France: 9 months jail for speech, calling politician a chimpanzee

Hate speech laws started with the good intention to prevent inciting violence: "Kill Blacks, gays, …..". Since then they went down a slippery slope, where a harmlessly uttered private opinion can ruin careers

  • Donald Sterling punished for slight offense to over-sensitive Blacks
  • Geert Wilders in court for offending Muslims (who threaten his life and already killed Theo van Gogh)

    Sadly, "privileged whites" heaping bananas on a black soccer player’s car is a much worse crime then "repressed Blacks expressing justified anger" throwing cobble stones or Molotov cocktails onto police and burning down neighborhoods of London, Paris, or Los Angeles.

    "Underprivileged groups" have the privilege to use violence with impunity. "Privileged White heterosexuals" have no free speech rights and get imprisoned for non-violent speech. Our legal system is back to the middle ages. Of course, academic researchers like J. Philippe Rushton or Arthur Jensen also get threatened with impunity, and the New Black Panther party can publicly threaten the life innocent "white" Hispanic George Zimmerman.

    Front National politician sentenced to jail for ape slur


    A former local election candidate for the far-right Front National (FN) in France has been sentenced to nine months in prison for comparing the country’s justice minister, who is black, to an ape.

    Anne-Sophie Leclere provoked a storm last year when she compared Christiane Taubira to an ape on French television and posted a photomontage on Facebook that showed the justice minister, who is from French Guiana, alongside a baby chimpanzee. The caption under the baby ape said "At 18 months", and the one below Taubira’s photograph read "Now".

    Leclere was an FN candidate in Rethel, in the eastern Ardennes region, for the 2014 local elections, but the FN soon dropped her and went on to do well in the March polls.

    On Tuesday, a court in Cayenne, French Guiana’s capital, sentenced her to nine months in jail, banned her from standing for election for five years, and imposed a €50,000 (£39,500) fine. French Guiana is an overseas département of France and is inside the European Union.

    French Guiana in South America is part of the European Union? Amazing. And a court in South America censors speech in Europe. Shocking. And they can not find a lawyer in South America who would defend her? Appalling!

    It also handed the FN a €30,000 fine, putting an end to a case brought by French Guiana’s Walwari political party, founded by Taubira.

    The court went well beyond the demands of prosecutors, who had asked for a four-month jail sentence and a €5,000 fine.

    A political statement by South American judge who enjoys his power over European politics. Shocking

    Leclere, who was not present in the court, said that she would appeal. The FN said it would also appeal, denouncing the sentences as "appalling" and criticizing the trial as a "trap", as the party was unable to find a lawyer in Cayenne to defend it.

    In a television appearance last year, Leclere said she would prefer to see Taubira "in a tree swinging from the branches rather than in government".

    "She is wild," Leclere said, adding: "I have black friends and it doesn’t mean I call them monkeys."

    Leclere has since defended her comments, saying that while clumsy, they were not racist. She said the photo montage was a joke, and added: "The photo was posted on my Facebook page and I took it off a few days later. I was not the creator of this photograph."

    Taubira has been on the receiving end of several racial slurs over the past year. Not long after Leclerce’s comments, the far-right weekly newspaper Minute published a cover featuring a picture of Taubira and headlines that read: "Crafty as a monkey" and "Taubira gets her banana back".

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    7 thoughts on “France: 9 months jail for speech, calling politician a chimpanzee”

    1. Well, the beast known as Christiane Taubira HAS chimped out a few times since taking office, so the remarks weren’t off the mark.

    2. I guess this is one case where an attractive woman did not get out of trouble because of her looks. The woman in question is the one wearing the tie right?

      While I believe people should be able to say whatever they wish that doesn’t mean they ought to say anything at any time or place. She didn’t deserve nine months in prison and the fine she got for her comments. Now if she would have made some sort of threat I would be more understanding of the consequences that resulted.

      Here is an idea; strip Anne naked then paint her skin as close to the skin tone of the woman she offended. Grab that woman and strip her naked too. Find a group of chimpanzees, baboons, gorillas, orangutans, monkeys, and gibbons that closely resemble the two nude women. Then have both woman stand or sit next to the chosen group and take some photos. Run a poll to see how many people think either woman looks like the apes they are next to.

      1. Blacks privilege trumps female privilege. Quite amazing, this hierarchy of political correctness privileges and protections.

        This is why feminists are so quiet about black on white forcible rape, and, instead, obsess about consensual date “rape” of drunk women by nerdy well behaved college students.

        And, of course, Blacks can call women “bitches” all day long and become rich and famous. But women can not call Blacks “monkeys”

        Alex, women can not only threaten, but actually perpetrate violence against men, often with impunity. And Black riots are usually excused as justified anger at the oppressors.

        How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls’ Licence to Kill) .

        "This is for Trayvon" beatings. The true Trayvon Martin

        George Zimmermann cannot have a fair trial, due to unchecked black intimidation, black violence, black racism, and biased press

        Black Culture: violent gang rap videos. Peer reviewed articles about race differences in criminality

    3. Hate speech laws started with the good intention to prevent inciting violence

      No, hate speech laws are classic laws of racist colonialism aimed at outlawing dissent against the colonial government from the native population being colonized and dispossessed. Anti-racism is a code word for you know what and these laws are inevitably aimed almost exclusively at the white population. Not only do the states involved have no interest in suppressing hate speech aimed at whites, they have little interest in suppressing actual hate-crimes committed against whites – the “grooming” (i.e. the racist mass-rape of children) in Britain which went on for so long and still goes on, for example. There’s no principle, no good intentions, involved here, it’s all about power, power that rests on murderous racism against white people.

      1. Unfortunately, you have a point. The excuse was to repress hate speech by Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. Nowadays, protected classes can promote violence. Women can promote killing men, gendercide, aborting male fetuses, Scum manifestos, and worse. And Blacks can promote cop killing in famous rap songs.

        How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls’ Licence to Kill) .

        "This is for Trayvon" beatings. The true Trayvon Martin

        George Zimmermann cannot have a fair trial, due to unchecked black intimidation, black violence, black racism, and biased press

        Black Culture: violent gang rap videos. Peer reviewed articles about race differences in criminality

    4. I should add, as people sometimes choose to be literal, that I did not mean to imply that the black politicians was literally a chimpanzee or ape. Also, the word ‘like’ is inexplicably missing from before Simian.

      Disney makes cartoons where animals are anthropomorphised. Should this be illegal along with a ban on Aesop? Should my brother be able to sue his former school and classmates for acquiring the unwanted nickname Dinosaur? (as in slow and stupid).

      I would say that some people need thicker skins but I suppose that itself might be interpreted in a racial manner.

      Jokes and mockery are becoming illegal – how long before any slight against a female politician even when accurately linked to her sex becomes unacceptable – or jokes about physical disability (David Blunkett or Gordon Brown’s one-eye). Mocking Homosexuals will also send you to the sin-bin. Heterosexual white males may of course be mocked with impunity.

    5. It was intended as an insult, of course, yet surely she is factually correct. What exactly was the objection – that it was insulting to Apes? That many Negroes often look less Simians than anything else is surely something every one may observe but not say, whilst at the same time one must assert that Caucasians are ‘Out of Africa’ to my mind a preposterous theory for Caucasians look far less like Gorillas than like Orang-Utang’s which are ‘Out of Eurasia’.

      Of course insulting white middle-aged males as ‘Pale Male and Stale’ is not to be penalised, nor the fact that some people (Clement Freud) tend to look like their dog and many women seem to look like their horse is other than an amusing observation. Politicians insult each other all the time over their size or physical characteristics and certainly over their intelligence. Was the insult to the black man considered to be an insult to his looks or an insult to his intelligence?

      We will have to await the result of the appeal, for the penalty seems to be anti-democratic.

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