ass groping by famous TV stars in the 1970’ies caused police to divert their attention away from real recent child abuses to investigating 40 year old allegations.

Leading psychologist Dr Noreen Tehrani, who advised specialist child abuse detectives in the Metropolitan, Surrey, Thames Valley and Hampshire forces, said police were under colossal strain from the escalating demands to investigate ancient paedophilia, requiring her to spend her entire time soothing cops’ frayed nerves.
She added that pressure from Westminster politicians forced police to divert attention from children at risk to historical cases. "They are just completely inundated with work, they are beginning to collapse. What I am getting are more and more exhausted officers. There aren’t enough officers in these specialist teams and they are overwhelmed," Tehrani said.
The psychobabbler – whose own views on the merits of investigating past paedofiddling remained unknown — said officers were on the point of collapse, with many going off sick as a growing number of historical claims of abuse increased pressure on already busy teams. She told the Guardian (12 vii) that she would be writing to PM David Cameron and Theresa May, the home secretary, to express her deep concern at the pressures the teams were under.  Chris Brand

Spiked online has an excellent article which I quote in part. Read the entire article at the source

Our need for paedos: why society obsesses over child abuse

The British obsession with paedophiles is not simply a recurring moral panic, like the ones over crime or youthful misbehaviour that come and go depending on what mood the police or the press are in. Rather, it is a permanent fixture in British political and moral life; an ever-present force; a neverending morality tale in which the characters might change – cloaked Satanists one day, old TV celebrities the next, wicked politicians the day after that – but where the story remains remarkably samey: that is, that dark, twisted forces are seeking to harm our children and thus we must always be vigilant, obsessively so, reorganising society itself in order to keep the monsters at bay and our children safe.

For around 30 years now, Britain has been in the grip of a paedophile panic. It has changed shape and focus many times, but it has never gone away. Sometimes the promoters of the panic are right-wing tabloids wringing their hands over ‘pervs’ and ‘nonces’, and other times the panic-mongers are leftish, public-sector types, from social workers hunting for fantasy Satanists whom they imagine are murdering and eating children to earnest broadsheet writers wondering out loud why so many men want to abuse kids. Sometimes the panic is overseen by Christian fundamentalists convinced that demonic forces are violating children’s bodies, and sometimes it is led by secular feminists who believe all children in every family home are at risk from the attentions of warped men – and sometimes, as in the case of the Satanic panic of the 1980s, it is spearheaded by both unhinged Bible-bashers and radical feminists, the two coming together in an unholy marriage of fearmongering about the destroyers of childhood innocence. But in every case, the impulse, the underlying urge, has been the same: to ratchet up concern about paedophiles and depict our society as being under threat from hidden, mysterious forces that would pounce upon and ruin our children given half a chance.

There has been no break from the paedophile panic over the past three decades. Even when certain forms of the panic are exposed as baseless, as completely hollow, the underlying urge behind the panic, the moralism that is its fuel, simply moves on to another terrain, adopting a new language and a new focus to keep the concern with evil child abusers alive. So the pummelling of the Satanic panic of the 1980s and early 1990s, when Christians and feminists on both sides of the Atlantic spread utterly made-up tales about children being abused and even sacrificed by hooded men, did not end the paedophile panic – it merely forced it to take on a new form. So we saw in the early and mid-1990s the rise and rise of the seemingly more respectable panic-mongering of charities like the NSPCC, which likewise used exaggeration and fear to depict modern Britain as being overrun by wicked child abusers but simply left off the crazier stuff about men in cloaks.

At the end of the 1990s and in the early 2000s, the paedophile panic moved up another notch when the Sunday tabloid the News of the World started publishing weekly pieces about the PERVERTS hidden around the UK. But when this more explicit form of paedophile panic-mongering led to actual real-world violence, with some suspected child abusers being hounded out of their homes by mobs in Portsmouth, the more respectable agitators against the scourge of child abuse sought to distance themselves from it. And thus in the mid- to late 2000s we had a return to the apparently more respectable charity-led, feminist-infused promotion of concern with child abuse, of the idea that, as Britain’s actual deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz put it in 2012, ‘There isn’t a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited’. That is precisely the same hysterical idea that underpinned the baseless Satanic panic in the Eighties and the vulgar tabloid campaign against paedos in the Nineties. The personnel and language of the paedophile panic changes over time, but the same rotten, misanthropic belief remains – one which says wickedness lurks everywhere and every child is under mortal threat from demonic forces.

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