Tea Abuse: How a traumatic event impacts children depends on how the adults cope with it. (MRA Angry Harry)

In a nutshell: Whatever kind of ‘abuse’ people have experienced in the past (rape, harassment, assault etc) is made CONSIDERABLY WORSE by those whose self-serving propaganda is designed to make them feel worse.

And then, unsurprisingly, the ‘researchers’ will ERRONEOUSLY interpret the CONSIDERABLY WORSE outcome as being caused by the ‘abuse’ rather than by the self-serving propaganda.

This is how those working in the abuse industry – which is vast in size – nowadays make their living.

And it is mostly at the expense of men.

Angry Harry is a widely admired MRA (men’s rights activist) from the old times, when MRA were not yet actively abetting feminist sex hysteria that imprison thousands of men for *consensual sex with post-pubertal willing girl friends or for possession of photos of girls that are legal to ‘f.uck but not legal to photograph. The antifeminist‘s blog roll lists the few remaining sites that oppose sex hysteria (disclaimer),  

How a traumatic event might impact on children
depends on how the adults around them cope with it.

(The Child Sex Trauma Myth #3)

This is the 3rd in a series of articles about the Child Sex Trauma Myth (#1 disclaimer, #2)

Studies looking at the effect of early traumatic experiences on children – that is, events experienced DIRECTLY by children rather than just images they have seen – have found that neither the severity of the event nor the age of the child at the time can help us predict whether the child will experience behavioural or emotional problems later on.

As child development expert Rudolph Schaffer points out:

‘It has become apparent that there is no direct relationship between age and the impact which experience has on the individual, that young children are not necessarily more vulnerable even to quite severe adversities than older children, and that considerable variability exists in long-term outcome.’

The one variable that does help to predict how a traumatic event might impact on children is how the adults around them cope with it.

From: Are the kids all right? Dr Helene Guldberg (PhD in Child Development) 
           quoted in `Tea Abuse | Angry Harry

Child sex abuse trauma is caused by society’s hysteria

Putting it bluntly: Any long-term negative effects stemming from events that happened in the past are considerably worsened – if not completely manufactured – by negative propaganda concerning such events.  `Tea Abuse | Angry Harry


Tea Abuse | Angry Harry

For example, if, during the next 30 years, people were continually bombarded with convincing and rousing propaganda persuading them that having a parent who drank tea when they were children was a later cause of major depression, illness, suicide and psychological dysfunction, then, believe it or not, the result would be that such individuals would, indeed, suffer those very consequences.

In other words, people whose parents drank tea would suffer serious consequences.

He goes on describing all the terrible damages that would be done by that hysteria.

Child Sex Trauma Myth as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Invent a tea trauma myth
tell people that tea-drinking parents cause trauma, and they will cause trauma

But why-oh-why would they be going through all of this terrible suffering?

Because their parents had drunk tea?

No. Of course not. The very notion is utterly preposterous.

They would be going through all this suffering solely because of the machinations of the abuse industry.

I want to repeat that last sentence.

They would be going through all this suffering SOLELY because of the machinations of the abuse industry.

You can cause terrible pain and illness, and real, deep-seated, long term suffering to people, just by making credible the message that drinking tea is a disgusting thing to do, or to have done.


Inventing a sex trauma myth is even easier then a tea trauma myth

And so imbuing people with the notion that sexual abuse leads to long-term suffering is infinitely easier to do in comparison to making similar claims over tea drinking.

Indeed, the abuse industry’s machinations in this area over the past three decades have been extremely successful. But they have not only led to a society that is now positively obsessed with the dangers of sexual contact, they have also produced a society that seems absolutely possessed by a fraudulently manufactured deep-rooted suspicion of any kind of intimacy.


You tell people tea drinking traumatizes children, 
Later,  research will actually show that to be true (self-fulfilling prophecy)

And, of course, the addition of handsome financial compensation for the alleged victims of ‘abuse’ by the justice system simply validates the hysteria and makes all the above negative consequences for society much worse.

And all these negative consequences – many of them truly appalling – can easily be brought about by creating continuous hysteria over the drinking of tea!

And the Science Daily would then be telling us that …

"Far from being a static experience, tea abuse during youth may affect health even in old age"

And the research statistics would, indeed, strongly support such a claim.

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8 thoughts on “Tea Abuse: How a traumatic event impacts children depends on how the adults cope with it. (MRA Angry Harry)”

  1. The nocebo effect. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/owning-pink/201308/the-nocebo-effect-negative-thoughts-can-harm-your-health

    “The nocebo effect is probably most obvious in “voodoo death,” when a person is cursed, told they will die, and then dies. The notion of voodoo death doesn’t just apply to witch doctors in tribal cultures. The literature shows that patients believed to be terminal who are mistakenly informed that they have only a few months to live have died within their given time frame, even when autopsy findings reveal no physiological explanation for the early death.”

    Even though there’s no such thing as voodoo and curses, the mere belief that you are cursed by voodoo can cause harm. I think this explains why women are so traumatized by relatively nonviolent rape. They are constantly told their whole life that nothing worse could happen to them than rape (yes, it could. A 23 year old girl where I lived was walking home one night and was doused in the face with battery acid by a stranger. After being hospitalized for 7 weeks, she permenantly blind and disfigured and lost the baby she was carrying, somehow if a male acquaintance holds her down and rapes her, leaving her virtually uninjured, thats worse than being maimed with battery acid) and that if they are raped, they are automatically traumatized and their life is ruined. That’s the nocebo effect in action.

  2. Very true. I once knew a lovely older couple. The wife had gotten married at age 12. They were very well-adjusted and respected. In the society they grew up in, it was considered normal for girls to marry at that age. But that same girl/woman would be considered a “traumatized victim” in the U.S. today. She would probably be forced into years of therapy and her husband imprisoned.

    1. how old was the husband, when she married at age 12? A maximum of 2 or 3 years older, so there was a chance to be covered by “Romeo and Juliet” laws? And probably still a little immature to be a husband and to guide her?

      I am always shocked at the vitriol, the enormous anger, I see whenever I oppose enormous prison sentences for such “child rapists”. Brain washing and indoctrination have really worked wonders.

        1. Almost nowhere an 18 year old could have a sexual affair with a 12 year old, today.

          This beautiful couple’s life would have been utterly destroyed

          One can only imagine how many couples lives get destroyed by these age of consent laws.

          How many girls end up unhappy with young immature boys because for older men she is taboo jail-bait. Or they end up with irresponsible low life older men, the only ones that would risk getting involved with jail-bait.

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